Dan Kent - Feels Like Fire ft. Kuniva (of D12), Flexplicit & KOF [Video]

Avid readers of OTU know that we’ve been following producer Dan Kent’s progress closely over the last three years (check the rest of his stuff out posted on OTU here), and here he returns with a new vid.

This is from his upcoming debut EP release, Feels Like Fire, which will feature heavy hitters such as Wiley and Krept & Konan, as well as US artists such as Kuniva on this track, and fellow Shady alumni Cashis.

This title track from the EP comes with an ultra addictive chorus that’s guaranteed to have you playing this on repeat. D12 member Kuniva combines with Birmingham rapper Flexplicit & Liverpool rapper KOF to provide a cultural blend of hip hop.

Keep an eye out for the EP, it’s not far away from release.

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Dan Kent ft. Jimmy Jitsu - Could Just Be The Bassline Remix

This is the first time I’ve heard the up and coming producer Dan Kent try at his hand at a more dubstep and electro vibe and I have to say it works! Remixing the Artful Dodger song, Could Just Be The Baseline, he takes this rather joyful and head bopping track and turns it into a dark dub one, accompanied with some verses from Jimmy Jitsu. Definitely my kind of thing! You can listen and download it for free below.

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Dan Kent - Switch It Up ft. Fret Deezy, Krept & Konan

New drop from Dan Kent’s upcoming Feels Like Fire mixtape, he has another banger on hands. The last track, Hard Times, came off on a more introspective tip production-wise, Switch It Up does exactly what it sounds. A much more triumphant sounding song, Fret Deezy, Krept & Konan all provide excellent verses for you to vibe to. The mixtape should be dropping next month sometime and with two great songs already unveiled, it’s definitely a mixtape to look forward to.

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Dan Kent - Hard Times ft. Fix Dot'm, Capo & Big Chess

New track from producer Dan Kent which will feature on his upcoming Feels Like Fire mixtape. The production on this is ridiculously infectious, I’ve been listening to it all morning. Fix Dot’m, Capo and Big Chess all have nice verses on this, all flowing on point.

On the basis of this, the Feels Like Fire mixtape will be a must have. Expect that soon.

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Dan Kent-Music 2000 [EP]

Today finally sees the release of the much anticipated début EP from producer Dan Kent. Music 2000 contains 13 addictive instrumentals for your ears to overdose on, and if you recall, we posted one of the tracks from this a little while back, History Of Pain, which is a great indicator towards of how good the EP is.

Having given it a quick listen I can verify that the quality is backed up by tracks such as L.I.A.A, Mr Cool Ice, Man On Fire, Dry Mouth and Kriminal, and you really can’t go wrong by acquiring this EP (for free no less!) over at ukrapmusic.com. With a mixtape from Dan Kent containing some of his (and your!) favourite UK hip-hop and grime artists to follow soon, those of you who’re into the UK scene are in for a treat.

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Dan Kent-History Of Pain [Instrumental]

Budding producer Dan Kent has a new EP coming out soon by the name of Music 2000 and here we find a free download for one of the instrumentals that I assume will feature on it. Having followed this producer for a while, it’s great to hear the evolution of his sound, with this beat in particular having the potential to really evoke some emotion while you listen to it. As an instrumental alone, it’s one you can play in the background while you’re doing work or whatever, and would sound equally as good in the car. With all that said I’d like to hear a rapper spit some lyrics over this and Dan has given the opportunity for any aspiring emcee (or singer!) to apply some vocals to this instrumental, with the best effort being rewarded with having their version feature on Dan Kent’s upcoming mixtape (which will follow the EP). Get @ him via his Twitter for more details.

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Dan Kent....Aspiring Producer

We at Overrating The Underrated are all about promoting up and coming talent. We’re also a team that appreciates a good beat, this post has both in abundance.

Click on to grab a fair few tracks that you’ll enjoy. → Continue Reading

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