Daley-Look Up

Following Daley’s progress has been nothing but a pleasure over the last few years. From upcoming, unknown soul singer full of potential to the well-rounded, widely-lauded performer he is today, it’s been a rise that’s completely earned and has led to the forthcoming release of his debut album, Days and Nights.

Those you work with tend to be a pretty good indicator of both your status, and your peers’ faith in your ability. So, having Pharrell produce and co-write this song is about as good a representation of Daley’s situation as you could hope for- Pharrell’s coming off a genuinely spectacular summer, having been involved in its two biggest hits amongst other things, and choosing now to come together with Daley is a great co-sign.

The product doesn’t disappoint either. Pharrell serves up a cool, easygoing production, comprised of gentle synths, touches of guitar, and a mellow percussion that moves the track along nicely, without breaking the smooth bubble its built within. That’s left to Daley’s ever-excellent vocals, which remain mostly relaxed through the verses, but build toward a comparatively intense hook that breaches the confines of the velvety production in short bursts, adding a few good flashes of emotion. Generally, it’s a supremely easygoing affair that will certainly find a home in many bedroom encounters (admit it) this winter. Join the party and grab this on iTunes now.

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Nelly-Heaven ft. Daley

Let me make this clear- I’m not a fan of this track at all. However, it’s great to see the homegrown talents of Daley extend beyond our proud nation and further into the US scene, as he comes together with Nelly for his latest single from the upcoming M.O. album.

It’s quite likely to be a bit of a mainstream hit too. It’s got the hallmarks of an old-school Nelly crowd-pleaser, from the pop-tinged, acoustic guitar-driven production through to the heavy reliance on a catchy hook, and those fans who enjoyed his Kelly Rowland/Tim McGraw singles will probably eat this one up. For the rest of us though, it’s entirely skippable-give it one listen just to catch Daley at his soaring best (in what is a strong audition to become a more regular hook guy for others), and you’re welcome to never revisit it again after that.

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Daley-Songs That Remind Me of You EP

The talented Mancunian dropped off a video of the same name a short while back, and now returns with this 3-track EP, featuring the title track and two brand new efforts to accompany it.

With his Days and Nights album hopefully on its way soon, it’s great to get some new material from Daley to keep that buzz going and satiate the fans until that gets a firm release date. He is, of course, one of our nation’s finest upcoming talents, seamlessly working across soul, pop and R&B confines as and when he chooses, and with plenty of mainstream exposure under his belt across the last 12 months, this free EP will hopefully add to his growing reputation and establishment within the UK music scene. He’s got plenty of admirers internationally too, with Maxwell publicly praising his work (likely down to his sublime Pretty Wings cover), and it’s surely only a matter of time before Daley becomes one of soul’s leading lights.

I got massively carried away there. Stream and download available in the accompanying widget.

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Daley-Songs That Remind Me Of You (Video)

The hugely talented upcomer is back, this being the first single from his as-yet untitled EP. Undoubtedly, his popularity has shot through the roof since his Jessie J collaboration was released last year, and it’s nice to have him back releasing soul/R&B jams once again.

Daley’s songwriting abilities often go a little overlooked due to the excellence of his vocals, and this is another example of his perfect marriage between those two facets. The lyricism is introspective and mournful (and for many, relatable I’m sure), whilst his controlled yet emotional vocals not only enhance the sad, sombre vibe of the track, but even blend with the atmospheric production to add a rather sultry layer that’ll make this listenable for those who don’t necessarily commit themselves lyrically. It’s generally a very mellow, relaxed piece with a mature feel, and hence it’s a nice forward step for the young talent.

The video is a great fit for the moody track, filmed entirely with a black and red colour palette, with the former adding a bleak sense of minimalism, and the latter providing a sharp, emotional trigger. Movement is conservative throughout, working with the track’s slow, winding nature, and generally it’s a good visual that enhances the vibe of the audio well. Head to Daley’s place to get the new EP delivered to your inbox on its release.

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Daley-Remember Me ft. Jessie J

Daley’s been missing from the soul scene since his excellent Those Who Wait mixtape over a year ago, but returns with a huge feature here for his latest single that’ll probably find a home on his debut LP.

Big fan of the old school sample used here (Blue Boy’s Remember Me, for those who care), and its retro nature combines well with an upbeat, often funky production for a lively number that’s quite the departure from his regular slowed down, soulful style.

What’s really commendable about the audio is Jessie’s selflessness, as Daley is extremely prominent throughout, with Jessie providing backup where needed. The moments where she steps in certainly add a layer of variety to the track, and whilst merely having her name attached should help this track to reach new audiences, the quality of the music certainly holds its own. Breakout single? For sure.

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Daley-Smoking Gun Video

A highlight from his debut project, Those Who Wait, the soulful tones of Daley are brought to life with this very watchable visual.

The monochromatic filter throughout the video is a perfect fit for the intense, slightly dark lyricism, and its straightforward nature contrasts well with the diverse set of genres Daley crosses with the audio. The finer complexities are embodied in the more artistic elements of the video, with the various painted women adding a mystical, ethereal aspect to the video, whilst the gradual development of the scenery and weather conditions progressively heightens the intensity of the clip.

Certainly worth a watch, and most definitely worth a listen. Grab the track on the free mixtape here.

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Daley-Those Who Wait Mixtape

One of the genuine talents emerging from the UK soul scene, Daley comes through with a mixtape that has been quite some time in the making. Featuring 10 tracks, the project boasts plenty of new material and a couple of tracks to satisfy those who have been more longtime fans. Many will be familiar with his work as the vocalist on the Gorillaz single Doncamatic, and I fully expect this tape to build on his burgeoning reputation.

I’m particularly excited to listen to Daley’s rendition of Maxwell’s phenomental Pretty Wings: if it’s anywhere near as good as (or taken from) the version posted back in November of last year, we’re absolutely in for something special. Of course, it’ll be great to get some original material too, and this is likely to be a must-have for most music fans. Free grab below at Daley’s place.

Daley-Those Who Wait

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David Banner, Estelle and Daley-Benz

Quite the unexpected collab here, as Banner hooks up with two UK talents for his latest effort. In a similar manner to Gorillaz’s Doncamatic, this track ends up being a bit of a showcase for Daley rather than for the actual ‘title’ artist.

I assume Banner helmed the production, and he serves up a vintage soul-inspired production that certainly suggests he’s much more than the ‘southern’ hip-hop beats he’s been previously known for. Very bouncy, upbeat vibe to this one that compliments both Estelle and Daley well, with Daley making the most of his fairly extensive vocal exposure with a catchy, rousing performance. One that could easily crack the mainstream, but may get repetitive for the rest of us.

Video is very lively and colourful, and has a nice freedom about it that captures the vibe of the song well. Does the job well enough without ever really excelling, and fits the song in that sense by being decent, if unspectacular.

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Gorillaz and Daley-Doncamatic (Lonsdale Boys Club Remix)

A lively, upbeat take on the popular single Doncamatic, the Lonsdale Boys Club add a thicker alternative funk vibe to the track through well-placed guitar licks, backing vocals and perky synth work. A far cry from the darker, dub-heavy remix by Joker, LBC do a great job in adding a bubbly positivity to Daley’s passionate vocal stems. Worth a listen if you liked the original, maybe less so if you preferred the Joker remix.

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Daley-Blame The World (Acoustic)

An upcoming singer that oozes potential, Daley comes through with a fantastic acoustic performance for SB.TV. Unbelievable set of vocals on this guy, as he comes through with a rousing and passionate performance of a track from his upcoming EP.

How bright is the UK scene right now?! Daley, Ed Sheeran and Yasmin are easily three of the best talents in the music industry by my reckoning, and that’s counting the US upcomers too. Can’t wait to hear more from this guy, and after watching this video I’d be surprised if you disagree.

Click here to check out past Daley material. His cover of Maxwell’s Pretty Wings in particular is phenomenal.

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Quick Blast: Gorillaz Cover of Crystalised (Audio)

Having seen the video (if you haven’t already, do so here), I think we’re all in agreement that the audio is a must-have. Damon Albarn and the boys (with backup from Daley) did a superb job on capturing the essence of the original, so be sure to grab the live cover version below.

Gorillaz-Crystalised (Cover) ft. Daley

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Gorillaz Cover The xx’s Crystalised

Lots of music to catch up on from the weekend. First up, the Gorillaz (with the help of Daley on backing vocals) come through with a superb cover of The xx’s fantastic Crystalised.

Damon Albarn preserves the smooth, winding feel of the original with this one, retaining a sombre tone in his voice and keeping the instrumentation very simple. Really worth a watch if you’re a fan of The xx/the original song.

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Gorillaz and Daley-Doncamatic Video

Hugely anticipated visuals for the latest Gorillaz effort. Featuring the brilliant Daley on vocals (proof of brilliance), this video really serves to put him centre stage as he embarks on an underwater adventure.

Doncamatic is certainly one of those songs that gets better with every listen. As an audio-visual experience, it’s typical Gorillaz: fun, colourful and not lacking in musical quality. Be sure to give a listen to the Joker remix of the track too.

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Daley Covers Maxwell’s Pretty Wings

Wow. After re-visiting his work on the recent Gorillaz track, I went on a little scouting mission to learn about UK singer Daley, and it looks like I’ve uncovered something/someone rather special.

Maxwell’s 2009 Blacksummers’night is a modern-day masterpiece (review here), and Daley takes on one of the prominent works from that album with incredible quality, and delivers a rendition which is every bit as good as the original. Being a huge Maxwell fan that’s tough for me to say, but there is no doubting the talent Daley possesses: this particular track is as tough a test as you’ll find when it comes to vocal versatility, but he manages to both smooth and upscale his vocals comfortably throughout, delivering a relaxed yet powerful performance. I can’t praise this enough.

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Gorillaz-Doncamatic (Joker Remix)

The original version was available to stream a few weeks back, and despite the official release still a little while away, we’re treated to a very likeable remix.

Throwing out the playful, lively production of the original, Joker switches in an electro/dub-influenced production that takes this song miles away from its original pop sound and into the realm of the dubstep/grime/electro heads. Crucially, it still has Daley’s great vocals and hence retains a ‘human’ feel, something this style of music often lacks. It’s a well-worked blend that stands as one of the better dub-influenced tracks I’ve heard to date.

Gorillaz-Doncamatic (Joker Remix) ft. Daley

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Gorillaz and Daley-Doncamatic (All Played Out)

Set to be released on November 22nd, Gorillaz newest single is a pretty catchy pop track that will definitely catch the interest of both pop and alternative fans.

A really accessible, friendly beat does most of the work in making this a light and likeable track, though the vocals are certainly not to be sniffed at as they come through with a memorable hook and good verses. Nice all-rounder.

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