Daft Punk-Get Lucky ft. Pharrell (Official Remix)

daft punk get lucky remix artwork
The duo revealed a short while ago that a 10-minute remix of their ubiquitous single was coming (along with a full remix album of Random Access Memories), and given that the original has been played to the point whereby it’s probably our new national anthem, it’s a timely refresh.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This is essentially an extended cut of the original, clearly being the origin work from which the radio edit was carved, and hence it’s got all the positive vibes of the original, just plenty more of them. Whilst it’s clear which segments they cut out for radio use, the overarching upbeat qualities of the production blends those sections in very smoothly, and as it moves through its various iterations, the sheer dynamism and flexibility of their work makes the 10-minute journey pass incredibly easily. I’m not totally sold on the album itself (a seperate discussion), but here they’ve taken its standout piece and essentially stretched it out and ramped it up a few notches, which is absolutely no problem with me, and I expect it won’t be with many others. Stream the track here for now, and look out for its release on 15th July.

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Daft Punk-Random Access Memories (Full Album Stream)

8 years in the making, and now hungry fans can finally listen to Daft Punk’s entire comeback LP, over a week before its official release. This is, of course, seemingly a response to the fact their album leaked onto them internets just a few hours ago, but it’s pretty good news in any case.

As surprising as it may be, I haven’t managed to listen to the full album yet given that I just read this news around 49 seconds ago, and admittedly I probably won’t until it’s released next week (or I cave and grab a quick fix beforehand). They’re one of very few artists for whom I quite enjoy the novelty of waiting until release day to buy the CD and such (sue me), and hence I’m hoping to do precisely that. For those unaware, features include Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder, Chilly Gonzalez, Todd Edwards, Paul Williams, Julian Casablancas, DJ Falcon and Panda Bear. Enjoy being a few days ahead of dear old me with the free stream courtesy of iTunes below.

Daft Punk-Random Access Memories (Full Album Stream)

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Daughter-Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover)

Wow. Take the summery, addictively-upbeat vibe of the original, and imagine its complete inverse. Doesn’t seem possible, and even if it does, it would be terrible right? Wrong.

Daughter have taken the infectiously positive song and completely shifted it into a gloomy daydream of a track, replacing the sharp percussion with minimal clips, swapping buzzing synths for those of an airy, gentle variety, and throwing in grave bass plucks. The combination is moody, relaxing and yet with an inherent intensity that adds fantastic depth and power to the original’s relatively easygoing, singalong lyricism; those features come via the vocals, which are part-delicate, part-emotional, and that mixture ensures those simple lyrics gain tons of atmosphere and gravitas. The track ends with an excellent instrumental finale, combining the darker elements of the production with a sharper, more energetic guitar to close things off in a satisfying manner, and it caps off a cover that really shouldn’t work, but completely does.

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Daft Punk-Get Lucky ft. Pharrell

The fantastic Daft Punk’s return has been teased, trailered, and generally slowly delivered to a patient fanbase (and yes, that includes those who pretend to be “longtime” fans because they heard Discovery once), and after several fakes, their official ‘comeback’ single was released a couple of days ago.

Fans of The Hood Internet’s recent Justin Timberlake remix will be familiar with the primary melody here, with the funky guitar work providing an easygoing and bright centrepiece, accompanied by fairly unobtrusive and consistent percussion for a great summer soundscape. Pharrell laces that top layer with smooth vocals of his own, with his unique tones being a wonderful compliment to that warm production throughout as he cycles through various deliveries and levels of intensity, not least his highly-addictive hook. Daft Punk and Pharrell are a combination that absolutely makes sense on paper, and it definitely produces the goods here.

It’ll spawn a slew of more club-friendly remixes for sure (for better or worse), but this is one to enjoy laying around in the outdoors with a cold drink in your hand. Available on iTunes right now, and look out for Random Access Memories on 21st May.

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Justin Timberlake and Daft Punk-Suit and Tie (The Hood Internet Remix)

the hood internet
Disillusioned with the original version? Your day’s about to improve, as this is what it should have been. Daft Punk released a very brief (15 seconds, in fact) snippet of new music a short while ago, and the talents over at The Hood Internet have skilfully blended that into JT’s single for a very good rework.

It’s immediately apparent that the bright, funky synths of the Daft Punk production completely take this track to new levels of positivity. That’s not just down to the production itself either, as it’s equally down to their synergy with Justin’s vocals, as they’re now infused with an infectious energy that radiates across the entire soundscape, and hence moves this track into a new realm of likeability. That momentum-destroying Jay-Z verse is nowhere in sight either, and this is a remix that’s absolutely worth having.

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Sh*t You Forgot About: Episode 3

After a forced hiatus due to various other commitments, we can finally resume the latest weekly series from the OTU brain trust. I must admit, this is fast becoming my personal favourite series in OTU history, purely because it allows both yourselves and I to rediscover tracks that we either once loved or once forgot about, and that’s frankly a lot of fun.

Enough of the self-appreciation.

Click on below for another diversity-laden edition of SYFA, featuring a trio of prominent current mainstream names, alongside a couple of acts that have slipped away somewhat.

→ Continue Reading

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Mickey Factz-Distressed (Derezzed Freestyle)

Very few people have taken this uptempo, futuristic Daft Punk production on. Sway did a great job with his effort, but there’s no denying Mickey can really take it to this sort of production and he most certainly brings his best here.

Riding this tricky instrumental with consumate ease, Mickey goes with a midtempo delivery that works very well and brings his intelligent, memorable raps to add a great twist to the original production. Very much worth a listen: it’s a shame he didn’t loop the instrumental and keep going!

Mickey Factz-Distressed (Derezzed Freestyle)

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Sway-Derezzed Freestyle

Absolutely loving this. Daft Punk’s Derezzed was begging to be rapped on, though it would undoubtedly be a difficult task for whoever took it on: Sway makes it look incredibly easy, switching up his flows to great effect throughout, without sacrificing his witty and intelligent wordplay. Sway’s certainly my favourite UK rapper, and it’s great to see him pushing boundaries with efforts like this (and this), as well as getting more regular material from him these days.

Sway-The Reign of Niagra (Derezzed Freestyle)

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Daft Punk-Derezzed Video

Not satisfied with having the Tron trailer as a music video, the Daft Punk duo have put together an official music video for their superb track Derezzed.

Playing off/on/with the Tron theme, the video takes place within a video game (which if I’m not mistaken, is the same as Tron?) and boasts many of the same bright, futuristic visual features. This is combined with an animalistic feel, as the robotic creatures play a fairly large part. Fits the track every bit as well as the Tron trailer did, and is worth a watch if you enjoyed the track.

Click here for Daft Punk/Derezzed-related posts.

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Listen To 5 Tracks From Daft Punk’s Tron Soundtrack

Taken from a recent podcast interview out in the US, Tron: Legacy music supervisor Jason Bentley and director Joseph Kosinski discuss the film, as preview 5 of the tracks from the soundtrack.

The official soundtrack is released on December 7th, and from what I’ve heard it’s expectedly brilliant! Click here to check out the releases, remixes and videos thus far.

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Daft Punk-Derezzed (Cassettes Won't Listen Remix)

Somehow, this track is both elegantly simple and superbly complex. The simple part: In staggering the foremost melody of the original, they’ve lengthened what was an originally short track. It’s a great move, as it keeps the quality of the original, but give it a bit more depth and length. Halfway into the remix the melodies are sped up, which is again an effective move.

However, that upturn in tempo is layered over a pulsating bass rhythm that thickens the track even more, giving it a completely different complexion. Towards the last third, the track changes once again to a more airy, ‘space’-style feel that sounds like the original probably would if it was made into a fuller song. Top remix, and definitely one of the most creative I’ve heard in recent times.
Daft Punk-Derezzed (Cassette’s Won’t Listen Remix)

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Full Version of Daft Punk’s Derezzed

Originally, a section of this track was premiered as part of a Tron trailer and the slightly longer (and final) version can be listened to below. As I said with the previous incarnation of the track, it’s packed with that unmistakeable and irreplicable Daft Punk flavour, and certainly leaves me wanting more. On the subject of more, you can actually pre-order the full Daft Punk-helmed soundtrack right now!

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Daft Punk-Outlands

Another trailer/clip from Tron is released, and with it another great piece of the Daft Punk score. It’s unbelievable just how good this will sound in a film, and a testament to their ability that their sound is so adaptable.

This particular track sounds like Aerodynamic on a steroid-only diet, and is only let down by being so short. I fear the nature of a film soundtrack may mean each track is rather short (or overly long), which could wreck the chances of getting exceptional standalone tracks. However, it’s a small price to pay if all 23 tracks are this good!

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Daft Punk-Derezzed

Whilst the film does look half-decent, it’s all about getting a Daft Punk film score!

There have been plenty of snippets, real and fake, floating around but there’s no doubting the authenticity of this one as it contains both members along with clips from Tron. As you’d expect, it’s futuristic, funky and frenetic dance music with those irreplicable lashings of Daft Punk style.

Can’t wait for this album/soundtrack, and on the strength of Derezzed we’re in for an absolute treat.

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92 Seconds of New Daft Punk Music

Proof positive that they can make epic sounding film scores.

Feels like something straight out of Hans Zimmer’s playbook, which is an enormous compliment, and you’d be hard pressed to really identify it as a Daft Punk creation. Sounds good though, looking forward to more!

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How To Make A Daft Punk Helmet (in 17 months...)

This is just utterly amazing. I’m pining for one of these helmets so bad, I’d honestly wear it everyday.

On the toilet? Yup. To work? Yup. In the bath/shower? Despite electrical risk, yup. You get the point.

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Daft Punk Snippets From Upcoming Tron Movie....?

Are they real? No-one can know for sure. Daft Punk music is rare to come by these days, but there were rumours swirling a while back that they would be fronting the soundtrack for the upcoming Tron remake.

Click below for a link to hear all of the snippets. I personally think they’re legit, especially with the hype for Tron beginning recently, and can’t wait for the final versions!

Daft Punk Snippets

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MoonRunners Vs Daft Punk - Feels Like Magic [Video]

First off props to Mike for bringing this track & video to my attention!

I’m not going to lie, I know nothing of this group ‘MoonRunners’ but a quick google search tells me that they’re a 4 man British collective, who consider themselves bloggers as much as they do artists.

With this track they’ve sampled a classic Daft Punk song to superb effect, with a music video that cost them just £55 to make! This isn’t by any means a brand new track, but I’ve only just heard it, so I’m guessing quite a few of you have yet to hear it too.

Go check out this great club (with a fusion of hip-hop) track to the left here and then have the audio on repeat after grabbing the download below.

MoonRunners Vs Daft Punk – Feels Like Magic

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Daft Punk-The Crash

Finally, a reason to get some Daft Punk up!

This is a new track, and believed to be from the upcoming Tron Legacy film. It’s 12 minutes long (!), but I’d be happy to listen to this for 20 minutes. It starts off pretty slowly, and almost hauntingly, but progresses into a pretty nice dance track, and then cools back off again for the ending. Really nice work on this, and I’ll definitely be letting this spin in my rotation for a while.

Daft Punk-The Crash

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