Context - 1.4 at 12 [Video]

Context asks us “what do we know about Aston Martin music”, a fair question – I don’t think anyone I know around these parts really knows about that way of life. Tracks like Aston Martin Music are great and all, but truthfully songs that really resonate with us are ones that we can really relate to. That’s why so much emphasis is made by fans on artists being ‘real’.

1.4 at 12 is a track that takes us around Context’s neck of the woods, and what the harsh reality of English life is like. The scenes in this vid are certainly what I’m more accustomed to seeing in the city than that of most hip hop videos!

The track itself features a very English, almost vintage garage, vibe, which is a style that suits Context. Context has himself a good variety of tracks and videos already, which is all the more impressive given that he’s unsigned with no budget. I look forward to seeing what else he comes up with in 2013.

You can grab this track (for free) by clicking here.

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Context MC - Drowning [Video]

Context MC delivers us his new video 25 feet underwater!

The video is directed by Louis Ellison – at the very same studios that the Bourne Trilogy was filmed, and has already been playlisted by both MTV and MTV Base (so chances are a fair few of you have seen this before!). Really feeling the concept of this video and track, which has heavily featured in my rotation for a while now! Go give it a watch for a left, and you can preorder the single below on iTunes.

Context MC – Drowning

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Context MC - Drowning

After two hugely successful and critically acclaimed singles in Off With Their Heads and Listening to Burial, Context MC returns to bring us his latest single taken from his upcoming EP: The Cadmean Victory.

Drowning is a story that Context MC details the experience of being lost in a girl’s eyes and he does this in his own unique chilled way, accompanying his thought-provoking delivery of his lyrics with a garage/2-step vibe (the song itself is produced by Great Skies). Also gets in some references towards The Weeknd and The XX in this song, which adds to the intriguing nature of Context MC’s style. Listen below.

Bonus: The interview with Ace and Vis IN FULL below!

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Context MC-Listening to Burial [Cinematic Remix]

“Cinematic keep up the quality control with this remix, retaining the soulful vibe of the original while adding tight percussion and a deep sliding bass line. This collaboration between Context MC and Cinematic looks set to be an anthemic addition to the summer. It was uploaded to Drum and Bass powerhouse UKF last week, and earned over 35,000 hits in its first day! The remix has also been supported by MTV!”

Loved the original to this, which has been supported heavily by BBC Radio1 and BBC Radio 1xtra. A tale of walking home after a night out, the original which was produced by Slof Man and is a slow and very reflective track, so it’s interesting to hear this Drum & Bass twist to it. Rather skilfully, it still manages to capture the reflective vibe as well as being something you could listen to in a club, offering the best of both worlds. Top stuff.

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Context MC-Listening To Burial ft. Slof Man [Video]

“It’s been a whirlwind 2011 for Context MC already. He has been: named one the top 5 UK underground acts by massive US website The Huffington Post; invited to Abbey Road by BBC Introducing; playlisted by MTV; had press support from MTV, SB.TV, RWD, Semtex (BBC 1Xtra) and K Mag; performed at I Luv Live; been shortlisted for Glastonbury; and was a featured artist on myspace’s homepage alongside Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon and Britney Spears!”

The video compliments the lonely audio superbly, with Context MC alone outside in his own zone, whilst the party is going on indoors. The song itself, produced by Slof Man, is one for you to listen to alone, it’s slow and it makes you think. Exactly the type of music I like.

Context MC hit us with a winner with Off With Their Heads and it’s safe to say that song was not a fluke. Listening To Burial should be on iTunes soon, don’t sleep on this.

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Context MC-Listening To Burial

“The anonymous, mysterious, Mercury Prize nominated producer Burial once described his music in an interview with The Guardian as being: “about when you come back from being out somewhere; in a minicab or a night bus, or with someone, or walking home across London late at night, dreamlike”
Context MC’s newest single, the follow up to the MTV playlisted ‘Off With Their Heads featuring Vertex of Marvell, tells this story of Burial’s. ‘Listening to Burial’, produced by Slof Man, is the anthem to the walk home after a rave; the dreamlike, ambient city walk as the sun comes up. With Burial just recently releasing his first piece of new music in four years, this release coincides perfectly. This is Context MC’s tale of every weekend, and his tribute to one of the most emotive producers in music.”

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Context MC-Off With Their Heads ft. Vertex

I said recently that it’s been a good week or so for music videos, and not to be out done by the US, UK rapper Context MC brings us a video that encapsulates the lyrical nature of this track so well. With production from Slof Man & Elkat, it’s no surprise that this is a dub-step beat, but this is no average run of the mill bedroom-produced track that some emcees lazily spit on, this is genuinely creative and original which leaves your ears simply wanting more (I wouldn’t expect anything less from Slof Man!).

Judging by this track, Context MC is certainly a name to look out for as he seems to have the art of writing a song (rather than just individual lines) locked down, which is a rare quality for an up-and-coming emcee in this country. Vertex (from the group Marvell) provides a very good verse too and is also a name you should expect to hear more of.

As for the video, a fair few guest appearances with Jamal Edwards of SB.TV, JP (BBC Radio 1, XXL, MTV), Kieran Yate, Hyperfrank, Harvey Haydon and Well Red all cleverly appearing, as well as OTU faves Genesis Elijah & Ed Sheeran. You can go download this track for free by heading over to Context MC’s bandcamp page (click here).

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Context MC / Genesis Elijah - Feeling Alone [Video]

Lead single/visuals from UK artist Context MC for his upcoming album The Cadmean Victory.

Thought-provoking track and features a tidy verse from Genesis Elijah who was actually one of the very first UK MC’s I got into back in ’06 with his So Hip Hop joint and crazy freestyle over Game’s Dreams beat.

Clicky below for some quality UK hip-hop.

Context MC (feat Genesis Elijah) – Feeling Alone

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