Toddla T x Cleo Sol - Code to Crack ft. Scrufizzer [Video]

Some swift visuals after last week’s première of this feel-good track! Cleo Sol and Toddla T have nailed the carnival feel to this song in homage to London’s annual Notting Hill festivities.

Cleo really does have an infectious voice, and I look forward to her next single, Are You Ready, in October. Some cool cameos to look out for too in this video, for those clued up on the UK scene.

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Toddla T x Cleo Sol - Code to Crack ft. Scrufizzer

Just in time for London’s annual Notting Hill Carnival festivities, BBC Radio 1 DJ and Ninja Tune producer Toddla T gives a nod to the classic jungle vibes of Carnival past on ‘Code To Crack’. Joining him on the track are two of West London’s hottest residents, Island Records’ Cleo Sol, fresh from the release of her debut single ‘Never The Right Time’ and grimes MC of the moment, Scrufizzer.

True to Toddla T’s sound, ‘Code To Crack’ is a bass heavy banger, laced with Cleo’s fierce soulful vocals and Scrufizzer’smad signature tongue twisting flow. Cleo’s next single ‘Are You Ready’ will follow in October.

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Cleo Sol ft. Gappy Ranks - High [Video]

“Cleo Sol’s debut ‘High’, a mash of pop, ska reggae and rnb, is all about having a crush; “that feeling that’s unique to everyone but completely unmistakable. Tapping into Carnival time, ‘High’ brings together the old and the new; Cleo’s distinctive stamp of new-age cool is mixed with an original piece of music from the reggae heyday of the 1960′s, through a unique collaboration with iconic Jamaican label Studio One.

‘High’ has been receiving heavy support on Radio 1xtra, currently on the B list along with support from Choice FM & Kiss FM.”

A very fun song here brought to us by the talented Cleo Sol who shows us her versatility in this fusion of genres. A perfect accompaniment to any summer playlists you may or may not have whilst we’re still (on occassion!) getting some sunshine. Cleo Sol exuberates confidence as she flows to the song on this video; a star in the making so keep an eye out for this name (check out a few of her other tracks covered by this site here).

This new single is out on the 18th of September.

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Cleo Sol-Call For Me (Acoustic)

We were given an uptempo, electro-infused introduction to Cleo Sol back in March with LoveBass, and now we’re getting a much closer look at the core talent with this addictive acoustic performance.

As you’d expect, this is considerably more stripped down than the aforementioned song, allowing Cleo to really flex her vocal chords and grab the attention with a versatile and diverse performance that cements her as an exciting homegrown upcomer. There’s a blend of soul sensibility with a hip-hop ‘swagger’ (I hate that word) in both Cleo’s delivery and her demeanour, as she exhibits a natural confidence to back up the vocals, making for a rounded performance that certainly suggests there’s an interesting future ahead.

Official debut single is coming soon, but for now be sure to get familiar with this, and click here to check out the previous effort, LoveBass.

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Cleo Sol-LoveBass [Video]

Despite her young age, Cleo Sol has racked up quite a few big features, singing on tracks with the likes of Wretch 32, Tinie Tempah, Roll Deep, Bashy and Davinche as well as many others. Here is her first real foray into solo music with LoveBass. In her own words:

“I absolutely adore the bass in all genres of music and I believe the bass plays a key part in beautiful songs and music. Davinche and I were in studio, and he was making the beat, I went on to tell him to “turn the bass up!” And that’s when #LoveBass was born.”

A woman of my own heart; it’s usually the bass that ensnares me to a song. The electro and dubstep components of this track really supplement the pop and fun vibe of the song, and that makes this perfect for the clubs.

This isn’t an official video per se, but the way in which it projects the lyrics of the song via some flashy methods reminds you that this isn’t just brainless pop, lyrically it’s great too.

2011 should be a very good year for Cleo Sol indeed.

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