OTU Presents: The Winter EP Vol. 2

Grab your scarf and gloves, stick on a pair of headphones and warm up with the second volume of our Winter EP. There’s been a rather large gap between this edition and the first instalment, but it’s arrived eventually and couldn’t be better timed with the weather getting much colder recently.

Once again, our resident designer (Indi) has lovingly put together a crispy new artwork, which adds a nice touch of visuals to accompany the listening pleasure of the 5 tracks included below. As per the previous edition, there’s no restriction on genre, artist or anything else: if it feels wintery, it’s got a chance of making the cut!

Click here for volume 1, and head below for volume 2.

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City and Colour-Northern Wind

He’s a talented boy is Dallas Green. Huge fan of his Sometimes album, and this evokes those mellow, sombre and harmonic sounds all over again, though with some notable changes and improvements.

The biggest addition is a slightly more positive edge on his vocals, which adds a more hopeful, uplifting feel to his introspective lyricism, and hence makes for nice variety. Nice work on the acoustic guitar as expected, with some orchestral elements thrown in for a little extra depth, diversity and solidity, making for a very well-rounded effort that sets up his Little Hell album nicely.

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