Chuck Inglish-Swervin' ft. Sir Michael Rocks

Can you believe The Cool Kids haven’t worked together since 2011? Hard to believe that one of hip-hop’s most promising duos went their seperate ways so early on, but they reunite here for a single from Chuck’s upcoming Convertibles album. Whilst that LP is slated to feature names such as Big Boi, Mac Miller and Ab-Soul, it’s this feature that will probably command most attention.

Rightly so too, as it’s a speaker-rattler of a track that’s entirely addictive. There’s no heavy overproducing or ‘two tracks condensed into one’ business going on here; it’s a bassy, percussion-heavy production that cuts back on layers to create an intimidating wall of sound out of what is fundamentally very little. Chuck and Mikey’s laidback raps are a great fit for the production too, as neither attempts to match the beat’s intensity and rather both opt to smoothly ride along with comparatively easygoing flows, with their unique cadences making for enough distinction between the two. No complications or complexities, this is a head-nodding hip-hop jam that’s going to sound rather special on a good set of car speakers.

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Mike Posner-Started From The Bottom Remix ft. T Mills, Chuck Inglish, Asher Roth and King Chip

Interesting take on the recent Drake single, as Mike Posner takes this in a more pop direction, and grabs some hip-hop heads to help out.

The opening’s about as far removed from the original as can be, with Posner’s gentle vocals giving the song a personal, more intimate feel, whilst the use of a lonesome piano for the backdrop supplements that vibe. When the MC’s get involved things are allowed to expand more, with the inclusion of sharp live percussion and a couple of ska-esque guitar plucks, with T Mills opening in average fashion before Asher, Chuck and Chip have a great exchange between the three of them, with their verses having brief periods of crossover that add a nice uniqueness to the ‘posse cut’ style.

The video’s filmed entirely in-studio, and whilst that may sound unexciting, it massively boosts the audio. That’s mostly down to the track seemingly being performed live, together and in the same place-a relative rarity for tracks with several guest spots, and a sign of confidence from all involved. Worth a watch for sure, and a fresh spin on the original.

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Fool's Gold-Loosies (Full Album Stream)

After celebrating five years of groundbreaking music and events, Brooklyn indie powerhouse Fool’s Gold Records puts a giant exclamation point on 2012 with the release of their highly anticipated rap compilation Loosies on December 18th.

Fool’s Gold are one of those labels that a surprising number of well-known acts have had some form of interaction with. From A-Trak being Kanye West’s former tour DJ and Kid Cudi breaking out on the label, to their current roster that boasts Danny Brown, Donnis and many more, they’re one of those labels that don’t force their brand on you, and instead let their acts do their work-an admirable quality.

This LP boasts 23 tracks from their artists and various guests, the latter including Juicy J, Jim Jones and Chuck Inglish, and certainly has some quality about it: an example includes Danny Brown’s thunderous Molly Ringwald, which got plenty of attention back in July. Stream the full thing here, and use the iTunes links in the player to grab the full project for yourself.

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Asher Roth and Chuck Inglish-In The Kitchen Video

Asher and Chuck hook up for visuals to their recent head-nodding collaboration, and true to the title, most of it takes place in a kitchen.

Well, various kitchens. Ash and Chuck hop around a few cookeries with an MPC and a multitude of crockery, adding a lighthearted vibe to the intense style created by booming, bassy production. There are (of course) scenes shot in a freezer, copious amounts of takeaway food, toast, a slightly annoyed Oriental family, and everything else you’d expect from a hip-hop video.

In seriousness, the track is certainly worth a few listens, as Asher applies his laidback flow to good effect over Chuck’s chunky yet relatively simple production, delivering some memorable lines and exhibiting plenty of comfort on a production that many rappers would struggle with.

Asher Roth’s Pabst and Jazz coming soon, but for now grab this head-nodder here.

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