Christian Rich-All You Need

Christian Rich’s return rolls on with an electro/dub-influenced number that once again displays their ever-surprising versatility.

The dubstep heads will have a real field day with this one, as the trademark thick bass and stuttered synths of the genre swarm this track from start to finish, though they’re ‘diluted’ enough to make the production very accessible to everyone else. What helps is the basic structure of the track being solid, versus the slower, more build-heavy stylings of many other efforts, whilst the soft vocal work that drops in and out of the track is also a highlight addition to the track. Decent effort, and one that’ll work on anybody’s night out playlist.

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Christian Rich-Till Dawn

Having released a solid single a short while back, Christian Rich are back this time with a visual offering.

If Pharrell and/or The Neptunes didn’t produce this then they’ve strongly influenced the duo: the electronic-style production has a very strong Neptunes feel about it from start to finish, combining a base pop element with an infusion of alternative lashings for a great production that boasts energy, power and a touch of cool, making it one that could certainly be a favourite with the mainstream. The Autotune is initially a little offputting, but gradually it works well enough with the instrumental and the whispery nature of their vocals. Inevitably, the track would be better without it, but it works well enough.

The video’s a good accompaniment to the track, using a mostly-monochrome filter and general minimalism to take the audio away from feeling like a pop track and further into a less-definable realm. Worth a watch, worth a listen, and a duo to keep your eye on.

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R&B Fridays: Episode 144

Hurry, we forgot to put this out!

Quick! Stop reading this!

(One to catch up on: newcomer Jade Alston’s excellent Searching)

Go go go.
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Christian Rich and Mansions on the Moon-Fall From Grace Ruff

Why didn’t I realise Christian Rich were a duo?

From their upcoming Arcade album, the Neptunes-affiliated duo come through with a very good hybrid track that is difficult to dislike regardless of your tastes: there are hints of alternative influence in the hook and percussion, R&B and soul elements in the melodies, all tied together with a chillout sensibility. As well as being incredibly diverse, it boasts a very memorable hook that gives the track a strong anchor to work off. There are a couple of empty verses, which I actually like in this instance as it allows you to appreciate the production and hook that little bit more. Very enjoyable track.

Christian Rich-Fall From Grace Ruff ft. Mansions on the Moon

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R&B Fridays: Episode 69

Hopefully, this reaches you on time this week!

New singles from Keri and Rihanna headline this episode, along with plenty of other tracks from a range of talented artists. Before that, the customary recap: a great track from UK newcomer Talay Riley, Drake’s lead track from his upcoming mixtape, plenty of R&B-related artwork, and finally the official video for Keri Hilson’s Breaking Point.

Click on to get involved in this week’s episode.

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Filip Filipi - Too High (Plus Two More Tracks)

Some new tracks from Filip Filipi’s upcoming mixtape Design & Origin of Stars. What’s most apparent from listening to all of these is the diversity Filip Filipi shows, one minute he’s spitting over a grimey drum & bass beat, the next a more mainstream track like Hurricane Ana (which is excellent, cop that here if you haven’t already).

It’s clear to see Filip Filipi is one of the most diverse new acts we’ve featured recently on this site, and that is exactly what we’re all about. Another thing worth noting is the production on all of these songs being top notch, which is exactly what I’m all about. Go grab these below.

Filip Filipi – Too High ft. Hyper Crush, Christian Rich & Slush Puppy Kids

Filip Filipi – Wonder Why

Filip Filipi – Bullet Train to Osaka (Feat. Afaliah)

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R&B Fridays: Episode 55

With Ajay currently incarcerated in some grotty South African prison, your weekly R&B fix has been left with me to try and fill. Now I may not have anywhere near the amount of knowledge with this genre, I can however appreciate a good R&B song.

I’ve sorted through over 50 R&B songs over the last week and have narrowed it down to the best 24 and for that reason you shouldn’t at all be dissuaded from clicking on. We have some real gems for you, from the big names, to many a newcomer. Click that red text to find out whether I’m true to my word, or whether I’ve completely ballsed this feature up….(now that’s pressure!)

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