HRSMN (Four Horsemen)-The End Is Near [Trailer]

I’ve been ploughing my way through the first season of the excellent Spartacus as of late and this instrumental, hopefully from The Four Horsemen’s upcoming LP The End Is Near, could be a soundscape lifted straight from the epic series.

Anyway, no vocals on this at present but the beat is tailor-made for these lyricists. Hearing Priest or Bis tear this apart is almost enough to bring an underground head to tears.

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Canibus Addresses Comments Made By DJ Premier

This came out of nowhere. In light of comments made by Premo a few days back, where he said Bis was the most difficult artist to work with, Bis responds with a 7 minute track aimed towards the legendary producer.

You can hear Premo’s original interview to the left and download Canibus’ response below. Looks like Golden Terra Of Rap may be their last collaboration…

Canibus-Tell The Truth/Monsters

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Throwback Thursdays Vol 40: Canibus Edition

Canibus’ debut, Can-I-Bus (1998), although often panned by critics (and Canibus himself) for Wyclef Jean’s somewhat bland production, was bis’ full introduction to the world of hip-hop.

Spearheaded by the savage LL Cool J diss record Second Round K.O., Can-I-Bus wasn’t totally lost due to Wyclef’s mediocre board-work. Tracks such as What’s Going On, Channel Zero and today’s throwback Niggonometry put aside that common misconception.

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Hate Is The New Love: Canibus vs LL Cool J

As promised, in warm-up for our gig debut on the 21st October with Canibus, this is the first Hate Is The New Love episode delving into two of Canibus’ fiercest rivalries to date.

LL Cool J is a master at what he does and undeniably one of the founders of the genre as we know it. By LL’s seventh full length LP, 1997’s Phenomenon, he had the knack of both pleasing his record execs with his now-famous love-ballads and still hitting the streets hard with underground collaborations. Whilst putting together Phenomenon LL lined up Method Man, Redman, an up-and-coming DMX and a then-unheard of underground MC, Canibus for his joint 4,3,2,1.

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Canibus-Title 17 USMC

“Atop producer
Martin’s steadily cadenced drums, Canibus’ lyrics march through the song with calculated precision, while the intertwining of guitar licks and deep bass notes add to the track’s hardened air. As an emcee known throughout his career for his displays of verbal supremacy mixed vivid story telling, this latest track comes no holds barred as he opens the track with lines like, “I’m in the meeting with surgeon general of written text/ The battery of 1,000 psychological tests/ I am exhausted and stressed, but I continue to press/ She asked me if I’m the best, I sign language-ed back, ‘YES’.”

Halfway through Bis’ C Of Tranquility and so far it is living up to the hype. Oh, and this track is insane!

Canibus – Title 17 USMC

Like this? Then why not come see The Canibus Man perform live in London on 21st October?

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Throwback Thursdays Vol 39: Canibus Edition

Perhaps I’ve let a couple of TT’s slip over the past few weeks (it’s three actually). But as we move into OTU’s most important month to date, not only does October signal OTU’s desired worldwide domination, but also forms a cherished relationship with Canibus.

Therefore in warm up to our October 21st gig debut and in dedication to the man himself, OTU will devote each Thursday to reminisce and educate on some of Bis’ most classic material. And if that wasn’t enough for you, we’ve also got a couple of Hate Is The New Love episodes to further wet your appetite and keep you teetering on the edge of your seats…

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Canibus: C of Tranquility Tour, Presented By OTU Live

We’ve been busy. You may have noticed us slipping in a new page recently, OTU Live. Well, that would be our new concert promotion ‘division’, and if you know OTU, you’ll know that OTU Live will be thinking big.

You’d be very right too. For our debut concert we’ve secured one of the most iconic rappers of the last 15 years, an MC who is universally respected, and frequently in ‘best of all-time’ lists. OTU Live are bringing Canibus back to the UK, for the first time since 2006.

The fun doesn’t end there either. We’ve also put together a line-up of UK artists that would satisfy any UK hip-hop fan: the trio includes Genesis Elijah, Stig of the Dump and Mangaliso Asi. For more info, head here to grab the press release.

Tickets are on sale RIGHT NOW. Yes, RIGHT NOW. Want some? Of course you do! Click here.

Unfortunately, this event has had to be cancelled due to events outside of OTU Live and Canibus’ control. Keep your eyes peeled for our next event!

OTU Live thinks big: Our very first gig, and we’ve secured not only one of the most iconic rappers of the last 15 years, but also a line-up of UK artists that would satisfy any UK hip-hop fan.
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Mark Deez/Kool G Rap/Canibus

Well isn’t this a little delight for us all this evening!

G Rap doesn’t bless us with too many verses these days but as both him and Canibus gear up ready to release their respective albums we inevitably find them stepping their feature games up.

Straight from Mark Deez’s Bootstrap Theory, Boot Rap has all three MC’s tearing it up but plaudits here have to go to ‘bus who justifies his longevity in the game by outshining the G.O.A.T himself; the Kool Genius of Rap.

Mark Deez – Boot Rap ft. Kool G Rap & Canibus

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Canibus - C Of Tranquility Album Sampler [Video‏]

“Rapper Canibus has had a long, illustrious career as one of hip-hop’s finest lyricists. Now preparing his 10th album, C Of Tranquility, he and label Interdependent Media are releasing a brand new album sampler video. Parterning snippets from every song on the new album with various video footage throughout Canibus’ career, fans can at once celebrate the emcee’s past while getting a preview of what’s to come. Some of the selections featured include “Golden Terra Of Rap,” produced by DJ Premier and “C Scrolls,” produced by Jake One. Tracks produced by Scram Jones, D.R. Period, J-Zone, and more play throughout.”

C Of Tranquility is Canibus’ tenth album (hadn’t realised he’d done so many!), and is being released by Interdependent Media on the 5th of October.

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Canibus - Merchant Of Metaphors

Some new Canibus for you from his October 5th release: C Of Tranquility.

“The second single, appropriately titled Merchant of Metaphors, opens up with strings that conjure up images of opium dens and old Asian merchants. Produced by The ARE, Canibus uses the track to peddle out the barbed lyrics he’s so well known for, all the while conjuring up an intricate tale for the audience.”

Canibus – Merchant Of Metaphors

Make sure you also check out his joint with Premo here.

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Canibus New Album On Horizon

Straight from the horses’ mouth:

“C Of Tranquility, Canibus’ tenth studio album, features production credits from DJ Premier, Jake One, Scram Jones, The Bizness, J-Zone and Slopfunkdust and proves that he is just as on point now as when he was first hand-picked by Wyclef Jean for the sensational debut LP Can-I-Bus. in 1998. Having been deemed by several rap magazines as being one of the best lyrical freestyle rappers, Canibus recognizes this record as his opportunity to showcase his skills once again, implying that C Of Tranquility is the culmination of years of practice and progress. “Sometimes life will beat you down just to remind you that you’re alive,”

This has given me apt opportunity to revisit that insane joint with Premo which can be obtained here. C of Tranquility will be available October 5th.

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Ras Kass / HRSMN - This Sh*t Right Here [Video]

This is exciting. The Four Horsemen are once again reunited for a track on Ras Kass’ latest release A.D.I.D.A.S which can be listened to and purchased here.

The Four Horsemen (aka HRSMN) are a supergroup consisting of Ras Kass, Kurupt, Canibus and Killah Priest so you know that this is going to be straight up, off-the-chain, penetrative ear-sex.

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Quick Blast: Canibus / DJ Premier

Fans of underground MC Canibus will be going crazy over this collaboration. And rightly so.

This is one of the best Premo beats I’ve heard in recent times. He drops a progressive kind-of ‘sneaky’ loop (which wouldn’t sound out of place on an Inspector Gadget or Pink Panther cartoon) and sporadically scatters a few vocals borrowed from Busta Rhymes to provide Canibus some respite between bars.

Canibus takes great pleasure in getting his teeth into this and tears it apart as expected. For an artist with such an aggressive tone, Canibus is a real poet and underground Heads should be looking to get their hands on this pronto.

Canibus – Golden Terra Of Rap (Produced DJ Premier)

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Underground Hip-Hop Part 7

A clearout of the inbox and BOOM: It throws up another UGHH for the hip-hop heads to enjoy.

This one is (mostly) full of artists who haven’t been featured on the site before, so amidst all the mainstream music that’s been up recently, we’ve gone so underground that you’re gonna need some sort of torch.

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