Boardwalk Empire Season 3 [Trailer]

After a fantastic season and a gripping finale that left many questioning where this show will go, we’re now starting to be teased with some trailers for season 3.

Straight off the bat this trailer shows no signs of Boardwalk Empire slowing back down to season 1 standards, and hints at things escalating even further than they did in season 2!

I won’t mention any specific details that take place in this trailer or in the last season as I know some of you are very slow when it comes to catching up with excellent television.

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Boardwalk Empire: Season 2 Trailer

Almost as cinematic as the show itself, the trailer for the fantastic Boardwalk Empire’s upcoming season certainly expands on the suggestions from the previously-released teaser, as well as the situations that concluded the first season. To avoid spoiling the previous season (as I’m aware many haven’t seen it yet), I would recommend to stop reading from this point onwards.

There’s a clear theme running through the video, in particular the relative isolation and fear now imparted on the series’ lead character, Nucky Thompson, as a result of the aforementioned situations arising in season 1′s finale. One particularly poignant detail is the red rose Nucky wears, which naturally catches the eye and is quite a prominent feature throughout the trailer. There’s plenty of symbolism surrounded red roses, and one in particular comes to mind: the Garden of Eden ‘story’ suggests a white rose turned red as it blushed at Adam and Eve’s fall from grace, with a downward spiral seeming the obvious path for Nucky in season 2. Notice how one or two others seem to be also sporting the roses too, possibly suggesting similar fates for them. Worth a watch for sure, and I’m very excited for the premiere on September 25th.

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Boardwalk Empire: Season 2 Teaser

Hugely excited for the next season of this superb drama. The period charm combined with some genuinely superb acting from the likes of Steve Buscemi made for enthralling and captivating viewing in the first season, and it looks as though the second season is going to ramp things up somewhat.

I won’t spoil it for those of you that haven’t finished season 1, but it’s fair to say the season ended in exciting style with the story arcs for the forthcoming season being started, and here there are strong hints of the direction in which those arcs will be going. Watch and enjoy.

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