Slaughterhouse and Dres (of Black Sheep)-Back On The Scene

Apologies for the delay on this, but only this evening have I managed to get myself back up to date with music and/or life!

I couldn’t be more sorry either: this track is painfully good. Slaughterhouse recently announced an 8-track EP to be released Feb 8th, and this seems to be the first track from said EP, and most certainly commands attention. Pounding bass and drum work keeps your head nodding, whilst an electric guitar provides the edgy feel that only the Slaughterhouse trio can provide. The combination is an intense, memorable production that amplifies each rapper’s natural energy superbly, and we’re treated to some typically-strong verses from the fearsome collective. SLAUGGHHHTERRHOOOUSE!!

Slaughterhouse-Back on the Scene ft. Dres

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Black Sheep - For The Record Video

Although Dres is starting to show his age, 19 years on since Black Sheep’s A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing dropped, he is still managing to bring fresh material.

Visuals for another drop from the album (which was released today). Shot on a rooftop at sunset in New York City, For The Record brings a soothing piano melody leading the listener into thinking the record has little to say. However, says Dres: “For The Record is a quiet song that speaks loudly and also is me giving a little backhand to the powers that be. I don’t see them moving in the best interest of the people. I’m just shining a little light on the situation.”

Black Sheep – For The Record

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Quick Blast: Black Sheep

Starting point for anyone unfamiliar with native tongues collective Black Sheep.

The fun-loving front-man Dres is back with a new album From The Black Pool Of Genius and going by the strength of the first two singles, it’s just what hip-hop needs.

Both are very different tracks in their own right. One a more party oriented track with underground female MC Jean Grae giving a helping hand with some vocals. The second is much more the Black Sheep we know with a funky baseline and smooth enjoyable rhymes.

If you’ve been bumping that new Roots album then I have a sneaky feeling you will enjoy the return of Black Sheep. From The Black Pool Of Genius will be available on June 29th and features guests including De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, AZ and Rhymefest.

Black Sheep (feat Jean Grae) – Party Tonight

Black Sheep – Forever LuvLee

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Throwback Thursdays Vol 21

Providing hip-hop with a late Golden Era resurgence saw the Native Tongues affiliated Black Sheep burst onto the scene fall of 1991 with their classic record A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing.

Sheep took the critics by storm and were praised for their humorous and creative content. They were one of the first acts to parody gangsta rap in the amusing U Mean I’m Not and the duo provide a refreshing throwback to a time when hip-hop was fun and before the dark undertone of street life set by later East Coast work.

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