Random Axe-The Hex [Video]

We haven’t covered anything Random Axe as of yet on OTU, but it’s a project, or should I say supergroup that I’ve been following closely over the past few weeks. It consists of the ever-enigmatic Sean Price, Detroit producer-cum-emcee Black Milk and fellow D-Town compatriot Guilty Simpson who have a self-titled album on the horizon.

Anyway, here are some visuals for their latest single The Hex which certainly drive home that ‘hardcore sound’ which I think the heads amongst us are expecting with this sort of lineup. As this is the music industry after all, I’m more about the audio than the visuals (although as I’ve said before, good visuals can make mediocre audio that much more authentic) and here we have a pulsating effort which sounds straight out of Black Milk’s basement and each emcee drops equally entertaining verses with superb chemistry.

June 14. Stay tuned for a little bit of hell on wax.

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Two Drops From Black Milk's 'Album Of The Year'

I’ve tried to keep you as up-to-date as possible with this one over the past few months, so let’s end this chapter on a high with a couple of essentials from the album itself.

The first, Deadly Medley, for which we dropped the video a while back, was a little disappointing initially but has since grown on me whilst I’ve been bumping the audio.

The second, Black & Brown, is a typical Black Milk beat. Deep, melodic violin strings decorate the backdrop whilst Milk’s drum machine characteristically powers in. Black Milk delivers lyrically too with a confident, flowing display that I’m quickly getting used to. A dosage of heavy repeat is prescribed for this number. Album Of The Year in stores (and iTunes) September 14th.

Black Milk – Deadly Medley ft. Royce Da 5’9″ & Elzhi

Black Milk – Black & Brown ft. Danny Brown

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Black Milk / Royce Da 5'9" / Elzhi - Deadly Medley [Video]

Had to get this out to you ASAP but in truth I’m a little disappointed with the track itself. Expected Milk to drop a really hard beat which the two powerhouses would tear into, instead it’s a little bit tame.

The video is clean at the moment and we still have no audio for you to cop yet. I do try for you though.

Black Milk’s Album Of The Year drops September 14th.

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Black Milk Talks Upcoming Album

Some promo here for Black Milk’s upcoming, ambitiously titled: Album Of The Year.

Quick interview where he speaks on getting into hip-hop, the meaning behind the album title and what he wants his legacy to be.

Album Of The Year drops September 14th and you can see the artwork/tracklisting here and grab the first single here.

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Black Milk's 'Album Of The Year' - Artwork/Tracklisting

Wow. Influx of Detroit-based hip-hop recently.

Artwork for Black Milk’s ambitiously titled upcoming sophomore, Album Of The Year, which drops September 14th.

Tracklisting after the jump. That joint Deadly Medley with fellow ‘D’ natives, Royce Da 5’9″ and Elzhi looks lyriculous! (I can make words up if I want).

If you missed the first leak from the album you can get that here.

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Black Milk - Welcome (Gotta Go)

Couple of days ago I brought you a drop from the Detroit super-producer which apparently wasn’t going to figure on his upcoming Album Of The Year. It provided us a nice little sampler of what to expect on the LP. You can get that here.

This is the official lead single from that album and is a real headbanger with mainstream appeal but still maintains those core Detroit values. Milk is without doubt much more acclaimed for his work behind the boards, but can certainly do a job behind the mic too. Really looking forward to the album and will endeavor to keep you all posted!

Black Milk – Welcome (Gotta Go)

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Black Milk - How Dare You

If this was done intentionally it is quite a clever idea. This is some new Black Milk which is clearly album quality material but won’t be featuring on his upcoming LP Album Of The Year. It could just be a joint which didn’t make the cut, or, it could be a joint Milk leaked us to wet our appetites and give us a taste of what we can expect. It means that it won’t be a ‘skipper’ once we finally get the album and for those that really love it, they can tag it onto the end of their playlist.

The track itself is in fact exactly what we would expect from the Detroit super-producer. Heavy, looped drums and some tidy braggadocio wordplay. Milk switches up the beat at the end to great effect.

Black Milk – How Dare You

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Underground Hip-Hop Part 5

Enzo x TampaPro
Click below for the 5th instalment of the revered UGHH series. As always, there are both new artists and slightly more established artists that you may have missed.

We haven’t had one of these with individual tracks in a while, and there’s a lot of stuff that I’ve been sitting on, so this is a Special Edition with 13 tracks. Thank me later.

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