R&B Fridays: Episode 140

No artist in the R&B and pop genres has generated the buzz Rita Ora has over the past week, so it’s only right that the Roc Nation signee and London native gets the headline spot for yet another milestone episode.

It’s been a solid week in the music world, with a few very enjoyable releases from a range of genres. Miguel came through with an excellent free 3-track EP, Jesse Boykins III delivered what could be a breakout moment for the lavishly-talented singer with a video for B4 The Night Is Thru, Kid Cudi’s new WZRD project released their debut album to a positive reception here on OTU, and finally the mysterious A. Chal dropped off one of the finest electronic instrumentals I’ve heard in some time.

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Wale - Woman Lie, Men Lie [Freestyle]

Wale just leaked this on his Twitter, in his own words:

“i was just in my itunes..and seen an unreleased “women lie men lie” freestyle..i had a cold ..a bad cold ..so i never put it out..should i?

me and my man @blackcobain went in on this mufucka

i rarely say i “KILLLED” a beat…but i ji went off on it..fuck it im bout to put it out”

Go check the track out and see if you agree by clicking below!

Wale – Women Lie, Men Lie freestyle ft. Black Cobain

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Wale-Who Don't, As Requested By NBA Rookie

I’m downloading this as I type so haven’t checked it out yet. The story behind this is that NBA rookie Brandon Jennings asked Wale to ‘make a song that he could get hype to pre-game‘. That fills me with a lot of confidence as Wale is as good as anyone on the uptempo/positive joints, so this should be good stuff. Looking forward to some new running music!

Wale-Who Don’t ft. Fat Trel and Black Cobain

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