Quick Throwback: Mobb Deep-Give Up The Goods

One of the 14 songs from The Infamous which helped me fall in love with hip-hop.

ATCQ’s Q-Tip on the boards (his one of three cuts on the album) laces a soothing, instant classic for P, Havoc and an on-fire Big Noyd to drop some street wisdom. Does it get any better than this?

Indi – Prodigy: Top 3 emcee mid-nineties.

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Havoc / Big Noyd Perform Live

Gotta love this.

Mobb Deep’s Havoc and long-time collaborator Big Noyd performing a medley of old school Mobb tracks live.

Always fun watching Havoc perform without Prodigy because I remember him once saying how he sometimes forgets his lyrics and has to ask his side-kick to remind him!

The energy looks crazy in there!

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Throwback Thursdays Vol 26

Ajay and Myself are having a bit of a ‘Mobb Deep week’, which always goes down well where I’m concerned (This throwback is for you too buddy!). Big Noyd is / was always Mobb Deep’s side-kick, making appearances on all Mobb LP’s up until Blood Money (apparently 50 didn’t see him fitting into the ‘grand plan’).

Being Mobb’s sidekick meant N.O.Y.D. was graced with the presence of cast-off Havoc beats and as uninspiring as that sounds, in fact, some of them Hav was crazy to let go. This week’s throwback is definitely one of those.

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