Benga & Kano - Forefather [Video]

Kano says it himself in this track “sounding like some old school K.A.“, he sounds just as fresh as when he first came onto the scene. The last few years he particularly has looked like he’s really enjoying his music, guest starring on numerous tracks and just stealing the show.

Benga, a talented producer who some of you may be more familiar with as part of the three-man super dubstep collective Magnetic Man, enlists Kano for his new track Forefather. Kano reminds us all he’s a forefather of grime, and the video reflects his journey, taking us back to 2003 when he was rapping in basements, 2008 rapping in clubs and present day where he’s rocking stages. Kano’s always been at his best on bass filled tracks and Benga doesn’t disappoint.

This excellently produced song is from Benga’s upcoming album, Chapter II (pre-order here), and you can grab this track now from iTunes.

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Benga-Smack Your Bitch Up Video

I’ve publicly stated my dislike for dubstep etc., but my word can this boy serve up some beats. He’s about the only guy I’ll give a go in that genre, and here he comes through with an intense, pulsating effort that really displays his skills.

Opening up with a slow build, the track builds atmosphere with various isolated hits, from a haunting vocal snippet to a single tribal drum hit, heightening the anticipation for the thick, winding synth that explodes the track into life. Crucially, the synth is backed by a relatively slow tempo percussion that serves to emphasise that hypnotising synth work further, both highlighting the track’s anchor point and adding a somewhat ominous, darker vibe.

Video is very fitting, with the monochrome colour scheme playing off that dark feel, whilst the high-octane breakdancers utilise that powerful synth work nicely, all tied together with an underground theme created by the industrial setting, flashes of graffiti and the general isolation of the dance-off. Strong all-round effort that you can pick up for free here.

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Benga-United Kingdom

Assuming you have good headphones, prepare your eardrums for a bit of a battering. Benga comes through with a thudding, pulsating production that will seriously get your head moving, whilst slowly decimating your hearing. Menacingly slow paced and incredibly hypnotising, the thick bass has a pounding, driving vibe that makes for enjoyable, albeit somewhat repetitive listening. Definitely worth a listen.

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Magnetic Man and John Legend-Getting Nowhere Video

A very dark, industrial video for a very good song.

The audio itself had a vibe that blended uplifting elements with a more melancholy, bittersweet style and this video certainly plays on the latter styles with some harrowing imagery. The combination of empty, industrial scenes with visions of death, instances of gang crime and faceless individuals makes for an eye-opening, compelling and frighteningly realistic video, which really makes the most of the audio its given.

I don’t claim to have seen many videos of this sort of music, but this certainly adds some depth to this style of music, doing its part to move it away from the stereotypes and audiences its commonly associated with, and into the realms of mainstream and artistic acceptance. John Legend’s vocals are as brilliant as ever, conveying a range of emotions brilliantly with those unmistakeable vocals. A superb all-round effort, and you can grab a remix of this track here.

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