Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer

Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are easily two of my favourite games on this generation of consoles (I’m struggling to think of any other PS3 games that have captured my attention quite as much), and to round off the trilogy is this prequel. It’s not being developed by Rocksteady, the studio that did the first two (assumedly, so they can work on Batman’s PS4 debut), but apparently they’ve handed a bunch of the code from those games to Warner Bros Montreal which should ensure some consistency across the games.

The dark, moody vibe of those previous Arkham games seems to be recreated well here, with this instalment set prior to the events of Asylum, and featuring a younger Batman. Whilst it’s a shame we don’t actually see any gameplay footage, it’s good to see a few villains who’ve only played bit parts (or not appeared at all) in the Arkham series, namely Black Skull, Deathstroke and Deadshot. It’s clear that the former is the primary villain here, and it should make for an interesting dynamic to see just who the rest of his hired assassins are; appearances from the Joker, Bane and Penguin are expected. 25th October is the release date, and I’m sure we’ll be getting plenty more footage before then to accompany this graphically-excellent introduction.

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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Trailer

Here’s the honest truth: I’m more excited for this than I have been for any Batman film ever. This graphic novel is by far my favourite comic of all-time (and if I’m allowed the extension, also my favourite book), and has been cited by Christopher Nolan as one of his (many) inspirations for the general thematic of his acclaimed 3-part Batman movie series. The sheer brutality and coarseness of the piece is one of the most realistic representations of Batman to date, whilst having Bruce Wayne be much older than in any other story makes for a refreshing change to the usual methodology.

With a critically-beloved piece like this, there’s always danger of not representing the source material properly, but based on the trailer it doesn’t look like that’s going to be a worry here. It’s not only good news for us fans of the original material, but I appreciate many aren’t into reading graphic novels, and hence those of you unfamiliar with the piece will surely find this movie conversion an excellent watch if it remains as true to the material as it seems to. It’s set up to be a 2-parter, and I’ll say this: if you think this looks epic, wait until you see how part 2 ends up.

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