Basement Jaxx-Mermaid of Salinas

If you threw dance, pop and the entire Latin American region into a blender, you’d get a cocktail that tasted something like this sounds. Most of that didn’t make sense, but you get the jist.

After their throwback funky house jam (which also got a video release recently), the veteran act switch things up yet again with this internationally-inspired, feelgood effort. Opening with a soft beach-style, the track quickly grows into a cacophonous blend of Spanish guitars, catchy vocal samples, and a plethora of percussive elements that’s part-infectious, part-indechiperable, but wholly fun and upbeat. It’s not anything you’ll find easy listening during your downtime, but certainly one to throw on in the car or on a bright summer day for full effect.

Whilst it has no business being nearly 8 minutes long, it’s a bubbly, summery track that might just continue the wholly successful comeback that Basement Jaxx have embarked upon (and inevitably, shorter radio edit is likely to find its way out soon). The What a Difference Your Love Makes EP lands on 30th September.

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Basement Jaxx-What A Difference Your Love Makes

After bursting back onto the scene with the leftfield but incredibly catchy Back 2 The Wild, the boys are heading in another direction with their latest single; namely, throwback house.

This is right out of the early 00′s era of UK dance music, and hence I expect it’ll be a favourite for many this summer. Buzzing synths, high-tempo percussion and a pack of additional melodies all combine for an upbeat, uplifting track with relentless consistency- the production is unerringly positive from start to finish, throwing in influences from funk, house, trance, pop and more for a surefire dancefloor filler. Topping it all off is a set of hugely addictive vocals from upcoming singer Sam Brookes, whose performance is not only suited nicely to this electronic anthem, but shows hints of a soulful quality that might make him one to look out for in a solo capacity. For now though, this is another win for the veteran act, and I’d be surprised if it doesn’t end up as a club and radio favourite in the coming weeks.

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Basement Jaxx-Back 2 The Wild (Video)

The sheer energy of this track has dominated my listening for the last few days, and it seems the veteran duo want to carry that assault over to your eyes with this vibrant set of visuals.

Remember that rainforest rave (still working out the logistics) I mentioned in the audio review? Imagine that instead of air, the rave was filled with LSD in gas form. That’s this video. It’s wild, there’s no doubt about that, and throughout it’s got all of the flora and fauna expected of a jungle scene, only they’re rather warped, psychedelic and frighteningly hypnotising. That’s not to mention a veritable bevy of fun and truly leftfield costume choices, and even with the total bizarreness overloading your eyeballs, it still manages to work well enough with the audio, such is the passion, fun and freneticism of the track. It seems they’ve tweaked the production slightly for this version too, with the tribal instrumentation brought out slightly more and the synths scaled back, clearly devised to emphasise the ‘natural’ scenery of the video, and it serves its purpose as this is an audiovisual that’s completely ridiculous and yet congruent with the character and positivity the audio oozes. Head over to iTunes for the download.

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Basement Jaxx-Back 2 The Wild

basement jaxx
If you’re anything like me (you are), you’ve obviously wondered what it might be like to have a massive rave in the middle of the rainforest. Right? Right. Whilst you ponder that concept, allow me to introduce the soundtrack to that party.

A superheavyweight groove that’s still catchy as hell, incorporating roaring lions, tribal horns recorded in Kenya and vocals by two Korean Seoul Sisters, Miss Emma Lee & Baby Chay, ‘Back 2 The Wild’ is a club monster that sounds like the Tom Tom Club headlining a Hackney Wick warehouse.‘. It’s got the hallmarks of some (not all) of Basement Jaxx’s most recognisable material, in that it’s highly chaotic but packed into a continuity that ensures it remains melodic and rhythmic despite that freneticism, and hence it’s pretty much perfect dance-pop-electro. With generous helpings of bass, the aforementioned traditional samples and those worringly infectious vocal bursts, this is a track that’s a surefire hit across clubs this summer, and I’m sure will need just one play to get you hooked. No confirmation on whether this is the precursor to an upcoming album, but you can buy the single below and ruin your neighbours’ lives.

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Basement Jaxx-Dracula

A quiet day for music is revived by a new single from the veterans of the dance game, Basement Jaxx. As the title suggests, this track has a slightly dark style, largely credited to the alternative approach they taken on the instrumentation with the use of thick, edgy guitar-like synths and a pounding percussion. For the fairweather fans such as myself, this is a far cry from their usual uptempo style, which makes for refreshing and enjoyable listening. Preview and buy link below.

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