Atmosphere – Became [Video]

When I heard that they were making a video for this song, I set a reminder in my iCal for it’s release date. Became was not only the stand out song from Atmosphere’s latest LP The Family Sign, but also of their entire discography. It is one of the very few songs which puts goosebumps on the back of my neck upon every listen. I don’t want to go into too much detail around whether the song was/wasn’t for Eyedea’s passing, but I will plagiarise someone’s Youtube comment as it sums this track/video combination up perfectly:

“…this transcends genre. This is art. This is poetry. This is what music is supposed to be. This is absolutely brilliant.”

And yes, it really is.

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The Rhymesayers European Tour-Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Evidence, Blueprint and Grieves & Budo

“Rhymesayers Entertainment is proud to announce its first ever European label tour, in association with Carhartt. The Rhymesayers European Tour is the first of its kind for the Rhymesayers collective and features heavyweight figureheads Atmosphere alongside label-mates Brother Ali, Evidence, Blueprint and Grieves & Budo.

The Rhymesayers European Tour will be headed by Atmosphere, who released their latest opus ‘The Family Sign’ this year. It reached number 12 on the US Billboard Charts and cemented their position as the brightest light in independent hip hop. The four-piece are consummate entertainers Having already rocked sold-out shows at London’s Koko and Scala as well as playing across Europe to packed crowds including this year’s Sonar Festival.”

That is one heck of a lineup, click on below to see the tour dates and to check out the soundcloud stream to hear some good reasons why you should attend one of these dates.

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Atmosphere-The Last To Say [Video]

“The iconic independent rap group Atmosphere releases a new video for their song “The Last To Say” off their latest album, The Family Sign. The video deals with the very serious and all too common subject of domestic violence. Victims of abuse include women, men and children, but all are affected by it’s wrath. Nearly three out of four of Americans personally know someone who has been a victim of domestic violence. On average more than three women and one man are murdered by their intimate partners in this country everyday. A refreshing departure from the typical rap video, “The Last To Say” advocates positive treatment of women and focuses on the struggle many victims face – how to escape the abuse in their home so it doesn’t continue to be passed down.”

Read Indi’s review of their latest LP The Family Sign.

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Atmosphere-The Family Sign [Album Review]

“In the three years since Atmosphere last dropped a full length record on the world, they’ve been far from stagnant, staying at the top of their game in every respect. For the better part of two years, Atmosphere toured the globe in support of their critically acclaimed – and #5 Billboard Top 200 charting – album, ‘When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold’, which brought their combined album sales up to the 1.5 million mark. And in their “spare” time, the group returned home to Minneapolis in 2009 to record their 2010 double EP, ‘To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy’, an homage to their friends.

In 2011, Atmosphere is taking that feeling one step farther with this long awaited LP, ‘The Family Sign’, a tribute to their true extended family: their fans, their loved ones, and each other.”

With it being officially released here in the UK just two days ago, we were lucky enough to be hooked up with a copy of this album weeks before (thanks to Sam!), so click on below to read OTU’s thoughts on this long awaited album.

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Atmosphere-Just For Show [Video]

This video gives me a headache trying to fully understand the metaphor being shoved down my throat.

Visuals for Atmosphere’s lead single Just For Show which will carry the torch for their next LP: The Family Sign. On a very high level the video and track represent the moral that you shouldn’t take things for granted. Make of the video what you will, but remember kids: A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.

The track itself I’m still not sure about but perhaps is a grower. It’s my job to tell you however that you can cop this over at iTunes.

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Spotify: OTU's August Snapshot

Some superb stuff in our August snapshot which perfectly compliments the closing of summer as we welcome autumn with open arms. We’ve mixed old school with new school to create that sound which will have you rocking out until next month’s episode. New material from the likes of Atmosphere, Usher, Fat Joe, Sage Francis, Lil Wayne and Drake all sit comfortably next to some classic older joints from Damien Rice, Linkin Park, Kanye West, and of course, Eric B and Rakim.

If you’re still clutching onto the dying days of summer then don’t worry, we’ve kept July’s snapshot available for you. But trust us, take our hands and let’s step into autumn together.

OTU’s August Snapshot

Confused? Find out more here.

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Atmosphere - Free Fallin'

More new Atmosphere from their To All My Friends tour where they release EP’s which can only be purchased at certain venues.

Really feeling this acoustic nature of Ant’s recent production and Slug delivers those memorable verses which make him one of the best to ever do it. Make sure you get your hands on their last leak.

Atmosphere – Free Fallin’

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Sample School: Atmosphere/Fat Joe/The East St. Louis Gospelettes

If you know me, you’ll know I love a good sample or two.

Here I am rocking Atmosphere’s Say Hey There just happily allowing Ant’s instrumentals to play through (which I would later realise were the bulk of the sample) when at 2:46 the unmissable piano keys cut in and I’m thinking “shit, I know that from somewhere!” After scratching my head (and most probably balls somewhat) I find Fat Joe’s, L.E.S. produced, Crack Attack.

A quick google and here we are. Raekwon also sampled The East St. Louis Gospelettes for his OB4CL2 joint with Beanie Sigel and fans of Charles Hamilton will also recognise the sampling from his Dr. Kevorkian joint!

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Atmosphere - To All My Friends

With more scrobbles than Rick Ross, Gucci Mane and Flo Rida combined, Slug and Ant are arguably the biggest underground hip-hop act around.

This track, released to support their upcoming To All My Friends tour, proves why the above is true. Slug is as brutally honest as usual making this joint just as truly amazing as their whole back catalogue.

Atmosphere – To All My Friends

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Quick Throwback: Atmosphere

After 2Pac and Biggie’s passing, hip-hop was in a state of limbo. With Nas and Jay busy trying to gain the right to the thrown, a certain Ant and Slug were in the studio quietly going about their business. In 1997 they released Overcast!, an instant underground classic which propelled the newly born Atmosphere into the industry.

Known as the kings of ‘backpack’ rap, here is a quick throwback for any Atmosphere fan, reminding them what it was like to first put on Overcast! and hear the eerie, progressive intro track which was 1597.

A year later and both Slug and Ant were in the studio again, this time as a different outfit in the form of The Dynospectrum. An underground hip-hop supergroup, comprised of members who quite frankly at this point aren’t important. But what is important is the following track from their self-titled LP. 2Pac, Kanye and Em wern’t the only artists to sample Hank Crawford’s Wildflower

Collect both throwbacks here:

Atmosphere – 1597

The Dynospectrum – Anything is Everything

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Caution: Mind The Gap

I was in bed last night pondering upon a question I had been asked by @RupeshB: Who did I think was the most consistently on point rapper throughout their career? The answer I gave couldn’t have been a freshman MC (hell even I could be consistent for five minutes) and therefore had to be someone who had seen the changes in the demands of the genre; Someone who had spanned the 90’s and 00’s; Someone who had not necessarily cemented his stature in the hip-hop hall of fame; Merely someone who, throughout their career, has consistently brought a high standard of rapping ability time and time again and yet is still doing it to this very day.

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