Asher Roth-The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2 (Mixtape)

asher roth
Sequels can be risky business, but when you consider the quality of the original Greenhouse Effect in conjunction with the generally high standards on his previous mixtape releases, it’s fair to assume Asher will deliver with this one.

He’s put out a couple of loosies in advance of the mixtape’s release, primarily freestyles over existing tracks, and it looks as though there’s plenty of original material on this tape to accompany those remixes. Aside from a list of guest producers that includes Hi-Tek and Dave Sitek, Roth’s frequent collaborator Oren Yoel contributes several productions to this project, a prospect that’s certainly enticing given his past work for Asher. Features include Lil’ Wayne, Rye Rye, Chris Brown, Remy Banks and Justin Bieber (assuming it’s not a sample, that’s not a huge surprise given that they share the same manager), though most of the tracks come featureless and should allow for a good exhibition of Ash’s ability. Free grab below.

Asher Roth-The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2

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Asher Roth-Pass That Dutch Freestyle

Yeah…I always wanted to rap on this…The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2 is coming.

Asher’s gearing up for that mixtape release, and lets loose his second freebie in just three days. It’s one of those tracks almost exclusively confined to a throwback club playlist, but Ash revives the Missy Elliot banger for his latest effort, coming through with a rapid-fire freestyle that comes in at just under 3 minutes. Credit to him for going that sort of distance at this pace, with his speedy delivery being a great example of the flows he’s capable of, whilst a peek at the lyrics will show he’s sacrificed none of his trademark wit either. Worth a go, and a fun reminder of the thumping original.

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Asher Roth-Numbers on the Boards Freestyle

New work from Asher Roth, to accompany the announcement that the sequel to his breakout The Greenhouse Effect mixtape is on its way.

It’s only a short one, coming in at under 2 minutes, but it’s a quick reminder of Asher’s dexterity on the mic. His work here is as smooth as ever, riding along this scratchy, jagged production with relative ease, and though his laidback style doesn’t quite complement the beat as Pusha’s original effort does, it’s still a slice performance that sets up the forthcoming mixtape well. Not sure what the situation is with tht sophomore album now that he’s in mixtape mode, but here’s to hoping more news on that breaks soon.

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Mike Posner-Started From The Bottom Remix ft. T Mills, Chuck Inglish, Asher Roth and King Chip

Interesting take on the recent Drake single, as Mike Posner takes this in a more pop direction, and grabs some hip-hop heads to help out.

The opening’s about as far removed from the original as can be, with Posner’s gentle vocals giving the song a personal, more intimate feel, whilst the use of a lonesome piano for the backdrop supplements that vibe. When the MC’s get involved things are allowed to expand more, with the inclusion of sharp live percussion and a couple of ska-esque guitar plucks, with T Mills opening in average fashion before Asher, Chuck and Chip have a great exchange between the three of them, with their verses having brief periods of crossover that add a nice uniqueness to the ‘posse cut’ style.

The video’s filmed entirely in-studio, and whilst that may sound unexciting, it massively boosts the audio. That’s mostly down to the track seemingly being performed live, together and in the same place-a relative rarity for tracks with several guest spots, and a sign of confidence from all involved. Worth a watch for sure, and a fresh spin on the original.

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Asher Roth-Monday Free

A little monday afternoon rhyme. Goes great with grilled cheese & tomato soup.

What an artwork. I wish every song had an accompanying meal. A quick blast from Asher, who lets a freestyle just over the 90 second mark go, over a scratchy, humorously old-school production that sounds like it was recorded on a Texas farm in the 1950′s. Even with that unusual backdrop, Asher’s raps are as nice and tidy as ever, with the tight-packed raps and sharp topic changes making the track feel significantly longer than it is, which is certainly no bad thing. Only short but it’s definitely worth a listen, and let’s hope that sophomore album isn’t far away.

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Charles Bradley-The World (Is Going Up In Flames)

Two of my favourite songs of recent times are Stalley’s Petrin Hill Peonies and Asher Roth’s The World Is Not Enough (which I didn’t post, and profusely apologise for), and without question that’s down to the excellence of the sample they both use.

That sample would be the slice of excellence you’ve just pressed play on, the 2007 single from the ‘The Screaming Eagle of Soul’ (what I wouldn’t give to be the ‘screaming eagle’ of something), a track packed with deliciously bright instrumentation and vintage vocals right out of the 1950-60′s. In fact, the throwback nature of the track is so strong that on initially listening to the sample in the aforementioned rap tracks, I (and many others) believed it was from that golden era. It’s almost unbelievable that he only became a fully active performer 10 years ago, as there’s clearly a great deal of confidence in what he does, derived mostly from the outpouring of raw emotion throughout the track that often opposes the uplifting instrumental resulting in what is actually a rather bittersweet song. Frankly, I’m relieved to know there are acts out there still intent on making classic soul, and pulling it off as exquisitely as this. Support great music and an old soul just doing what he loves by grabbing this on iTunes now.

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Asher Roth-Roof Behind the Grill ft. Buddy

Another freelease from Asher, and this one will definitely reel in those who enjoyed the type of material he put out when working with Nottz a little while back. The beat is bassy, hard-hitting and slowed-down, giving Asher a thick and intense backdrop to lay his laidback style on top of.

Interestingly though, the raps are still pretty light-hearted and fun, mostly centred around general BBQ shenanigans and hence it’s actually a decent direction for the beat: instead of opting to take himself too seriously with such a gritty beat, Asher capitalises on the production’s head-nodding qualities with easygoing raps that have a little fun with it. Admittedly, it’ll have a limited appeal and will probably wear off sooner rather than later, but for now it’s a solid listen that’ll kick nicely in the car.

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Asher Roth-Good Morning View

Some very likeable newness from Asher, which I’m going to assume and hope is from his upcoming Is This Too Orange? album.

The title and artwork actually capture the essence of the song brilliantly, as the smooth yet lively instrumentation genuinely has that early morning sunrise vibe to it, combining guitar plucks, soft keys and easygoing percussion to be perky enough to grab your attention but with enough mellowness to prevent it from becoming overly energetic. Asher’s work matches up to those qualities excellently, delivering a chilled out set of verses with a summer-centric subject matter, alongside a catchy and upbeat hook that is kept short and sweet, ensuring the track anchors around the detail in the verses rather than the hook. A great summer jam from Asher, and I’ll be giving this one a lot of time over the coming weeks.

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Asher Roth-Outside

Since his release of the lead single from Is This Too Orange? Asher’s been quiet, but he returns to the limelight with some brand new music to brighten the Monday of Asher fans.

Feelgood vibes wrap around this track, as Asher cools out and describes a pretty great summer day for most people, with lots of outdoorsy lyricism packaged into a bouncy flow. There’s nothing massively complicated about the raps and that’s a highlight of the track, with its easygoing nature being a light listen that helps this track to definitely find a home on your headphones on a bright summer’s day. The production compliments the rapping, with a childish vocal sample that enhances the playful nature of the subject, whilst the soft percussion allows the track to bob along smoothly. A solid all-rounder that’ll slot onto summer playlist without much fuss.

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Asher Roth-Party Girl ft. Meek Mill

That sophomore album keeps getting delayed or re-titled. Set to be the lead single from Is This Too Orange?, despite various other ‘lead singles’ being released, and hopefully we’re finally getting Asher’s second LP.

An energetic one with a dance-influenced beat, blended with a sampled hook of Eddie Murphy’s Party All The Time, and I’m not entirely sold on this one. The sample is annoying, and the thudding electro-style bass in the verses feels like an unnecessary addition, whilst the mainstream vibe of the track causes Asher to take his clever raps down a peg to match the production, and hence what brings are somewhat diluted raps by his standards. The Meek Mill feature doesn’t quite come off either, with his style not a great match for this style of production both from a flow and vocal perspective, which leads to an awkward-sounding verse. I’ve always supported Asher, but this isn’t a good release by his standards and strikes me as a label-enforced single.

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Asher Roth-Pabst and Jazz (Mixtape)

Admittedly, I’m slightly confused. The talk from Asher going into this tape indicated this was going to be a purchasable release rather than a free mixtape, but I’m certainly grateful that it’s now emerged as a free mixtape.

The four or five tracks that had already been released from this tape are all of a very good standard, and I’ve got no doubt Asher will continue that consistency with the rest of the tape. Plenty of good guest spots throughout, and his recent excellency on Blended Babies instrumentals has resulted in that production outfit supplying 14 of the 16 beats on the tape. Should be a great listen, and you can grab it for free below.

Asher Roth-Pabst and Jazz

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Asher Roth and Action Bronson-Choices

Released by Asher moments ago on his Twitter account, Asher links up with the fast-rising Action Bronson for the latest track from his upcoming Pabst & Jazz project (dropping next week).

Blended Babies serve up a retro-inspired, funk guitar-driven production that has an irresistably smooth vibe that will certainly appeal to many. It’s an easygoing, organic production that matches Ash’s laidback raps perfectly, whilst Bronson’s more shrill raps contrasts favourably with both the production style and Asher’s raps. I’ve not managed to hear much of AB’s work but he comes through strongly here with a tidy flow that leaves a good first impression. Solid all-rounder.

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R&B Fridays: Episode 129

Two remixes and a brand new track this week, with contributions from Chris Brown, Phil Ade, Asher Roth and Raheem DeVaughn.

The debut of our new 5-part feature The Winter EP makes up the bulk of the R&B/soul-related content from this week, though an excellent new video from the talented Daley also warrants attention from the R&BF following.

Click below for this week’s triple threat.
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Asher Roth and Chuck Inglish-In The Kitchen Video

Asher and Chuck hook up for visuals to their recent head-nodding collaboration, and true to the title, most of it takes place in a kitchen.

Well, various kitchens. Ash and Chuck hop around a few cookeries with an MPC and a multitude of crockery, adding a lighthearted vibe to the intense style created by booming, bassy production. There are (of course) scenes shot in a freezer, copious amounts of takeaway food, toast, a slightly annoyed Oriental family, and everything else you’d expect from a hip-hop video.

In seriousness, the track is certainly worth a few listens, as Asher applies his laidback flow to good effect over Chuck’s chunky yet relatively simple production, delivering some memorable lines and exhibiting plenty of comfort on a production that many rappers would struggle with.

Asher Roth’s Pabst and Jazz coming soon, but for now grab this head-nodder here.

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Gilbere Forte, Asher Roth and Bun B-Black Chukkas Remix

Massive features here for one of the quicker rising (and a personal favourite) rappers out in the US, and he certainly deserves such lofty co-signs with a consistent, solid body of work behind him.

A great production really holds this together, opening with a vocal sample, evolving into a speaker-rattling, dub-influenced, electronically-driven beat with a series of addictive synths and pounding bass hits. What’s noticeable is that the production is slightly different for each rapper’s verse, adding a nice tailored quality, and a commendable attention to detail. Asher opens the verses with a solid set of bars, taking on the beat with a challenging flow and his typically laidback manner, whilst Gilbere follows with a little more urgency in a decent verse, and Bun closes things off with the strongest verse of the three, as he rotates between riding the beat step-for-step and slightly less strictly for a smooth and diverse listen. Decent effort that’ll sound great on loud.

Gilbere Forte-Black Chukkas Remix ft. Asher Roth and Bun B

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Asher Roth and Akon-Last Man Standing Video

Very slick video here from Asher for the probable lead single from his upcoming Is This Too Orange album.

A very eye-catching, visually engaging video, the track is taken into a new direction with this very unique visuals. Asher becomes part of a living comic and the production represents that with a nice blend of sharp colours and filters for an animated-style look on the whole video, whilst Asher plays the role extremely well throughout, with a variety of facial experessions and mannerisms enhancing his character. There are some good moments in the story itself too, a particular favourite being the ‘sharks in suits’ scene, clearly a thinly-veiled jab at the label problems Asher’s had in the years since his debut album.

Potentially a big hit for Asher, and the audio review can be read here, whilst the track is available on iTunes now.

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Peter Rosenberg & Popchips Present : What's Poppin Vol. 1

Normally, I don’t go for these ‘personality hosted’ mixtapes as they just tend to be a mish-mash of readily-available tracks. However, the ever-entertaining Peter Rosenberg (one of the few prominent lovers of both hip-hop and wrestling!) has really pulled off something special here, with a 23-track project full of original material from the likes of Raekwon, Odd Future, Kendrick Lamar, Asher Roth, Childish Gambino and many more. There’s even a Macho Man Randy Savage interlude!

Needless to say, this looks like a must-have for all hip-hop fans, and alongside the glut of rap gargantuans, there are a couple of ‘middle-ground’ names on here I’ve been looking to get into, whilst I’m sure we’ll also be introduced to a few new and upcoming stars. To quote Peter, ‘With so much BS out there — sometimes it’s hard to find what’s really poppin. Well I did the work for you. Enjoy.’

Peter Rosenberg & Popchips Present : What’s Poppin Vol. 1

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Asher Roth-Ampersand

There’s not been a great deal to dislike about Asher’s output in the last 12 months. He’s picked considerably more ‘hip-hop’ productions and has really proven his versatility as a rapper, moving away from the mainstream stylings of his debut album into that murky middle-ground of fairly traditional beats and stronger rhymes.

The production here has a more soulful vibe than almost anything he’s previously worked on, with a wistful vocal sample (Al Green’s Simply Beautiful, for those interested) wrapped around mellow percussion for a relaxed beat of great quality from Blended Babies. Asher takes the track on with some slick mic work, foregoing the easy option of a slower flow and adopting a quicker, slightly offbeat delivery with some nice flashes of introspection in the lyricism. Nothing to complain about here: this is an easy, enjoyable listen that most hip-hop fans should thoroughly enjoy.

Asher Roth-Ampersand

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Asher Roth and Quan-Summertime Video

Easygoing video from Asher for his smoothed-out summer jam from a couple of weeks ago. Nothing complicated here, as Ash works his way through some of summer’s best bits, with beach scenes, hot tub parties, and a lot more.

Definitely a track to get in your car on a bright, summer day, and an uncomplicated, laidback video that mirriors the chilled audio in its simplicity. Audio can be pulled out of here. I’m quite sure I read that Asher’s also got a video coming soon for his Akon collaboration, so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

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Asher Roth and Quan-Summertime

In celebration of the #firstdayofsummer here is “Summertime”, produced by Nottz.

Always nice to get some new material from Asher, and he drops off a laidback effort that’s most definitely made for a lazy summer’s day. Nottz serves up a solid production with light melodies and an easygoing, slow paced percussion line, making for a very gentle and relaxing listen. Nothing spectacular, but certainly fit for its purpose of playing foil to Asher’s naturally mellow flow, which he packs with some nice summer references and much like the beat, doesn’t get overcomplicated and instead synergises smoothly with the production to enhance the overall vibe. The simple, catchy hook rounds things off nicely, adding the finishing touch to a quick, easy listen that will likely rack up a few plays on your playlists. Also, where has Quan popped up from?!

Asher Roth-Summertime ft. Quan

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Asher Roth and Akon-Last Man Standing

Superb artwork. A very solid music from this collaboration, and one that’s expected to be a single from Asher’s upcoming second album.

Asher and Akon have a good chemistry that meets somewhere in the middle of their respective styles: it’s not too poppy, but also doesn’t come on the slightly gritter hip-hop tip Asher’s been on at times recently. The result is an uplifting track that infuses a motivational vibe into every aspect, with a rousing hook from Akon accompanied by a lively production, and surrounded by some enjoyable flows from Asher. Accessible for the mainstream fans, but should also go down well with Asher’s backers.

Asher Roth-Last Man Standing ft. Akon

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Asher Roth and Nottz Raw-Enforce The Law Video

The track itself is/was one of the more enjoyable head-nodders to emerge late last year, and its fair to say that the vibe of the track didn’t create any expectations for a mini-movie style video. Looks like you’re in for the same pleasant surprise I recieved, as this is a very well produced video that throws an interesting plot in over the superb audio.

Lots of interesting highlights to pick out, as the video veers between light humour (the Top 40 Mix CD for example) to grittier, more ‘underground’ style scenes with guns and drugs making various appearances. I won’t ruin the actual plot of the video for you as it’s really worth a watch, and will certainly get you replaying that audio once again.

If you’ve not grabbed it already, grab this track and a few others on the free Rawth EP.

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Asher Roth-Gazpacho

Asher’s recently started up a podcast (see here), and used the debut episode to premiere this short track. His Soundcloud claims this is over J Dilla’s Geek Down, though I beg to differ as I’m quite sure Dilla’s track is significantly different to this instrumental. Decent raps from Asher once again, coming on a more relaxed and mellow rapping style than his recent More Cowbell, highlighting his versatility. Not sure about that style on this instrumental though, as the ‘spiky’ beat overpowers his voice at various points throughout.

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Asher Roth and D.A.-Gotta Get Up Video

Can’t complain about this, especially as it’s rare and always enjoyable getting new Asher visuals. Taken from the impressive Rawth EP with Nottz, this track is a summery, jaunty effort that’s very easy to listen to.

Biggest appeal here is definitely the cinematography style, which seems to brush the real-life scenes with a comic, colour-heavy style that gives this a fun yet artistic feel. Really unique style and it makes this video feel very well-made, as well as adding a little diversity to this relatively literal video.

Lots of humour as you’d expect too, with Asher’s creepy, mesmerising bowling alley dance being especially funny. One of those videos you’ll undoubtedly watch a few times and find some more hilarious little additions, and it fits the jovial, upbeat nature of the audio very well. The EP can be grabbed for free from here, or the individual track here.

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Asher Roth-More Cowbell

Bit late on this which I apologise for, it’s been a hectic 24 hours!

Asher once again proves his worth on a gritty hip-hop beat, with this pounding production being very reminiscent of the selections on the Rawth EP. This more intense, driven direction has certainly increased the appreciation for Asher’s genuine skills as an MC, and he proves himself once again here with some slickly delivered bars that rotate through a couple of flows. It’s typically packed with some witty wordplay too, and this is another winner for Roth.

Asher Roth-More Cowbell

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Asher Roth and Mr Hudson-White Lies Remix

Nothing like resurrecting a perfectly good, but forgotten, song. Asher goes quite far out of his comfort zone here to grab what is arguably Mr. Hudson’s finest track to date, and applies his lyrical touch to the emotional track. It’s certainly not Roth’s usual lane, but he comes through with a fairly decent verse here, bringing relatively easy and clear lyrics to painting a nice picture of his scenario and thought process.

In keeping with the feel and vibe of the track, it would have been nice to hear him step away from his laidback flow and into something more passionate, but it’s a commendable effort nonetheless.

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Game, Asher Roth, Mars and Tyga-White Soft Porn

Immediately after releasing Purp and Patron, Game announced The Hangover which would contain 10/11 tracks that didn’t make the final cut of P&P. The first of those efforts has already landed, as he links up with a few of hip-hop’s rising stars for an interestingly-titled track.

I’ve not listened to the whole of P&P yet, but the feedback seems to be mixed: some love it, some hate it. I suspect this track could go the same way, as the production has an 80s pop feel that’ll definitely divide opinion. Personally, I quite like the track and think the upbeat, retro vibe makes a nice addition to Game’s catalogue, and certainly fits Asher and Tyga superbly. Asher’s verse in particular is a highlight, with a tongue-twisting flow highlighting Roth’s versatility as a rapper. One that’ll be even more enjoyable when the weather gets a little brighter.

Game-White Soft Porn ft. Asher Roth, Mars and Tyga

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Nottz Raw and Asher Roth-Rawth EP

As promised, Asher and Nottz deliver the Rawth EP right on time. I’ve been looking forward to this from the day they first released a collaborative track and as Murray said recently, their chemistry is undeniable.

Every track they’ve put out has been very listenable, and crucially has established Asher as a more rounded and versatile rapper than many gave him credit for: there’s no question that he’s taken to Nottz’s diverse, eclectic beats with consumate ease and I hope for more of the same. Same goes for Nottz, who has proven just why he’s regarded as one of the better producers in the hip-hop game, and I fully expect him to deliver with the tracks we haven’t heard yet. It’s got the ingredients to be on the of the year’s better projects.

Asher Roth and Nottz Raw-Rawth EP

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Asher Roth & Nottz-Gotta Get Up ft. D.A.

I really wanted to hate this. But the way it’s constructed I found it really hard to. Nottz and Roth have undeniable chemistry and it shows through here as Nottz lays a jovial, head-nodding instrumental whilst Roth spits his backpack lyrics which we are so used to.

From the duo’s RAWTH EP out 27th December and should make interesting listening for all involved in the genre.

Asher Roth & Nottz-Gotta Get Up ft. D.A.

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