Wale-Folarin (Mixtape)

One of a whole host of projects that got released over these past few days, but arguably the most anticipated in more mainstream circles. There’s nothing like a bit of mixtape Wale, and whilst it’s a shame that the division exists between the album and mixtape work, the sheer depth in quantity of his mixtapes makes his lesser work a bit easier to ignore.

This one comes in at a huge 21 tracks, with over half of them featuring some rather notable names: look out for contributions from Jhene Aiko, 2 Chainz, man of the moment Trinidad James, labelmates Rick Ross and French Montana, and many more. The diversity of the features suggests that this will be packed with a good variety of styles, and that’s also evident in the producer lineup, featuring Nottz, Diplo, Apple Juice Kid and Key Wane amongst others. Plenty to suggest this will be worth a go, and the grab is free below.


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Apple Juice Kid Remixes Frank Sinatra

Almost a year to the day that Apple Juice Kid dropped off his superb Louis Armstrong remix project, we’re treated to another retro-themed effort.

AJK goes with Frank Sinatra as his main subject here, and if the quality of the Louis Armstrong project is anything to go by, this will be fantastic. Preview and download available in the widget, or you can pick up the whole thing here.

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Wale-My Sweetie Video

You thought it was over?

Another video drop, and Wale’s second of the day.

I sound like a broken record, but this was another of my favourite jams from 09.Without question, this is one everyone should love and the (HD) video does the track justice. You get what you’d expect, with a big party scene and that Wale charisma.

The audio is a bit tough-the version here was a rough one, there’s a longer/different one on the album, and the one in the video is different again. When I get the video version, I’ll post it as it’s my favourite of the 3.

I just realised this was produced by Apple Juice Kid too, the man behind this awesome Louis Armstrong project.

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Louis Armstrong Remixed

Surely you know who Louis Armstrong is/was?

Producer Apple Juice Kid has released a free album compiled of remixes of the legendary Jazz musician’s music. The additions to the tracks are great, and really fit in without a problem. Even the dance remixes aren’t too tampered with. Genuinely a great piece of work, which really helps make Louis Armstrong much more accessible and listenable for our generation.

For those of you looking to try something a little different, and of course those of you with a keener taste for this sort of music, this is definitely worth checking out. If you do enjoy this, you can check out videos to all of the tracks here.

Louis Armstrong Remixed, by Apple Juice Kid

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