Woody-LoveLife (Free Album)

I don’t know much/anything about Woody, and I’m sure there are many of you in the same boat. What I do know is that he’s clearly a smart guy: an upcoming rapper releases a new mixtape, so how do you grab attention?

First off, get a great artwork designed, and secondly get some good features involved (Charles Hamilton, XV and more). Both very simple moves, yet not adhered to by enough artists. It lets people know you’re creative, interesting and other artists clearly see something in you. Upcoming artists, take note. On this basis, I’m hoping the music lives up to the expectations set by the bits surrounding it though, and it isn’t just smoke and mirrors!


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Underground Hip-Hop Part 5

Enzo x TampaPro
Click below for the 5th instalment of the revered UGHH series. As always, there are both new artists and slightly more established artists that you may have missed.

We haven’t had one of these with individual tracks in a while, and there’s a lot of stuff that I’ve been sitting on, so this is a Special Edition with 13 tracks. Thank me later.

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