Phoenix-Trying To Be Cool (A-Trak Remix)

The infectious positivity of the original track is worringly addictive, and you throw the ever-enjoyable A-Trak into the mix, and you’ve got a twist on that catchy song that’ll command equal footing in your summer playlists.

Coming in at a shade over 7 minutes, it may seem daunting at first (for those with a small brain), but it’s dynamic enough to keep you entertained the whole way through. The opening makes great use of the inherent positivity transmitted by the vocals, throwing them above a production that’s rather similar to a sped-up version of the original backdrop. A-Trak’s influence in wielded more strongly in the following section, as he throws forth bright, vivid synths that infuse the track with a bounce that’ll allow this to translate to the club scene rather easily- it’s a clever juxtaposition, as the heavy utilisation of the original in the intro contrasts well with its almost complete omittance from the middle portion. The track switches back to something resembling that intro once again, but with much more vibrancy, as A-Trak pairs those uplifting vocals with a lively yet slow-building production, leading into an explosive final quarter that brings the buzzing synths of the middle section back. Sure to be a favourite with the electro and house fans, and one worth throwing onto your sunny day playlists.

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A-Trak-Tuna Melt ft. Tommy Trash (Video)

You can always count on A-Trak for some badassery on the electro side of things, and once again he delivers with not only an excellent track, but a very likeable video.

So, let’s deal with the audio first. It’s once that wastes very little time in getting going, with chunky synths lines and thumping percussion paired together and thrown underneath a glitchy vocal sample that heightens the energy of the audio, before the track transitions into a more frenetic, stuttered bridge, and down into a set of sharp, jagged synths. It’s undoubtedly a dynamic production, and given the number of stages the track seems to go through, the sporadic use of the aforementioned vocal sample makes for a nice anchoring element to add some relative structure.

Remember Honda’s now-iconic Cog advert around 10 years ago? Prepare to have those memories come flooding back. A-Trak’s gone for a similar domino-style clip here, and though several artists have done similar videos in the intervening years, it’s been a while since it’s been done with as much colour and ingenuity as this. At the heart of its watchable nature is the fact it takes place throughout a normal house, using a good combination of items you’d probably find lying around and additional colourful pieces, and hence there’s something admirably ‘DIY’ about it. It’s fun for sure, and hence a good accompaniment to the track, which you can grab on iTunes now.

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Fool's Gold-Loosies (Full Album Stream)

After celebrating five years of groundbreaking music and events, Brooklyn indie powerhouse Fool’s Gold Records puts a giant exclamation point on 2012 with the release of their highly anticipated rap compilation Loosies on December 18th.

Fool’s Gold are one of those labels that a surprising number of well-known acts have had some form of interaction with. From A-Trak being Kanye West’s former tour DJ and Kid Cudi breaking out on the label, to their current roster that boasts Danny Brown, Donnis and many more, they’re one of those labels that don’t force their brand on you, and instead let their acts do their work-an admirable quality.

This LP boasts 23 tracks from their artists and various guests, the latter including Juicy J, Jim Jones and Chuck Inglish, and certainly has some quality about it: an example includes Danny Brown’s thunderous Molly Ringwald, which got plenty of attention back in July. Stream the full thing here, and use the iTunes links in the player to grab the full project for yourself.

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A-Trak and Dillon Francis-Money Makin’

Summer’s coming (all 2 days of it, hopefully) and it’s about the time to grab some brand new dance/electro/whatever to crank the volume up on in your car.

It’s a lively, energetic number that’s anchored around an earworm of a melody, that being the shrill electronic melody that bounces its way through the track. The rest of the production is pretty standard stuff and that’s not a bad thing, piecing together a percussion that moves the track along nicely with a catchy vocal sample, multiple tempo switches and a few other additions that add some welcome detail. A light and bright electro effort that’s generally quite inoffensive and ticks all the right boxes for a summer playlist.

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Chromeo, Elly Jackson and Duck Sauce-Hot Mess Remix

This, my friends, is how a dance remix should be done. The Duck Sauce duo do their utmost to retain the upbeat vibe of the original, as they swap out the existing disco-retro synths for more head-nodding electro stylings, turning the track from a pop-dance club filler to a more electro-infused effort.

I can’t praise their synth work enough, and it’s what you’d expect from such an accomplished duo. They manage to really bring some diversity and quality to their work here, foregoing the lazy, repetitive remixes found elsewhere in the genre for a more tailored style that adapts and switches the effects surrounding the key melodies appropriately. Not sure if this should really be a remix, as it’s essentially an entirely new song. Fantastic track though, one that’ll spice up any party playlist.

Chromeo-Hot Mess (Duck Sauce Remix) ft. Elly Jackson

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DJ A-Trak and CyHi Da Prynce-RayBan Vision

CyHi has really been raising his profile this week! Here he hooks up with the esteemed A-Trak for some hip-hop with an electro twist. Quite an interesting one too, as it has a southern hip-hop sound (CyHi’s ATL roots coming through), and yet doesn’t sound half as bad as the usual fare from that side of hip-hop due to the electro influence. A bit like The Cool Kids, but less lyrical and more dancey.

One of those tracks that warrants a few listens, as your first listen will be a bit disorienting in so much as you won’t quite know if you like it or not. It definitely grows on you though, and I suspect this new ‘fusion’ of styles could end up becoming a bit of a big deal. Maybe not with this track as neither act is ‘pop’ enough, but I can see this being the next big mainstream sound. Record labels: I’ve just done your job better than you did. Again.

A-Trak-RayBan Vision ft. CyHi Da Prynce

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Duck Sauce (Armand Van Helden and A-Trak)-Barbra Streisand

What a collaboration/duo of dance DJs! Two of the icons of the dance game get together for Duck Sauce (apparently, they’ve been active as DS since 09, shows what I know!), and seem to have come up trumps with Barbra Streisand.

Undoubtedly set to be a global hit, the infectious track is accompanied by a video absolutely brimming with cameos from huge names in music, from Kanye West to DJ Premier.

Audio can, and should, be collected from here. Will be an absolute monster in clubs.

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A Kid Cudi Special

With the release of Kid Cudi’s debut album less than a week away (for the UK anyway), I’ve put together a collection of tracks that have dropped over the past 12 months from the Cudder that you might have missed. Freestyles, original tracks, whatever. Click below and gorge on the tasty treats within.

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