James Brown & 2Pac-Unchained (The Payback/Untouchable)

Interesting, to say the least. Combining James Brown’s The Payback with 2Pac’s Untouchable, Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Django Unchained is benefitting from a mash-up between two of music’s genuine icons.

Mash-ups are ten to a penny, but this one is certainly unique, mainly because it’s not strictly a mash-up. Whilst the production and vocals for the verses are mostly borrowed from the James Brown track, the offering in the hook is an original, wild west-style piece with a jazzy, upbeat edge. Horns aplenty and distinctive western guitar strums combine to provide a frenetic soundscape, one which supplements 2Pac’s catchy and high intensity vocal work, whilst giving the track context in terms of the film. It also complements the more laidback production style of the verses, and hence provides a nice distinction between the two, whilst giving the track an easy-to-follow structure, something often missing from this type of remix. Likeable and worth a listen.

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Sunday's Second Bundle of Goodies

Murray brought you a bundle of joy earlier, and I’ll follow that up with a similarly-themed post.

First off, there’s some more unreleased 2Pac, which is really worth picking up. Getting to listen to previously-unheard mid-90s material is always a  rare pleasure. The second is a remix to Tangerine, one of the better songs from Big Boi’s superb recent solo album, adding Rick Ross and Bun B to the mix. Finally, we’ve got an uplifting T.I. and Chris Brown collab, which I assume is from King Uncaged.

2Pac-If They Love Their Kidz

Big Boi-Tangerine Remix ft. T.I., Khujo, Rick Ross and Bun B

T.I.-Get Back Up ft. Chris Brown

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2Pac-Ride For Me with Fatal and Kurupt

Right, the site is loading slowly for me on the back-end and I’ve got a ton of material to post: forgive me if a couple of the reviews are short.

This is some unreleased Pac material, and superb material at that. Relaxed summer vibes flow through the production, whilst Pac comes through with a quickfire flow that suits the beat perfectly. Great old-school material to start off anyone’s day.

2Pac-Ride For Me ft. Fatal and Kurupt

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Sunday’s Classic Collabo: 2Pac and Eric Williams

Whilst Indi jets off to Florida, SCC stays alive this week with some sounds from the legendary 2Pac’s posthumous R U Still Down? album. Do For Love is one of Pac’s most soulful tracks, with a positive vibe emanating from both the production and Eric Williams’ memorable hook. Pac brings some great introspective lyrics, including the following (my personal favourites from the track):

“Tell me who knows, a peaceful place where I can go
To clear my head I’m feelin low, losin’ control
My heart is sayin’ leave, oh what a tangle web we weave
when we conspire to conceive”

Unquestionably one of the most easy-listening tracks in Pac’s catalogue, this is a track that everyone can enjoy.

2Pac-Do For Love ft. Eric Williams

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Hate Is The New Love: Mobb Deep vs 2Pac

If you missed the first episode of OTU’s newest feature, then take the time to revisit here.

Into this week’s business.

What many people don’t realise is that 2Pac and Biggie’s feud wasn’t just exclusive to them. Hip-hop’s most infamous rivalry spilled into studios with artists who had never even worked with the originators, feeling their dignity had been violated and now wanted their shit on record.

The beef started when Tha Dogg Pound’s New York, New York filtered over to the East Coast. Mobb Deep took offence and responded with Queensbridge counterparts Tragedy Khadafi and Capone-N-Noreaga on LA, LA. Although both tracks call out their opposite coasts to ‘come outta town’, at this point, things were still rather innocuous…

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Sunday’s Classic Collabo: 2Pac and Biggie

We’ve all heard the Eminem produced track Runnin’ (Dying To Live) which features both 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G. on the same track right? Well the verses of both rappers were taken by Eminem from a song that ‘Pac and Biggie actually collaborated on. Also featuring The Outlawz, the track itself has that chilled out old school vibe and I prefer it to Eminem’s version tbh. If you don’t have this track, you should definitely get it below right now, as anyone who loves hip hop should have this legendary collaboration in their collection.

Runnin’ (Original Version) ft. The Notorious B.I.G. and The Outlawz

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Sunday’s Classic Collabo: Digital Underground and 2Pac

This will forever go down as one of the very first songs that started my hip-hop love affair. More importantly, it will go down as 2Pac’s official rap debut. Technically, Pac was kind of considered part of DU at the time, but as it was his debut it’s generally been listed and accepted as a feature spot.

This track is timeless old school hip-hop, with a feel-good production and smooth raps. I’ve forever maintained that Shock G is probably the most overlooked rapper when people talk about early 90′s hip-hop, and his ability is displayed clearly on this track. His alter-ego Humpty Hump was hilarious (again, evidenced in this track) and this versatility just testaments further to Shock’s ability.

Pac’s guest spot is superb, with a fast-flowing verse and some neat rhyme schemes creating a really enjoyable verse (which has been my ringtone for about 6 months!). Genuinely recommend everyone grabs this track, as it’s such a complete piece of hip-hop and a historic one too.

Digital Underground-Same Song ft. 2Pac

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Throwback Thursdays Vol 5

This kid amazes me. Shyheim forms this week’s Thursday Throwback and is a little bit more underground that what you have been used to over the last few volumes. He was 14 when his debut LP AKA The Rugged Child dropped. Yes, 14. Growing up he lived with Ghostface and quickly became the Wu’s youngest affiliate.

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Fly Gypsy

Haven’t checked this out yet, but click below for a track by these guys that features samples of Nas/2 Pac verses, and a bit of info on them.
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Some Unreleased 2Pac

I’m not sure I even believe myself here. Is this ‘unreleased’ 2Pac, or is it new 2Pac? I’ve never really come to a conclusion on the ‘is he or isn’t he dead?’ issue, but either way enjoy some music from one of the all-time greats below.
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