Throwback Thursdays Vol 24

Having yet to dedicate a TT to my favourite hip-hop act it’s fair to say I’m a little bit like a kid in a toy store right now. I can only apologise in advance for what may come across as a rather biased review.

Out of all Mobb Deep’s back catalogue (and what a back catalogue!) I wouldn’t have predicted I would be dropping this one. It is, without doubt, a banger. However, ‘banger’ isn’t always the term I would associate with the Mobb. ‘Gritty’ and ‘harrowing’ are much more on point (I’m yet to hear a more perfect example of these words than the Hell On Earth LP). The point is, and bare with me there is one, is that Quiet Storm signals an end of an era. Many (and I’m not sure where I fall on this) feel Quiet Storm was Havoc’s last first-class beat. Others savour Quiet Storm as a dying breed (released March 1999) before hip-hop as we knew and loved was changed forever. Wherever your opinion lies, no one can deny Mobb Deep’s contribution to hip-hop. → Continue Reading

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Sunday’s Classic Collabo: Joe Budden

A more commercial track here by Joe Budden (not something you hear everyday) which is from his self titled first album. This track could and should have been a massive hit for him, riding off the success of his hit song Pump It Up, if it were not for label issues, this track would have been his second single.

Featuring R’n’B group 112, this is a track for the ladies and I have no doubts that had they made a video for this and thus his 2nd single (instead of the much less likeable track Fire) Joey’s career would be much different today. Go get the goods below.
Ma Ma Ma ft. 112

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R&B Fridays: Episode 5

As far as R&B Fridays go, this is a pretty jam-packed episode, full of dripping goodness from big names and lesser names as always. Hit the click for the goods.
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