Unsigned Hype: The Verdict

Having had the pleasure of seeing these guys live on a number of occasions, I’ve been left blown away by their performances each time and I would like to introduce to OTU and Unsigned Hype, The Verdict. Hailing from Liverpool, The Verdict are a 3-piece Indie/Britpop band, featuring Gaz Wilcox (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Josh Ferrigan (Bass/Vocals) and Kev McKay (Drums/Vocals). As their Myspace states they bring pounding drums, throbbing bass and a big guitar sound with a modern britpop vibe.

You can preview and purchase the bands debut EP Business & Pleasure here, or you can head over to their Myspace and listen to a few more tracks from the guys, including a few of their earlier tunes. You won’t be disappointed.

Sometimes, you talk to people about music and they just come alive with an infectious passion: Gaz Wilcox (who I also know to be a very talented barber) is one of those people. I took some time out a while ago to speak to him on his thoughts and ambitions of the band. To read what Gaz has to say about the band, hit the jump and keep reading.

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Unsigned Hype: Stuart Newman

There’s a lot to like about a British acoustic artist that can successfully blend together a commendable range of diversity, and yet remain true to the natural emotion and organic vibe of acoustic music. Brighton’s Stuart Newman does exactly that, and brings forth a sound that will surely satisfy both casual and dedicated fans of this musical style.

Tracks such as Cry Wolf utilise Stuart’s flexible vocals by bringing a positive, upbeat tint on the natural laidback vibe of his voice, whilst instrumentals such as Atmosphere suggest he’s got the ability to craft engaging musical pieces. Having been through the majority of his back catalogue, he has the ability to combine the two: should his sound continue to mature, there’s no doubt he’s got a big future ahead of him in the UK acoustic/alternative scene. Click below to grab his entire first album, and the demos for his second. Both are free of charge, so you’ve essentially got no excuse (unless you have no hands).

Stuart Newman-Single but Defective
Stuart Newman-Studio Demos (for second album)

Unsigned Hype: Forever August

A new regular feature here at OTU, in which we’ll be introducing and previewing any upcoming, unsigned acts whom we believe have the talent/potential to go far in the music industry.

We’ll have interviews, music and hopefully videos from all acts, which will definitely give you the full heads-up on acts we’re tipping for big things. From indie to hip-hop, there are no barriers on the style and genre with a view to giving everything and everyone a chance, in true OTU style.

The first act I’m bringing you is Forever August, a four piece rock/indie/alternative group from Basingstoke. As luck would have it (or clever planning by yours truly), today they release their first official video, Who Said It Was Over, which you can (and should) go out and purchase from iTunes today. Set in what seems to be a school sports hall, the guys treat us to some tidy visuals that focus mainly on the band, which in turn keeps the emphasis on the superb track itself.

To get to know the band a little more and to treat yourself to a free track, carry on reading after the jump.

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