R&B Fridays: Episode 144

Hurry, we forgot to put this out!

Quick! Stop reading this!

(One to catch up on: newcomer Jade Alston’s excellent Searching)

Go go go.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 143

After a few weeks away, R&B Fridays is back and swollen with star quality for this week’s edition. Of course, in keeping with tradition, it’s also released on a Sunday. Nice to be back into routine eh?

Not too much to catch up on in terms of related audio posts, but there are a few videos that’ll interest the R&BF crowd, including Rita Ora’s debut visual, Preeya Kalidas’ latest effort, and a couple of new clips from Drake’s Take Care. Head on below to compliment that visual feast with some audio refreshment.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 142

It’s a little late this week, but with good reason as R&B Fridays is on a 2-week hiatus after this episode, due to ‘international commitments’ of the team.

Thankfully, it’s an episode to savour with two brand new contributions from series favourite Frank Ocean, in addition to a couple of other noteworthy artists getting involved. Three to catch up on from the week gone by, with Novel dropping off a bumper 19-track project, Teyana Taylor also getting in the mixtape hunt with her newest effort, and the second episode of our other weekly series, Sh*t You Forgot About. Head below.

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R&B Fridays: Episode 141

That’s right folks, do not adjust your monitors. R&B Friday is actually available on a Friday. As a result, it does mean the material isn’t particularly plentiful this week, but it doesn’t mean the quality isn’t there. In fact, I suspect many R&B Fridays fans will rather enjoy this episode, with 2 Frank Ocean-related tracks and a remix of one of The Weeknd’s best tracks featured.

Four to catch up on from this week, with the video for Usher’s Climax dropping earlier, Labrinth letting loose an all-star remix, an excellent remix of Drake’s Cameras, and the debut of our Sh*t You Forgot About series, featuring tracks from recent years that you may have forgotten about or missed entirely. Click on below for this week’s instalment.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 140

No artist in the R&B and pop genres has generated the buzz Rita Ora has over the past week, so it’s only right that the Roc Nation signee and London native gets the headline spot for yet another milestone episode.

It’s been a solid week in the music world, with a few very enjoyable releases from a range of genres. Miguel came through with an excellent free 3-track EP, Jesse Boykins III delivered what could be a breakout moment for the lavishly-talented singer with a video for B4 The Night Is Thru, Kid Cudi’s new WZRD project released their debut album to a positive reception here on OTU, and finally the mysterious A. Chal dropped off one of the finest electronic instrumentals I’ve heard in some time.

All caught up? Hit that click below and keep things moving.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 139

A very slow week for R&B/pop music this week (those new Chris Brown/Rihanna collaborations don’t count as music), and as a result it’s a pretty short, and stream-heavy, episode this week.

I’ve made this statement before, but R&B really is in a bad spot at the minute, with a serious lack of both quantity and quality as many of its stars are either inactive or pursuing pop careers. It’s a sad state of affairs, but I retain hope that the likes of The-Dream will be back soon to restore the natural order.

Click below for this week’s relatively diverse edition.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 138

Fridays were always overrated anyway.

Four posts to catch up on from the last week: Usher hooked up with Diplo for an enjoyable return to the spotlight, Ed Sheeran and Yelawolf came together for a free 4-track EP, Raheem DeVaughn made many folks’ Valentine’s Day with a new mixtape, and finally we were treated to an excellent slowed-down remix of Drake and The Weeknd’s Crew Love.

Below. Click.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 137

A few more tracks than usual this week, and from an enjoyably-eclectic range of acts, including Raheem DeVaughn, Lloyd, and many more.

Just the two noteworthy posts to recap on, with a free 4-track EP from The Internet, who solidified their place as one of my current favourites in the wider R&B scene (given that R&B doesn’t categorise their music with any great accuracy), and of course the second instalment of our popular 5-track Winter EP.

Click below for another 5 tracks to add to this week’s plentiful bounty.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 136

Apologies for the lateness here, but spending most of your weekend travelling isn’t conducive to the satisfactory scheduling of your favourite weekly series.

A couple of good efforts to recap on, with a short but sweet official blast from Frank Ocean, and enjoyable visuals for Eric Turner’s collaboration with Lupe Fiasco and Tinie Tempah.

Click on for this week’s tasty treats.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 135

I wanted to open this week’s episode with a breakdown of why the number 135 was special. Turns out, nothing of any significance is tied to the number, so that’s that.

A few decent posts to recap on from the week gone by, with Ed Sheeran and Yelawolf teaming up for the first track from their upcoming EP, John Legend hooking up with Ludacris for a solid R&B jam, the excellent Elle Varner dropping off a brand new mixtape for her fans to enjoy, and finally a fantastic chillout instrumental from MeLo-X.

All caught up? Good. Feel free to resume your browsing by clicking below for this week’s instalment. There’s also a surprise new feature included in this episode that we’ve been requested to add for some time. Mysterious.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 134

Yes kids, it’s not Friday, but every day is a good day to get a fix of some good R&B right? RIGHT!

I’ve also assembled here a quite perfect trifecta of tracks for your listening pleasure; none of that sweet baby music making here in this episode, just three tracks that will get you moving. Click on below to see what is in store for you this (or last, should I say?) week.

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R&B Fridays: Episode 133

The renaming of this to R&B Sundays is probably long overdue now, eh?

2 posts from 2 upcoming vocalists to recap on from the week gone by, with an enjoyable cover of Frank Ocean’s American Wedding by Yasmin and visuals for Jesse Boykins III’s smoothed-out Zoner.

Without further ado, head below and grab this week’s collection of mainstream goodies.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 132

After a brief hiatus due to the busy festive period, we’re back to open the new year with a brand new edition of the internet’s R&B cornerstone.

The Weeknd and Frank Ocean feature in the recap, with the former’s releasing his latest mixtape just under a fortnight ago, and the latter letting loose of a new track last week, whilst the impact of both on R&B has been discussed as part of our 2011′s defining moment’s list. Don’t miss out on Lloyd’s latest visuals either, for his excellent Be The One single, and after that you’re cleared to click below for this week’s episode.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 131

This is the first line that sets up the post.

This is the second line that recaps on any relevant posts.

This is the third line that is often filler.

This is the final line that leads you into the click below.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 130

Nothing to really recap on in the world of R&B this past week, it’s been a rather slow one.

Wait, what? Why is Indi in charge of this week’s R&B Friday and where the hell is Ajay? Well folks, he went overboard on his pump level this weekend and he’s been locked up for everyone’s safety (don’t worry though, with his legally entitled one phone call, he hand-picked this week’s tracks for me to review anyway).

Click on below to get hold of this week’s holy trinity of R&B goodness.

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R&B Fridays: Episode 129

Two remixes and a brand new track this week, with contributions from Chris Brown, Phil Ade, Asher Roth and Raheem DeVaughn.

The debut of our new 5-part feature The Winter EP makes up the bulk of the R&B/soul-related content from this week, though an excellent new video from the talented Daley also warrants attention from the R&BF following.

Click below for this week’s triple threat.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 128

An interesting collection of ‘mid-rangers’ this week, as 3 of the 4 included artists are of the sort who regularly release material and frequently collaborate with big name artists, but don’t quite seem to have fully nailed down a spot in their respective lanes. There’s always plenty of talent floating around in that middle ground, and inevitably it’s where we find the next big stars: time will tell if any of these guys are to be that breakout artist.

2 posts to catch up on from the week gone by, with Mike Posner releasing his first project since his debut album, and The Weekend unleashing his first ever music video (I use that term loosely). Click below for this week’s goods.

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R&B Fridays: Episode 127

Why yes, it is a Friday!

2 relative newcomers and 2 very established artists in this week’s episode, providing plenty of diversity for all to enjoy. Whilst we’re on that number, there are 2 related posts to catch up on from the week gone by, with a SBTRKT remix of Frank Ocean’s Thinking About You, and a track from Mike Posner’s upcoming The Layover mixtape, with the full project set to drop at some point this weekend.

Click below for this week’s tasty morsels of audio replenishment.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 126

A quiet week on the R&B/pop scene (or rather, the ‘worth checking out’ section), with no posts of note to catch up on aside from the album review of Drake’s Take Care.

Pretty much exclusively fresh, upcoming artists this week though regular readers will be familiar with almost all those involved. Click below for this week’s handcrafted, lovingly-selected musical provisions.

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R&B Fridays: Episode 125

A nice, summery picture to further brighten up your surprisingly sunny winter day.

A decent number of posts to catch up on from the week gone by: very enjoyable new visuals from Cherri Prince, an excellent blend of jazz, soul and more from the ReGeneration project, a review of Florence + The Machine’s latest album, and finally two mixtapes from Trey Songz, the first a more hip-hop styled effort, and the other the sequel to his excellent Anticipation R&B mixtape.

Click below for this week’s box of healthy, nutritious musical snacks.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 124

This week’s episode features some true luminaries of the R&B game, including the emergence of previously-unreleased Nate Dogg material, the first such release since his unfortunate passing earlier this year.

Two posts to catch up on from the week gone by, with the star-studded video for Ne-Yo’s latest single being released, whilst The-Dream supplied visuals of his own for his collaboration with Big Sean from the 1977 album.

Click below for this week’s juicy bag of treats.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 122

Whilst the hip-hop world has been extremely busy this week, it’s been a slower week in the R&B world. Hence, there’s only the one post to catch up on from the week gone by, with a smooth, very enjoyable effort from one of the better entities to emerge from Odd Future, The Internet, though I expect many R&BF fans will also be interested in the latest single from Drake’s upcoming album.

Get your fingers at the ready, and get to clicking below for this week’s gooey treats.

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R&B Fridays: Episode 121

A shorter episode this time around, but more than counterbalanced by the glut of R&B, pop and soul material released throughout the week.

Two doses of The Weeknd were made available, the first an official collaboration with Florence + The Machine, and the second some brand new material expected to find a home on his Echoes of Silence project. In addition, Marsha Ambrosius released a new mixtape of rarities and remixes, upcoming UK producers Star One dropped off their new EP, and finally a great slice of soul from the talented Rob Murat.

Click below for the rest of this week’s R&B and pop provisions.

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R&B Fridays: Episode 120

A longer episode this week, with plenty of R&B’s luminaries making appearances this week, including Frank Ocean, Ne-Yo and Trey Songz, alongside a track from the latest group emerging from the Odd Future collective.

Nothing to recap on from the week gone by, so go ahead and treat yourself by clicking below and gorging yourself on the treats within.

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R&B Fridays: Episode 119

This week has seen some superb music video releases in the pop, R&B and soul world and that mini-revival continues with a solid offering in this week’s R&B instalment.

The aforementioned videos include heart-warming visuals from Musiq Soulchild, uplifting scenes from Patrick Stump and Lupe Fiasco, an intrictate, thought-provoking effort from Frank Ocean, and finally a sharp, confident performance from The-Dream in one of his best releases to date.

Caught up with all the above? Your eyes may need a rest, but your ears await the musical delights that lie below.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 118

Bags of talent in this week’s episode, with five artists involved that can all count themselves amongst the favourites of the R&B Fridays followers.

Just one post to recap on from the week gone by, with the official video for Frank Ocean’s Thinking About You being released, and they’re certainly worth a watch.

Click below for this week’s scheduled programming.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 117

A shorter episode than usual, but still packed full of big names in the current R&B/pop/hip-hop scene, including a couple of unexpected collaborations. Similarly, only a small recap is required from this week’s posts, with the official relese of Skylar Grey’s second set of solo visuals, and a very promising new mixtape from Jay Sean.

Click below for this week’s injection of harmonic, overly-emotional goodness.

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R&B Fridays: Episode 116

Is R&B currently suffering from one of its worst recessions? Outside of a few upcoming stars (Frank Ocean, The Weeknd and others) there hasn’t been much in terms of consistent quality, and outside of the aforementioned two artists, it’s increasingly difficult to see where the recovery will come from.

However, one of the few artists in recent years to really come away with credit recently released a free album, as The-Dream dropped off a new project, and even if R&B is struggling, soul season is underway with debut visuals from John West and the latest single from Goapele.

Click below for this week’s six pack, and see if an R&B comeback is on the cards.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 115

Six tracks from six respected artists to enjoy this week, bringing together a little bit of soul, a little bit of pop and a little more R&B.

The same can be said with this week’s related posts, with a soulful jam delivered by UK upcomer Cherri Prince, fellow Brit Emeli Sande collaborating with Wretch32 for a free single, a cinematic visual for The-Dream’s latest R&B slow jam, and finally a remix of Kreayshawn’s popular Gucci Gucci.

Click below for your weekly prescription of musical medication.
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