Hate Is The New Love: Canibus vs LL Cool J

As promised, in warm-up for our gig debut on the 21st October with Canibus, this is the first Hate Is The New Love episode delving into two of Canibus’ fiercest rivalries to date.

LL Cool J is a master at what he does and undeniably one of the founders of the genre as we know it. By LL’s seventh full length LP, 1997’s Phenomenon, he had the knack of both pleasing his record execs with his now-famous love-ballads and still hitting the streets hard with underground collaborations. Whilst putting together Phenomenon LL lined up Method Man, Redman, an up-and-coming DMX and a then-unheard of underground MC, Canibus for his joint 4,3,2,1.

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Hate Is The New Love: Dizzee Rascal vs Wiley

Right. I’ve wanted to do this for weeks now, but it’s just been about finding the time to do it. It’s been the most difficult HITNL I’ve written to date because although there are rumours and stories around how the beef came about, there is not one universally accepted point of view. Therefore not only have I had to use my knowledge I have collected over the years, but I had to do extensive research in order to supplement and fill in the gaps.

To the U.K. Grime scene, this was our version of the Jay/Nas beef although we are still waiting reconciliation from the two. Wiley has taken strides to repair broken bridges, but more about this later. Let’s get into things.

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Hate Is The New Love: Eminem vs Everlast vs Limp Bizkit

Inspired by Ajay’s HITNL feature a few weeks back, up this week we have a bit of a cross-over beef between hip-hop fans-favourite Eminem, rapcore-rock band Limp Bizkit and House of Pain/La Coka Nosta spearhead, Everlast.

Although there are two alternative stories to how Eminem and Everlast’s beef started, it all stems from Em ignoring/not recognising Everlast at a concert back in 1999…

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Hate Is The New Love: Joe Budden vs The Game

Some of you may recall a post on this website several months ago with regards to Game’s history of battles with other rappers in his relatively short career (if not, click here). This episode, I’ll be giving you a more in depth review of his beef with fellow OTU favourite Joe Budden.

Click on to read this, as well as grabbing yourself a fair few high quality diss tracks from this battle.

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Hate Is The New Love: Nas vs Jay-Z

First off, apologies this week’s Hate Is The New Love is two days late. But I wanted to make sure I got this one on point because it’s an important part of hip-hop history. Now, there’s a lot to take in this week so concentrate.

One of the most celebrated, controversial and contested rivalries since the West Coast / East Coast feud involved mainstream heavyweight Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and the critically acclaimed, fans favourite Nasir “Nas” Jones. → Continue Reading

Hate Is The New Love: Mark Hoppus vs. Tom DeLonge

So, I’ve held off on doing one of these as I wanted to do a non-rap ‘beef’, but couldn’t think of one. I’m officially an idiot, as it was this very fallout that gave me some of my favourite music ever.

Seeing as Blink are back in the headlines for being confirmed as Reading/Leeds headliners, it seems even more appropriate to take this week’s HITNL in that direction. Amidst the joy of their reunion, many people don’t/didn’t really know the ugly history of the years between the Blink break-up and reunion. Click on for a little lot of info, and of course some tracks to enjoy from the fallout.

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Hate Is The New Love: NWA vs Ice Cube

N.W.A, commonly known as the pioneers of gangsta rap, were one of if not the most controversial rap group of all time (Wu-Tang might have something to say about that though). From 1986 to 1991 had been banned from many radio stations, stopped from going on tours and even received letters from the FBI due to the nature of the lyrical content of their songs. Despite this, the group sold over 9 million records in the US alone. In early 1990, Ice Cube felt he wasn’t being paid right, considering he wrote almost half of N.W.A’s most successful album.

Click on to carry on reading and to grab some of hip hop’s greatest diss tracks.

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Hate Is The New Love: Notorious B.I.G vs Jeru The Damaja

Having been AWOL (great AZ album btw) for the past week or so, what better way than to mark my return with a commonly overlooked beef between two of Brooklyn’s finest MCs.

Firstly, if you’re unfamiliar with the works of Jeru The Damaja then ensure you check my throwback before proceeding here.

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Hate Is The New Love: T.I. vs Lil Flip

This beef ignited in the summer of 2004 when T.I. made a surprise appearance at a Summer Jam event (everyone thought he was still in prison). Not only did he perform his two hit records at that time (his feature on Memphis Bleek’s Round Here track and Rubber band Man) he also came out and started dissing Lil Flip, challenging him to come up on stage to face him (Lil Flip was also at this event). The reason for this? Well apparently whilst T.I. was locked up, Lil Flip took exception to T.I. proclaiming himself to be ‘King of The South’ and was dissing him during his own shows. This lead to many tracks and freestyles towards each other, including Lil Flip dissing T.I. on freestyles he performed as a guest on Tim Westwood’s radio show. The rivalry culminated with an altercation between the two and their entourages.

Click below for the best diss track each of these rappers brought out against each other (the Lil Flip track is actually a feature on a Game track, where Game is dissing Memphis Bleek – more on that beef here)

The Game – State Your Name ft. Lil Flip & Cassidy

T.I. – 99 Problemz (ButLil Flip Ain’t One)

No prizes for guessing who came out on top after this beef.

Hate Is The New Love: Mobb Deep vs 2Pac

If you missed the first episode of OTU’s newest feature, then take the time to revisit here.

Into this week’s business.

What many people don’t realise is that 2Pac and Biggie’s feud wasn’t just exclusive to them. Hip-hop’s most infamous rivalry spilled into studios with artists who had never even worked with the originators, feeling their dignity had been violated and now wanted their shit on record.

The beef started when Tha Dogg Pound’s New York, New York filtered over to the East Coast. Mobb Deep took offence and responded with Queensbridge counterparts Tragedy Khadafi and Capone-N-Noreaga on LA, LA. Although both tracks call out their opposite coasts to ‘come outta town’, at this point, things were still rather innocuous…

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Hate Is The New Love

Since hip hop began, just over 3 decades ago, a lot has changed but one thing that has always remained is competition. Whether it’s through friendly rivalries or full-blooded hate ‘beef’, it’s something that’s always entertained the masses and remains one of the most talked about topics when it comes to hip-hop. It’s something that has spilled into other genres of music as well.

That brings me to this post, and new feature for you lucky folks. Every Tuesday, we will be posting a classic beef track from over the years with a brief history behind it. This is a feature that will be rotated between myself, Murray and Ajay on a week by week basis, so you will be getting 3 quite different points of view and aspects on this feature each week.

So click on for the very first edition of this feature, inspired by a track that was brought to my attention by Murray. (You should already know who this post will be about from the photo!)
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