Archer Season 5 (Trailer)

There are several good contenders, but Archer is definitely up there as one of my favourite modern-day comedies. None of the 4 seasons can really be considered weak, and unlike most animated comedies, it doesn’t rely on the format for its laughs- it could easily be adapted into a live action series, and be just as funny.

With the 5th season heading over in January, a fun clip emerges from the show’s creators, and of course, it revolves around the show’s most enduring phrase: DANGER ZONE. Not only that, but they’ve also managed to grab the actual song the phrase originally referred to, Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone, and partly parody the video’s Top Gun clips in the way only Archer can.

Worth watching for a few laughs, particularly the ending, and it’ll definitely get interest in the series revved back up ahead of that series premiere. If you’re not familiar with the show, get a damn Netflix account and get familiar.

Childish Gambino-Clapping For The Wrong Reasons (Video)

There’s plenty of messaging and implication packed into a video of such a length, but I’ll try and keep it brief. Essentially, this is a look at both Donald’s daily life and the working process, taking place side-by-side within a rather luxurious mansion surrounded by friends, colleagues (cameos from Flying Lotus, Chance the Rapper, Trindad James, Ludwig Goransson and more) and hangers-on. The latter in particular is a recurring theme, with one female who appears to have a vested interest in Donald’s day-to-day actions without him ever actually knowing who she is-the role seems to symbolise both a guardian angel and the notion of constant distraction, with the woman’s every action usually stopping whatever action he’s doing, and transitioning into another scene soon afterwards.

The other poignant visual is the gold teeth pulled through his nose, which is a difficult one to break down in terms of metaphor, but it came across as a possible shedding or removal of excess and portraying a lavish image- after that scene, there’s no more exuberance or playing around with models. Rather, he retreats to a more reserved, primal state, and almost ‘presses the reset button’, before the video ends by quite literally doing that. It’s one that you might appreciate on a surface level for cool imagery, intriguing music snippets and such, or you’ll find something more. Or, like the video’s title suggests, we might like it either way but still not actually understand it.

Thor: The Dark World (Trailer)

Marvel are lining up their latest blockbuster, and whilst I was rather disappointed with their last (Iron Man 3), this one looks like it could be a little more enjoyable.

Regardless of who the villain is (and I’m sure it’ll be a good one), this trailer will get fans buzzing purely on the basis of Thor and Loki seemingly working on the same side throughout this one. Given the fantastic dynamic between the two actors across the first Thor film and The Avengers, it’s a new angle that I’m sure will make for fun viewing- not least because Tom Hiddleston is utterly superb in his role as Loki, and giving him this different approach will undoubtedly provide a good platform for him to excel once more. Idris Elba, whose star continues to rise with each passing day, also reprises his role as Heimdall, and hopefully will get another good outing in this sequel.

Film releases on 8th November, and I’m sure we’ll be treated to more trailers, info and previews in the interim.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (Trailer)

In a weird coincidence, I went back and watched the Jackass movies in their entirety just prior to this film’s official announcement, and even set the TV series re-runs on a series link record. Nothing like reliving your teenage years.

In October, one of many folks’ favourite Jackass sketches is getting some extended screentime. It always seemed like the prank they put the most effort into, in terms of the prosthetic makeup and general effort involved in playing the character(s), and it’s no surprise that of all the skits to get a full movie, it’s this one. It looks like they’re going to deliver in spades too (as all of the Jackass movies have, in fairness), with the inappropriateness scaled up considerably thanks to the inclusion of a (complicit) 8-year old sidekick.

There’s no doubt this will be great fun to watch, and here’s to hoping some of the old Jackass crew make a couple of cameo appearances, and with Jackass 4 rumoured for release next year too, there’s plenty more shenanigans on the horizon. For now, look out for Bad Grandpa on 25th October.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Trailer

20th December is the date, and it can’t come soon enough. It’s rare to meet someone who doesn’t recognise a quote from the hilarious original (which has probably evolved so far beyond its original ‘cult status’ that it’s now not cool to like it again), and the much-anticipated sequel is given a brief preview.

I say preview, this isn’t really that. Instead, it’s the news team each reeling off a little bit of stupidity in the form of yet another quotable, and can be added to the slew of recent hype surrounding this film- that’s been down to the reveal of several cameo appearances, including Kanye West, Drake, Liam Neeson, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Sacha Baron Cohen and many more. There isn’t a great deal more to add here, so give it a watch and start looking forward to that release in 7 months.

The Great Gatsby OST (Full Album Stream)

We’ve heard full versions, snippets and rough edits of various tracks from this official soundtrack, and ahead of its release on Tuesday we get a full stream of the album in its completed format.

As listed previously, artists include Beyonce, Andre 3000, The xx, Lana Del Rey, Florence and the Machine, Emeli Sande, Q-Tip, Jack White and many more. Of course, Jay-Z also contributes a track in addition to being the album’s executive producer, rounding off what is surely one of the most star-studded film soundtracks in recent memory, whilst also remaining sonically diverse through its range of artist choices. I’ve got no doubts that there’ll be something on here for everyone, and you can stream it all courtesy of NPR below.

The Great Gatsby OST (Full Album Stream)

M83-Oblivion OST (Full Album Stream)

We’ve had two releases from the official soundtrack for the upcoming Tom Cruise film Oblivion, and the M83-helmed project is now available to stream in its entireity.

The aforementioned releases affirmed that M83 have no problems adjusting their work to the level of grandeur required here. What interesting from a very brief listen of this album though is that they’ve really pushed through into a few new styles: alongside the traditional movie score string sections and M83-esque bubbly synths, there are flashes of a darker, near-cyberpunk vibe, ensuring this OST has pretty much all bases covered as far as a big budget Hollywood film goes.

Frankly, it’s made me a little more interested in seeing that film next weekend, and if you enjoy this stream, be sure to pick up the OST on 8th April.

Mila Kunis Interview With BBC Radio 1

Just when you think it’s not possible to love Mila Kunis any more than we already do, she goes ahead and does something like this.

The interviewer, Chris Stark, is suffering from nerves with this being his first big gig, interviewing Mila Kunis about her upcoming film, Oz the Great and Powerful. The results? Well he doesn’t really ask much about the film, going off on some great tangents with hilarious results.

Mila finds this all genuinely funny and interesting, which goes to show how often she faces the same boring questions in each interview (step your game up reporters).

Watch the vid to see her talk with Chris about downing beer, eating chicken and watching football.

Michael K Williams Performs ODB's Brooklyn Zoo

Fans of The Wire and Boardwalk Empire will be delighted to hear that Omar Little/Chalky White is set to play the legendary Ol’ Dirty Bastard in an upcoming film based around ‘a 22-year-old VH1-intern-turned-manager, and his misadventures with the legendary rapper leading up to the performer’s tragic death in 2004′, titled Dirty White Boy. Fret not; this comes fully approved by ODB’s family too, unlike many posthumous rap-related projects, and it’s rumoured that the rest of the Wu will appear in the film.

This performance is a nice little teaser of what’s to come, with Williams definitely embracing the role and getting pretty engrossed in the character on stage. He does a great job with the raps too, something I don’t say lightly given this is without question my favourite ODB track, and I can’t wait to see what else Williams does with the role. There’s no doubt ODB was one hell of a character, and it’s going to be very interesting to see how he adapts to playing a character that’s arguably markedly different from those he’s more known for-here’s to hoping more news on the film breaks soon.

James Brown & 2Pac-Unchained (The Payback/Untouchable)

Interesting, to say the least. Combining James Brown’s The Payback with 2Pac’s Untouchable, Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Django Unchained is benefitting from a mash-up between two of music’s genuine icons.

Mash-ups are ten to a penny, but this one is certainly unique, mainly because it’s not strictly a mash-up. Whilst the production and vocals for the verses are mostly borrowed from the James Brown track, the offering in the hook is an original, wild west-style piece with a jazzy, upbeat edge. Horns aplenty and distinctive western guitar strums combine to provide a frenetic soundscape, one which supplements 2Pac’s catchy and high intensity vocal work, whilst giving the track context in terms of the film. It also complements the more laidback production style of the verses, and hence provides a nice distinction between the two, whilst giving the track an easy-to-follow structure, something often missing from this type of remix. Likeable and worth a listen.

Iron Man 3-Official Trailer

In Marvel’s “Iron Man 3″, brash-but-brilliant industrialist Tony Stark/Iron Man is pitted against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds. When Stark finds his personal world destroyed at his enemy’s hands, he embarks on a harrowing quest to find those responsible. This journey, at every turn, will test his mettle. With his back against the wall, Stark is left to survive by his own devices, relying on his ingenuity and instincts to protect those closest to him. As he fights his way back, Stark discovers the answer to the question that has secretly haunted him: does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?

As predicted from yesterday’s teaser trailer, things look to be a little less celebratory and much darker in the first Marvel film since The Avengers. Of course, there’s no shortage of visual splendour and big action cuts, of which we get several tastes throughout this clip, whilst appearances by The Mandarin and The Patriot offers insight into the script’s direction. That late-April 2013 release can’t come soon enough.

Iron Man 3 (Teaser Trailer)

As is now the norm for big releases in either music or film, this isn’t the trailer but is actually a trailer for the trailer. Confused?

The official full-length trailer is due to be released tomorrow, but I’m sure there’s enough here to whet the appetite for Iron Man fans. It’s very early to deduce anything, but the trailer seems to be a little less ‘positive’ than the two previous films, suggesting this may go a little darker than its predecessors, whilst I’m sure the dedicates will enjoy seeing a glimpse of the new Iron Man suit.

Marvel are wasting little time capitalising on the buzz generated by The Avengers, and the second part of their story arc is now being put into motion, set to culminate with Avengers 2 in 2015. Before that though, we’ve got this, Thor 2 and plenty more besides on the way. Look out for that full trailer tomorrow.

RZA's The Man With The Iron Fists Soundtrack Tracklist

Quentin Tarantino presents The Man With The Iron Fists, an action-adventure inspired by kung-fu classics as interpreted by his longtime collaborators RZA and Eli Roth. Making his debut as a big-screen director, co-writer and leading man, RZA—alongside an exciting international cast led by Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu—tells the epic story of warriors, assassins and a lone outsider hero who all descend on one fabled village in China for a winner-takes-all battle for a fortune in gold. The film arrives on November 2, 2012.

I saw the trailer for this a little while back and frankly, it looks epic. Normally projects like this can be pretty shoddy, but RZA’s clearly surrounded himself with the right people and properly committed to this, and the sheer scale of the names involved in both the film and the soundtrack suggests he’ll pull this off with considerable success. The tracklist features a fantastic roster, including Kanye West, Pusha T and of course the Wu-Tang Clan; click below for the full list, where you can also grab a free download from the OST.
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Homeland - Season 2 Trailer

Probably the best début drama of 2011, Homeland returns to our screens in September.

This trailer shows a fair bit of action from season 2 (dubbed over with the haunting cover of Police’s song Every Breath You Take by Scala & Kolacny Brothers) without really giving anything away, bizarrely. After the way season 2 ended I don’t really know where this show is going to take us, but I do know that it’ll once again be brilliant television.

If you haven’t seen season 1 of Homeland yet, I suggest you do so.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Trailer

Here’s the honest truth: I’m more excited for this than I have been for any Batman film ever. This graphic novel is by far my favourite comic of all-time (and if I’m allowed the extension, also my favourite book), and has been cited by Christopher Nolan as one of his (many) inspirations for the general thematic of his acclaimed 3-part Batman movie series. The sheer brutality and coarseness of the piece is one of the most realistic representations of Batman to date, whilst having Bruce Wayne be much older than in any other story makes for a refreshing change to the usual methodology.

With a critically-beloved piece like this, there’s always danger of not representing the source material properly, but based on the trailer it doesn’t look like that’s going to be a worry here. It’s not only good news for us fans of the original material, but I appreciate many aren’t into reading graphic novels, and hence those of you unfamiliar with the piece will surely find this movie conversion an excellent watch if it remains as true to the material as it seems to. It’s set up to be a 2-parter, and I’ll say this: if you think this looks epic, wait until you see how part 2 ends up.

Boardwalk Empire Season 3 [Trailer]

After a fantastic season and a gripping finale that left many questioning where this show will go, we’re now starting to be teased with some trailers for season 3.

Straight off the bat this trailer shows no signs of Boardwalk Empire slowing back down to season 1 standards, and hints at things escalating even further than they did in season 2!

I won’t mention any specific details that take place in this trailer or in the last season as I know some of you are very slow when it comes to catching up with excellent television.

Kid Cudi - Maniac [Short Film]

From the enigma himself:

“MANIAC is a short film inspired by the song. It is not a music video and it has no reference to the song content. It will be scored by Dot and I as a film with all new music. Directed By Shia LaBeouf for Grassy Slope and Ragin4Dayz Productions.”

As someone who shies away from senseless acts of violence, murder and gore, this short film is one of the most disturbing videos I’ve seen in a while. Cudi and his friend go about committing random murders whilst having a camera crew document their ‘adventures’. There’s no reasoning for each or any murder, just many squeamishly aggressive and unapologetic killings.

I’m not sure what the point of all this is, but as a massive fan of How To Make It in America, I’m really digging Cudi on his acting tip.

How To Make It In America, The Mixtape: Volume 2

Presented by the illustrious Mick Boogie and the ultra-talented Broke Mogul, we’re treated to an hour long mix with tracks set to feature in the upcoming season of the superb How To Make It In America.

Season 1 brought the upbeat Shooting Stars into my library, a really enjoyable track that I would have otherwise never have come across, and similarly, the previews for season 2 have delivered Theophilus London’s enjoyable I Stand Alone. Much more to be unearthed on this mix, and you can grab it for free below.

How To Make It In America, The Mixtape: Volume 2

Boardwalk Empire: Season 2 Trailer

Almost as cinematic as the show itself, the trailer for the fantastic Boardwalk Empire’s upcoming season certainly expands on the suggestions from the previously-released teaser, as well as the situations that concluded the first season. To avoid spoiling the previous season (as I’m aware many haven’t seen it yet), I would recommend to stop reading from this point onwards.

There’s a clear theme running through the video, in particular the relative isolation and fear now imparted on the series’ lead character, Nucky Thompson, as a result of the aforementioned situations arising in season 1′s finale. One particularly poignant detail is the red rose Nucky wears, which naturally catches the eye and is quite a prominent feature throughout the trailer. There’s plenty of symbolism surrounded red roses, and one in particular comes to mind: the Garden of Eden ‘story’ suggests a white rose turned red as it blushed at Adam and Eve’s fall from grace, with a downward spiral seeming the obvious path for Nucky in season 2. Notice how one or two others seem to be also sporting the roses too, possibly suggesting similar fates for them. Worth a watch for sure, and I’m very excited for the premiere on September 25th.

Lost-The Deleted Scene

Lost creators Lindelof and Cuse once and for all prove that they weren’t making Lost up as they went along by releasing this never seen before deleted scene from season one.

Ok, I lied, this is just a jape scene, but it is actually hilarious. Lost fans (and haters) will find this very funny and it does actually address how ridiculous the last season or two of Lost really was. Added to the fact that we see some great new screentime between Jacob and the evil man in black (who was never named), this makes this a much watch.

Entourage Season 8: Extended Trailer

The very anticipated final season of Entourage will soon be upon us, fans of great TV all over the world rejoice! Whilst many Entourage fanatics felt season 7 was a bit of a let down, I personally thought the changing character arcs was a necessary evil in order to piece everything together for this final hurrah (as is often the case with penultimate seasons of long-running TV shows).

Don’t want to write any comments on what we see in this trailer in case any of you fools haven’t caught up yet, so hit play and enjoy. Oh, and them choosing Eminem and Royce’s Fast Lane track to promote this trailer was a great call.

How To Make It In America: Season 2 Trailer

HBO are seriously putting the work in, and having recently released the season 2 teaser for Boardwalk Empire, they’ve also let the teaser loose for this superb series. My TV viewing will increase exponentially when these two shows return!

HTMIIA is undoubtedly one of the most feelgood, easy-to-watch TV shows in recent memory, drawing rightful comparisons with Entourage but with somewhat more relatable characters and realistic storylines. There isn’t too much given away here but I did catch a couple of stills involving Rachel, suggesting her role in the series isn’t quite finished yet, whilst a couple of newer characters appear to be given some focus alongside those we already know and love. It was also previously announced that Kid Cudi’s Domingo character will have a more prominent role in the next season, which will undoubtedly be interesting viewing.

Before you ask, the song in the trailer is Theophilus London-I Stand Alone, taken from his upcoming debut album Timez Are Weird These Days (July 19th).

Boardwalk Empire: Season 2 Teaser

Hugely excited for the next season of this superb drama. The period charm combined with some genuinely superb acting from the likes of Steve Buscemi made for enthralling and captivating viewing in the first season, and it looks as though the second season is going to ramp things up somewhat.

I won’t spoil it for those of you that haven’t finished season 1, but it’s fair to say the season ended in exciting style with the story arcs for the forthcoming season being started, and here there are strong hints of the direction in which those arcs will be going. Watch and enjoy.

The Hangover: Part II [Trailer]

The sequel to the awesometastic and ultimate lads + bants movie is nearing release and we’re treated to a teaser trailer for it.

My initial impression: “Oh lord, I hope they don’t F this up.”

Oh yeah, I know this isn’t a music related post…I only have this to say about that: deal with it.

Set for release May 26th (not sure if that’s just a US date or a global one).

Lykke Li-Untitled

A very surreal, yet incredibly thought-provoking video. It’s almost like a very short film, as you’re almost fixated on some great acting from Lykke, as she manages to pull you into a few different direction when trying to glean the message and motives.

It’s not easy to figure out at all, but here’s what I’ve taken from it: it seems to be her burying her past, trying to crush the items of reminder, and doing so in a risky manner that removes concern  about personal, physical consequences. Glamorous but broken, and taking chances (hence the deck of cards?). To me, the video is untitled as it’s an unimaginable/undescribable cause for the consequential Wounded Rhymes, the title of her forthcoming album.

She looks great in this video too, and at times you can’t help but wonder why you haven’t noticed her striking features before (Google doesn’t do her justice). It emphasises just what an all-round talent she is: captivating vocalist, heavily committed to her artistic visions, talented songwriter, and good appearance. Can’t wait for the album.

Angels and Airwaves-Love Movie Trailer

They’ve been talking about doing a film since back in 2006, and it finally seems to be happening. Normally, you’d expect a band to put together some shoddy, low-budget film that probably just contains a few fart jokes: not here. Angels and Airwaves have always come across as an ‘all or nothing’ group, and this is firmly in the ‘all’ category as they release a stunning trailer for Love.

The effects and quality of the film are clear for all to see here, and the story seems to be driven by the parallel mindsets of being in a 19th century war and partaking in prolonged space exploration. Initially, they seem like two very different scenarios, but the deterioration of a person’s mental state can be found in both situation, and seemingly the premise of love will be the other common factor between the two, opposing the effects of isolation and bringing hope to the subjects.

The thematic tie-in with their music is clear, and hopefully the epic soundscapes they’ve delivered over the years will be put to good use here: they fit both scenarios, and could make for a fantastic soundtrack.

Eminem Set To Star In 'Southpaw'

After the success of 8 Mile back in 2002, Eminem is hitting the big screen once again with the lead role in Southpaw. The film is about a once-successful boxer whose personal life goes awry, with the boxer trying to recover and recapture glory once more.

The parallels with Eminem’s own post-fame career are clear, and this is said to be ‘semi auto-biographical’ in that respect, replacing the direct representation of rap battles found in 8 Mile with a boxing analogy. Really looking forward to more info on this, there’s lots of potential here.

30 Seconds To Mars-Hurricane Video

Debuted last night, 30STM put together a 13-minute clip for the huge song from their 2009 This Is War album, successfully amalgamating Jared Leto’s acting credentials with his musical side.

The video has a very isolated, apocalyptic feel running throughout that mirrors the nature of the track superbly. There are also strong sexual and violent themes that seems to work in an incongruent way to the audio, which certainly surprises you somewhat.

Storyline-wise, there’s an awful lot going on that I can’t really fit into this small space. I’ll work on a longer review, as this is a really captivating piece and I’m growing to love these extended music video/film blends. Definitely worth a watch.

Listen To 5 Tracks From Daft Punk’s Tron Soundtrack

Taken from a recent podcast interview out in the US, Tron: Legacy music supervisor Jason Bentley and director Joseph Kosinski discuss the film, as preview 5 of the tracks from the soundtrack.

The official soundtrack is released on December 7th, and from what I’ve heard it’s expectedly brilliant! Click here to check out the releases, remixes and videos thus far.