Black Eyed Peas-Super Bowl Half Time Performance [Video]

Now whatever your thoughts are on B.E.P this is an absolute must watch. As you’d expect from the half time Super Bowl Show it’s a visual masterpiece. Truly epic.

Vocally they are poor, which goes to show how much they rely on production. At least they remembered their lyrics though, unlike Christina Aguilera who managed to forget a few words to the American National Anthem. Nightmare. Also note a couple of random guest appearances from Slash (I’m still trying to figure out why…) and Usher.

Would Kobe Beat LeBron 1-on-1?

Kobe seems to think so, and I reckon I’d agree. I’m fairly new to NBA, having a part-time interest last season (upgrading to a full-time one this year I expect!), but in a 1-on-1 situation I’ll take Kobe.
LBJ is the better all-rounder though, even if Kobe restricts that admission by saying ‘he’s a better passer’.

Art (sort of...) Post: Manny Pacquiao vs. Mickey Mouse

MINDstyle have released an image of their latest limited edition “#1 Pound for Pound champion” Manny Pacquiao and Bloc28 Mad Mickey art toy collectibles. Full of character and life despite their monotone shades, these are pretty cool collectables and I’d imagine most people could appreciate having a set of these on display!

They’re set to be released in conjunction with his November 13th fight, and I’ll bring you more info as and when it’s given on their release.

Adidas; Putting Plymouth On The Map

Reppin’ the South West, yo!

Decent video about this end of the country, winner of the “Meet My Street” competition run by Adidas. Pretty cool for those who might know the area, as Ride Cafe is right in the heart of student-vile.

For anyone wondering what the song is in the 2nd half, its Example’s “Kickstart”, which I’ve uploaded for you nice people below.

Example- Kickstart

Andres Iniesta; Top Guy

As a Barcelona fan and a follower of Spanish football, I was already in love with Iniesta before the World Cup; that adorable ghost. But tonight tops its off. Say what you want about the referee badgering, “simulation” and all round dubiousness of most of the Spanish side.

However, after scoring the winner in the 116th minute of the World Cup final, you can’t fault the guy for his celebration. I realise the picture is too small to read, but translated it says “Dani Jarque always with us”.

This is a reference to the late Espanyol captain Daniel Jarque who suffered a sudden heart attack whilst in the team hotel around this time last year. He and Andres were by all reports best mates in the Spanish side, along with Fabregas who dedicated his goal in the 6-1 defeat of Everton by Arsenal. To read more on Dani Jarque you can visit his Wikipedia page here.

If you are in the UK and for some God-forsaken reason missed the game you can watch the goal here on the BBC Site.

A touching sentiment from undeniably one of the World’s best players.

Paul Gascoigne is an ABSOLUTE legend!

Football fans will absolutely love this, I am in tears.

Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne of England Football fame has turned up at the armed police stand-off in Northern England. Latest news can be found on the BBC Site.

There was just an interview clip from a local radio station with Gazza who is clearly boozed up, talking absolute nonesense. Some of his quotes are reported to have been:

Gazza says he knows Raoul Moat and is offering to help police negotiators

Gazza: “I knew Raoul Moat when I played for Newcastle. Raoul was a gentleman. Somebody must have wound him up.”

Gazza: “He is a lovely bloke I know that. I think he’s frightened. He’ll put his gun down but is scared in case police shoot him kill him.”

Gazza: “I drove from Newcastle to Rothbury. I brough him a dressing gown, can of lager. I think I can help him through this”

Gazza is not being allowed in to Roaul Moat siege location: “Police told me Raoul might shoot me. I just want to shout Moaty I’m here”

Gazza in Rothbury: “I spoke to Raoul Moat a year and a half ago in Newcastle. He is a bouncer, a good lad, a hard guy.”

Any clips I find will be uploaded, for now just imagine the hilarity.

In all seriousness though OTU wants to see the situation resolved.

EDIT: He has also brought Raoul Moat the following items; a can of lager, a cooked chicken, and a fishing rod. Oh Gazza!

EDIT 2: Link to interview

Eboue Just Went Up In My Estimations

You need to appreciate the brilliance of this clip, from the Ivory Coast vs. North Korea soccer tie match-up.

Emmanuel Eboue’s sincere nod to the N. Korea manger persists to have me in stiches, and seemingly the N. Korea assistant coach too.

Well played Emmanuel, well played.

Possibly The Greatest Football/Soccer Advert Of All Time

This is seriously amazing, hats off to Nike on this one! With the World Cup looming, this has literally given me goosebumps.

Valley Parade Fire Disaster

Those of you avid fans will know we’re football (soccer) fans over here at OTU Towers.

On the 11th May 1985, during a match between Bradford City and Lincoln City, on the day Bradford were presented with the trophy for winning the 3rd Division, a fire broke out in the stands. The fire, which can be seen in the video, quickly turns into a blaze resulting in 56 people losing their lives, and 285 people being injured. More can be read on the Wiki page here.

Unfortunately not enough people know about this tragedy.

Today, OTU pays its respects to those 56.

Lupe x LeBron x Kobe x KRS-One

This is rather hilarious. The two NBA heavyweights don’t actually speak in this one (this is from a series of these puppet videos) but Lupe’s rap is funny. FYI, KRS-One plays Santa.