Kanye Quest 3030

In January 2010, as rapper and producer Kanye West is taking the garbage out one day, he suddenly travels through a wormhole. Emerging on the other side, Kanye finds himself in the year 3030. In a dystopian city filled with clones of hip-hop musicians and under the control of a god-like dictator, can Kanye get back home?

This looks like all kinds of fun. The good folks over at http://kanyequest3030.tumblr.com/ have built a hip-hop RPG, featuring the adventures of Kanye West in the future as he encounters clones of various rappers, from 2Pac to LL Cool J. It’s only an alpha release for now so it’s far from complete and is probably going to be rather bug-riddled, but it’s a cool first step towards what could be a very entertaining project on its full release. The beta release is apparently near completion, so there should be a much clearer view on how this game’s going to properly wind up.

Can’t wait for that beta release, and in the meantime you can enjoy the trailer here, and/or grab the alpha release at the above link.

Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer

Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are easily two of my favourite games on this generation of consoles (I’m struggling to think of any other PS3 games that have captured my attention quite as much), and to round off the trilogy is this prequel. It’s not being developed by Rocksteady, the studio that did the first two (assumedly, so they can work on Batman’s PS4 debut), but apparently they’ve handed a bunch of the code from those games to Warner Bros Montreal which should ensure some consistency across the games.

The dark, moody vibe of those previous Arkham games seems to be recreated well here, with this instalment set prior to the events of Asylum, and featuring a younger Batman. Whilst it’s a shame we don’t actually see any gameplay footage, it’s good to see a few villains who’ve only played bit parts (or not appeared at all) in the Arkham series, namely Black Skull, Deathstroke and Deadshot. It’s clear that the former is the primary villain here, and it should make for an interesting dynamic to see just who the rest of his hired assassins are; appearances from the Joker, Bane and Penguin are expected. 25th October is the release date, and I’m sure we’ll be getting plenty more footage before then to accompany this graphically-excellent introduction.

Zeus-Refusal To Die

Did anyone ever play Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe? Honestly, it’s the only fighter game I’ve had on the PS3 that I didn’t either sell or trade for something else. It was undoubtedly a good concept and a good bit of multiplayer fun, with a loose semblance of a story that made relative sense, and it seems that’s inspired an all-DC game in a similar style. This definitely snuck under my radar, but I look forward to its release on 19th April.

This track is taken from the game’s soundtrack, and without question sets an intense, punchy (pun slightly intended) tone for what’s to come. The guitars are powerful and driving from the get go, coming in at mostly the same pace but with a couple of different pitches from the individual instruments, creating thickness and depth to the piece. It’s easy to imagine this backing an in-game fight scene: the guitars just keep coming at you, emitting tons of energy. The percussion keeps pace nicely, adding more pace to proceedings where required, whilst supporting the highlight guitar moments by stepping aside slightly. A consistently thumping and entirely unrelenting effort that will certainly liven up your day.

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

Those my age have pretty much grown up with this franchise, and though I didn’t care much for GTA4, nothing will ever take away from the sheer brilliance of the first three instalments and their various spinoffs (Vice City is one of the greatest games ever, and that’s not up for debate).

For me, what’s exciting here is seeing just how this series has evolved and remains one of the barometers for gaming generally. From the bird’s eye view camera with relatively random acts of crime in the original GTA to what comes across as a near-cinematic experience in this upcoming edition, it’s a perfect evolutionary chart for how video games have grown. The trailer demonstrates how GTA is probably going to remain the benchmark for some time to come, with some decent graphical work supplemented by what appears to be a Pulp Fiction-esque crossover story, with the protagonists’ seperate lives slowly intertwining. It’s been a while since I’ve been excited for a game, and I can’t wait for more to emerge on this one.

Fifa 13 Advert, Starring A$AP Rocky and Snoop Dogg

Just a quick blast for you on this one, as the latest ad spot for Fifa 13 features two hip-hop luminaries in the veteran Snoop Dogg/Lion, and the man-of-the-moment A$AP Rocky.

It’s probably just US-only (let me know if you see this one out here!), but is a big statement of how far along the appeal of the game has come in the US, meaning both Fifa and football as a whole. The clip actually showcases Fifa’s Xbox Kinect compatability quite well, and I recall reading a while back that the system also takes note of the player using bad language, with repeated use apparently affecting the referee’s harshness towards your team. A nice touch, but I’m more interested in how the proper game plays-if you haven’t already, grab that demo from the PlayStation Store or Xbox equivalent now.

GTA V [Trailer]

Probably the most viewed trailer in the world today, Rockstar have released some salivating footage of the next instalment of the GTA series. As you can see in the video, we’re taken back to San Andreas, the last time this setting was used was in the highly ambitious PS2 game which really pushed that hardware to its limits, and judging by the graphics on this, will be suitably pushing the PS3′s hardware to the max’ also. The beauty of San Andreas is that you’re not confined to just one city, you have free reign of the entire state. The video just gives us a glimpse of what to expect, and leads us only to ask more questions such as:

Will this carry on with CJ’s story from the previous San Andreas game, or Niko’s story from GTA IV? Or perhaps both? Will the game be mature like GTA IV, or more on the ‘crazy’ scale like the PS2 San Andreas game? Will they further improve the online aspect and even perhaps introduce a co-op mode? Will I be able to basejump or use a jetpack like you could in the PS2 version?

Will I have to make sure my character exercises and eats again?! Only time will tell.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Ad, Featuring Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Kimmel

A cool ad for the upcoming COD game, although one we’ll never see on TV out here in the UK.

Anyone else finding that they’re really not that fussed about this edition of COD? I was pumped for last year’s but it got boring pretty quickly, and I’m not at all bothered about getting this. On the other hand, I am psyched to get the new Goldeneye game for Wii: classics > everything.

Street Fighter x Tekken!

Wow, this could be amazing. Looks like there are two games planned, the first being the Capcom-developed Street Fighter vs. Tekken, which will be made entirely in the Street Fighter side-scrolling ‘comic’ style.

The second will be Tekken vs. Street Fighter, developed by Namco and (you guessed it) made in the more free-form Tekken style.

The video here has gameplay footage, and the link here is an official promo.


Oh hell yes! The below picture summarises my feelings:

Eminem X Call Of Duty... Again?!

Now I’m not sure how legit this one is, just because it’s being released so early and you’d expect them to release a proper, ‘official’ trailer with a popular song nearer the release date. It’s interesting either way though, and will be more so if it proves to be official.

Admittedly, neither the trailer nor the song (and hence the fit of the two) are as good as the original Call of Duty/Eminem hook-up, but it’s still worth a watch nonetheless.

Trailer For The New Mortal Kombat Game

Slow day for music, so let’s go to another media form in video games. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have lost interest in the Mortal Kombat franchise years ago, when like most fighting games it added too many pointless characters and just got stale.

The MK vs. DC Universe game released last year (or maybe 08?) partly rekindled the interest for me, and was a surprisingly enjoyable game. The franchise is now being relaunched, and seemingly reset, with the upcoming game merely titled Mortal Kombat.

It looks good too, with a graphical/stylistic similarity to the aforementioned MK/DC game, but with considerably more blood and guts-awesome!

Bored? Got Time To Kill? Play The B.o.B Game!

This is both funny and smart. B.o.B and his team have launched a game for everyone to enjoy! You pick up girls across the world, from London to Tokyo. Sounds like it could be a laugh in fairness, and the image made me chuckle so check it out!

B.o.B: The Adventures Video Game

Eminem x Call of Duty = GOOD GOD MAN

Not only is this an awesome trailer for Modern Warfare 2, it has an Eminem track on the audio. And it’s an official trailer, none of that fan-made bollocks. It’s fair to say I’m incredibly hyped for this game now. I am however slightly disgusted that there’s an Xbox logo at the end. PS3 FTW.