Whatever People Say You Are, That's What You've Become

Or something to that effect.

When Arctic Monkeys brought out Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not the bumming went on for months. And to be fair most of it was justified, and it brought a lot to the indie music scene.

However, since then the Arctic Monkeys’ demise has been quite spectacular, going from [...]

Hey Summer!

Pretty textbook/classic pop punk track by The Bigger Lights here, which I’d heard before but only got around to uploading now.

From their first full length LP released in March; Hey Summer is a pretty fitting track for what remains of your summer, though here in the UK I’m suspicious we may have had our fill.

Listen. [...]

VersaEmerge's Figure It Out (Acoustic)

Bit of a steal here from Absolute Punk.

VersaEmerge took the time out from their tour to perform an acoustic version of the first track off their first studio album; Fixed At Zero, released on the 22nd of June.

Really decent acoustic track, a nice change from the heated original, which you can download below. I’ll be [...]

Remember Fall Out Boy?

Before all the hype, before the media backing, and before the inevitable almost-break up; Fall Out Boy were actually pretty good.

Take This To Your Grave was FOB’s 2nd studio ablum, released in 2003 on the Fueled By Ramen label.

I was reminded of this when their track Homesick At Spacecamp turned up on my iPod Top [...]

Rooney Release(d) New Album; Eureka.

Thats right, famed England and Manchester United front-man’s band, also named Rooney, released their 3rd album on the 8th of June, and I’ve finally got around to listening to it.

Carrying on their pop punk/ indie/ alternative theme from before, they’ve done a good job. You can really heard Wayne’s scouse accent through the music, and [...]

Attaboy Get Aboard the California Bandwagon

Or got anyway, this was in 2009. I’m so up-to-date sometimes is scary. Like Eamonn Holmes riding a unicorn. Anyway, either I’m overly suspicious about this; but an awful lot of Pop Punk bands seem to be referencing California in their songs. Examples are:

Metro Station- California
Jack’s Mannequin- Miss California
Boys Like Girls- Head Over Heels

And they’re [...]

Adidas; Putting Plymouth On The Map

Reppin’ the South West, yo!

Decent video about this end of the country, winner of the “Meet My Street” competition run by Adidas. Pretty cool for those who might know the area, as Ride Cafe is right in the heart of student-vile.

For anyone wondering what the song is in the 2nd half, its Example’s “Kickstart”, which [...]

You Me At Six- Stay With Me Video

Scroll faster Murray, SCROLL FASTER!!!

Oh hohoho, whats that?! Yes, yes; its the unmistakable sound of me being right. After posting about this track in January here. I actually enjoy the album a lot more than I first expected though, so there is some solace that I’m not sure super-human sent from the future to prove [...]

Songs About Airports and Falling Over

Another late listen from me, Philmont’s first album “Attention” was released at the end of August last year, and I freely admit to having swept it under the metaphorical carpet, joining a load of metaphorical dust, some metaphorical metaphores I don’t often use. Strictly metaphorically, mind.

Two of the stand-out tracks I’ve decided to bring to [...]

You, Me, and Everyone We Know... own a time machine?

No, no they don’t.

Though this is both a throwback and a preview. I know, mental.

You, Me, and Everyone We Know’s first full length release is due later this summer, following the successes of their EP’s Party For the Grown and Sexy and So Young, So Insane.

Livin’ Th’ Dream was originally on Party For the Grown [...]

Andres Iniesta; Top Guy

As a Barcelona fan and a follower of Spanish football, I was already in love with Iniesta before the World Cup; that adorable ghost. But tonight tops its off. Say what you want about the referee badgering, “simulation” and all round dubiousness of most of the Spanish side.

However, after scoring the winner in the 116th [...]

More Music To Make Murray Cry

Yeah so off the top of my head I couldn’t think of a synonym for crying that starts with an “m” for alliteration.

More almost-new music from A Phoenix Forever, who released their first full length album entitled This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things recently

Shockingly the track here is the title track, but for [...]

(Relatively) New Music From Emarosa

<– A gubbier looking band you will not find.

This is the kind of music that is Murray’s holy water, if he hears it he will literally disolve.

This is what I apparently classed a post-hardcore, whatever that is. Emarosa’s self titled 2nd album was released at the back end of June, hence its not-exactly-new status.

This track [...]

Paul Gascoigne is an ABSOLUTE legend!

Football fans will absolutely love this, I am in tears.

Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne of England Football fame has turned up at the armed police stand-off in Northern England. Latest news can be found on the BBC Site.

There was just an interview clip from a local radio station with Gazza who is clearly boozed up, talking absolute [...]

Chilled Out Tunes By Some Canadians...

Whats that all aboot eh?

I hadn’t heard of the band Stars till recently, and am currently ploughing through some of their 4 back-catalogue albums.

From their most recent release; The Five Ghosts are a couple of tracks that will brighten your summertime. Think Imogen Heap/ Frou Frou… oh you don’t know who they are? You horrendous [...]

Eboue Just Went Up In My Estimations

You need to appreciate the brilliance of this clip, from the Ivory Coast vs. North Korea soccer tie match-up.

Emmanuel Eboue’s sincere nod to the N. Korea manger persists to have me in stiches, and seemingly the N. Korea assistant coach too.

Well played Emmanuel, well played.

Holiday Parade Cover Goo Goo Dolls- Slide

Sup holmes’. Fans of hyperlinks will enjoy this post.

Previous featurers (yes thats a word) Holiday Parade in the Acoustic vs. Original debate are part of a Rockin’ Romance covers album, including Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up (probably made more popular by the Rick Roll fad than anything else) and The Darkness’ tragic I [...]

Jamestown Story Cover Owl City

Who doesn’t need a hammer in your recording studio?!

Actual factual new music I’m delivering here, well just about anyway. Released recently is the new EP from Jamestown Story entitled A Collection of Covers, and unsurprisingly the album is covers.

Owl City, remember him?! Ajay got in the mix originally here and the Murr Dog posted a [...]

The Gaslight Anthem- American Slang (FREE DOWNLOAD)

I was (and am) planning a massive Gaslight Anthem post sometime soon, but this is an opportunity too good to miss.

For this week only the first single from The Gaslight Anthem’s 3rd album, both entitled American Slang is available for free download from iTunes.

Gear yourself up for the mega-post with the link below:

The Gaslight Anthem- [...]

Brief Throwback: Anberlin

With the pending release of Anberlin’s 4th studio album, this throwback looks at Feel Good Drag which was released as a single from their most recent album New Surrender.

Pretty smashing tune, bordering between pop-punk and heavier rock.

That’s all I’ve got to say, Honduras vs. Chile has my attention at the moment.

You can also download the [...]

Sing It Loud Are Back...

Sing It Loud’s second full length LP was released on May 11th, reaching number 28 on the US Billboard charts.

I’ve only just started listening to it, and die-hard Pop Punk fans will be all about Sugar Sweet.

A quick beat and catchy chorus are idea for the mind-less summer music. Download it below and form [...]

Automatic Loveletter's New Album On The Horizon

Boom, leakage! Some of you may know the female vocalist in this band as Juliet Simms who featured on All Time Low’s Remembering Sunday which I posted in my best of 09

One of the better tracks from this album is Let It Ride, I won’t bore you of the details, but if you’re a fan [...]

Olden Much? But Golden Touch...

You see what I did there? Admit it, it’s genius!

Quick Indie throwback here, to Razorlight’s Golden Touch, back from their 2008 debut album Up All Night; when they were actually good before Johnny Borrell became a grade A see-you-on-the-day-before-next-wednesday… if you catch my drift.

Get in the mix for this classic below.

Razorlight- Golden Touch

Valley Parade Fire Disaster

Those of you avid fans will know we’re football (soccer) fans over here at OTU Towers.

On the 11th May 1985, during a match between Bradford City and Lincoln City, on the day Bradford were presented with the trophy for winning the 3rd Division, a fire broke out in the stands. The fire, which can be [...]

Original vs. Acoustic? A Pop Punk Debacle

Is that…? Yes! That’s Frosties Kid! Watch his finest work to date here.

Now you’re hooked in with some classic FK, let’s get serious. As with most pop punk bands, they’ll release a standard record on their LP, and if it becomes a single or generally popular, they tend to include an acoustic version either as [...]

Only Like Hip-Hop, Yeah?

Move along, this doesn’t concern you.

If you’ve made it to line 2; congrats. You’re in the inner circle. And yes, that is a picture of a horse playing frisbee.

65daysofstatic released their 4th LP in April, entitled We Were Exploding Anyway. For your listening pleasure is Weak04. Get instrumental up in your respective bitches.
65daysofstatic- Weak04

Next up, [...]

Don't be a d*ckhead, be a Deckhead

I’m not going to claim I know anything about House or Electro, but after hearing some “underground” chat about Deckheads and having seen their stickers littered around campus, I thought it was my duty to OTU to check them out.

Deckheads are the 3 man collective of DJs from Plymouth, each with their own musical style. [...]

Punk Pop Throwback: The Academy Is...- Almost Here Review

Bit of an album throwback here, after a few of the tracks popped up on my Top Rated shuffle on my iPod whilst I was writing my dissertation (10,900 words in 15 days, with a week in Amsterdam in between; BOOM!). Before I knew it, I’d sacked off the shuffle and was listening to the [...]

We The Kings cover Lady GaGa

Pretty decent cover by WTK who I imagine most of you wouldn’t have heard of…. till now (later).

I’ll actually try and post something worthwhile sometime soon, but my iTunes folder got deleted yesterday by my computer disk checking, so I’ve been frantically trying to back-rip stuff from my iPod. To success might I add.

Anyway, I’m [...]