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Overrating the Underrated (also known as OTU and OTU Live) are a UK-based writing and promotion team that specialise in music reviewing and promoting/organising live events. Having been online since June 2009, the OTU team have established an international reputation as highly-respected reviewers, and work closely with a range of artists and record labels from all over the world to deliver high-quality, timely content.

With the aim of providing considerably more than your regular ‘music blog’, OTU isn’t a content aggregator and instead prefers to offer engaging, articulate and unfiltered music reviews on all content. We aren’t afraid to say what we feel, regardless of the relationships we may hold. We also pride ourselves on the ability to source upcoming acts and musical styles, and always aim to be ahead of the curve when it comes to finding the ‘next big thing’. There is no ignorance of music of days gone by either, with the OTU ‘Throwbacks’ being a core part of both our offering, and understanding of the importance of yesterday’s music to tomorrow’s big sound.

If there is any problem at all with the content posted, please do not hesitate to use the contact links at the below link to discuss the matter. We are happy to remove any content that is not approved for release, has legal implications, or causes any offence.

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