Jhene Aiko-Bed Peace ft. Childish Gambino (Video)

Having enjoyed this song on its release, it’s good to see Jhene give the fun single a further push with this easygoing, simple visual that pays homage to John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s ‘Bed Ins For Peace’.

A gentle, relaxing track of this nature doesn’t need too much complexity to be fully utilised visually, and they’ve [...]

Jhene Aiko-Bed Peace ft. Childish Gambino

Several images of the two working together surfaced in recent weeks, and one of the products from those sessions has emerged, as the first single from Jhene’s upcoming Sail Out EP.

Laidback doesn’t even begin to describe this one. Opening with gentle guitar strums (that remind me of a Red Hot Chili Peppers song, the name [...]

Jhene Aiko-Wrap Me Up ft. James Fauntleroy

Something with a slight Christmas theme from Jhene, but without sacrificing the supremely atmospheric vibe that makes her music ever-replayable. The Fauntleroy feature doesn’t hurt either.

The production throws airy synths, a slowed-down percussion, superb string work and a couple of festive touches for a beat with plenty of depth, and with enough going on to [...]

Jhene Aiko-Mirrors (Video)

Always a pleasure to cover Jhene’s material, and it’s only a matter of time before she’s one of R&B’s leading ladies. Dark, atmospheric and unashamedly attitudinal where required, she brings something unique to supplement her addictive vocals and popstar good looks.

This one’s right out of the Aiko textbook. The production is considerably wintery and full [...]

Jhene Aiko-3:16am Video

It’s only a matter of time before Jhene Aiko breaks into mainstream consciousness, and the first single from her upcoming Souled Out album is going to go some way in helping her achieve that.

Her delicate vocals and beat selection have long been strong facets of her game and they’re on point again, with the connection [...]

Jhene Aiko-For My Brother

I wrote and recorded this myself on my laptop, for my brother… Miyagi. this song was really just intended for him to hear…but i thought it would be nice to share…i was so nervous to play it for him myself, so when i left to San Francisco on Thursday I had my TT play it [...]

Jhene Aiko-My Mine Video

You could do an awful lot worse than to wake up to this mellow effort from the excellent Jhene Aiko’s sailing.soul(s).

Jhene’s smooth, naturally laidback voice blends extremely well with the strong songwriting here, packed with back-and-forth, undecided emotion and plenty of reminiscing, and it’s the unique brand of vocals she has that really makes [...]

Jhene Aiko-Stranger Video

It’s nice to finally get some visuals from Jhene’s sailing soul(s) album/mixtape, and as one of R&B’s more talented rising stars, this will certainly do her cause no harm.

The track is mellow with a slightly dark vibe that adds a little depth and diversity, enhancing the atmosphere created by both the uneasy production and [...]

Jhene Aiko-sailing soul(s) (Free Album)

I’ve become quite a big fan of Jhene. I’ve only heard 3 or 4 songs, but more than enough to know she’s got huge ability, and is definitely one of those voices that you can listen to over and over.

Her smooth, sultry and ultimately soulful style has really won me over, so I was delighted [...]

ScHoolBoy Q and Jhene Aiko-Fantasy

Not familiar with the works of Schoolboy Q, but I’ll be getting more familiar after catching this very good track. Grabbing the edgy yet sultry vocals of Jhene Aiko for the hook, she certainly impresses with an atmospheric quality that anchors this song nicely.

Schoolboy comes through with a laidback, confident style on his verses that [...]

Drake and Jhene Aiko-July

First a great video, and now some new audio from Drake. This is right on that hip-hop/R&B borderline, crossing into the two at various points as only Drake does. The beat is pretty smooth, and Drake’s alright on this. Haven’t heard of Jhene Aiko before, but she does a great job with soulful vocals throughout, [...]

Childish Gambino-Melrose

Because the Internet is rumoured to land on 10th December, and though this track was only released as part of a tweet to Jhene Aiko (who, contrary to semi-accepted belief, is not romantically involved with Gambino), it’s probably fair to accept it’ll land on the album given that it’s potentially only a month away.

Compared to [...]

J. Cole-Born Sinner (Full Album Stream)

Cole set up a bunch of listening sessions a few days ago, each at a specific bunch of co-ordinates across various locations for those unable/uninvited to the main NYC album premiere, and now provides the full LP for stream a full 11 days before its release.

A mixture of reasons make up that decision; it’s surely [...]

13 for '13

Year after year, we change the format of the end-of-year OTU round-up (routine is boring), and this year I’ve opted for a forward-looking feature rather than reflecting on what was a rather disappointing year in the music world. Many are desperate to have their tastes for 2013 dictated to them by either the [...]

Wale-Folarin (Mixtape)

One of a whole host of projects that got released over these past few days, but arguably the most anticipated in more mainstream circles. There’s nothing like a bit of mixtape Wale, and whilst it’s a shame that the division exists between the album and mixtape work, the sheer depth in quantity of his mixtapes [...]

Casey Veggies-Customized Greatly Vol. 3

Slowly, Casey Veggies has won me over. His recent features have been very enjoyable, standing out on tracks alongside some well-known peers, whilst the small amount of his own material I’ve caught over the last couple of months has been equally likeable.

Whilst my personal favourite, his horn-driven and appropriately-titled F*cking Awesome, didn’t appear to make [...]

R&B Fridays: Episode 125

A nice, summery picture to further brighten up your surprisingly sunny winter day.

A decent number of posts to catch up on from the week gone by: very enjoyable new visuals from Cherri Prince, an excellent blend of jazz, soul and more from the ReGeneration project, a review of Florence + The Machine’s latest album, and [...]

R&B Fridays: Episode 123

A really weak week for R&B music, with most of this week’s decent content already released by the rising stars of the genre: Jhene Aiko’s latest video, Patrick Stump’s cover of Shutterbugg, Jesse Boykins’ newest visuals and Bridget Kelly’s first EP. The delay this week (as has been the case multiple times in recent months) [...]

R&B Fridays: Episode 111

Very exciting episode this week, with some of my favourite artists making appearances, as well as a couple of fresh new names. Pretty much strong material all the way through, making this one of the more essential episodes of recent weeks.

Just the two relevant posts to catch up on from the week gone by: Chris [...]

R&B Fridays: Episode 109

He’s not in the episode, but I saw this picture and just had to use it. R. Kelly looks so content there doesn’t he?  You just know he’s not wearing any trousers either.

No recap or unnecessary additional bluster up here today. We’ve got a slightly longer episode this week thanks to a range of solid [...]

R&B Fridays: Episode 92

A pretty short episode this week, but with good reason. Recently, it’s become a bit annoying (for me, probably not for many of you) that most episodes are comprised primarily of pop music, and not R&B. This week, I wanted to avoid that, and hence I can say I’m genuinely a fan of this week’s [...]

R&B Fridays: Episode 90

Genuinely tried to get this out yesterday, but once again we suffered from a lack of material. I’ve managed to half fix that problem, though this is still a shorter episode than you’re probably used to.

However, there’s been lots of pop/R&B posted in the last week that may help fill that void: new Bruno Mars [...]

Kanye West-Eyes Closed (Tagless)

A tagless version of the Kanye track that has been floating about the web, which was supposedly cut from Ye’s excellent MBDTF. There’s talk that it could possibly end up on Snoop’s next album Doggumentary Music instead, and it’ll be interesting to see what he does with this.

As far as the song goes, it’s not [...]