Lupe Fiasco - Snitches 2

It was a choice between one of three tracks Lupe’s released in recent days, and it was this (the sequel to one he released on the very same day) that grabbed me most. For reference though, Snitches (featuring Ty Dolla $ign) and DopeBoysAtAllStarWeekend (featuring Gizzle) are available here. Of the two, the former is unquestionably better, for what it’s worth.

On first listen, it’s a very ‘un-Lupe’ production. I’m not sure what this whole Drogas thing is about (is Lupe suddenly a Hispanic drug dealer?) but it’s resulted in a thumping, club-ready production that many of today’s mainstream rappers would be quite happy to get on board with- you can quite easily hear the likes of Rick Ross having a great time with this, and to Lupe’s credit, he does a good job of adjusting his style enough to not sound out of place himself.

Packed full of street raps (from the third person, interestingly), it’s a pretty solid performance, and though Lupe’s inflections and emotions aren’t exactly at peak intensity, his flow is as watertight as ever and it’s an easy to follow, uncomplicated effort, which makes for a degree of change as far as Lupe’s lyricism goes. Worth a listen, and hopefully Tetsuo and Youth isn’t far away.

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