Klaxons - Children of the Sun

When these guys first exploded onto the scene in around 2006, it felt like they could go on to be as big as they wanted to be. The sky seemed the limit for their tripped-out yet accessible sound, and with a litany of ready-made hits packed into their debut album, the signs were good after the first hurdle. Sadly, their second album landed in 2010 to much less fanfare, a situation which was worsened by the poor product they released – they’ve been missing from music ever since, with very few asking where they might be.

Their first album was a perfect medium between jagged indie and crowd-pleasing pop, and the second probably leaned to heavily on the former. Having returned with the disco-funk stylings of There Is No Other Time a few days ago, it looked like there the catchy, more pop-driven style had wrestled most of the control back, but Klaxons have thrown up another switch with this second effort.

It’s got hallmarks of a mid-90s Britpop anthem, evoking memories of Blur and the like, with a midtempo pace held together by a mesmerising and almost military percussion line, accompanied by crunching guitar work that really does throwback to the early and mid 90s era of British indie. It’s a definite switch in direction, but it works purely by being fairly unique in today’s scene, and it’s a positive step by the band in recovering some of their lost audience. Expect more soon, as the new album lands this summer.

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