Jamie xx and Four Tet - Seesaw

It is only a radio rip, but what an excellent piece this is from two of our fair country’s best upcoming producers. The Young Turks labelmates come through with a laidback instrumental that has all the hallmarks of their best work, yet manages to sound like nothing either has produced individually.

It’s quite brilliant what a few easygoing synths and a quickfire percussion can do. The layers intertwine wonderfully throughout, and between an electro-styled synth, a drifty, airy vocal sample, assorted blips and short melodies, there’s something surprisingly cohesive and deliciously bright throughout. It’ll certainly evoke a summer feeling for many, and credit goes to the duo for incorporating both the eclectic style of Four Tet’s work with the laidback effortlessness often associated with Jamie XX.

No word on an official release (or none that I’ve seen), but fingers crossed this will emerge in full, high-quality glory soon. Or at least in time for the week of summer that we’ll get.

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