Odesza - If You Don't ft. Cumulus

This is about as an extreme a late pass as I’ll ever hand in, given the song is over a year old. However, having stumbled upon it by pure chance (it played automatically after something else I was listening to), my life is much better for having done so, and yours will be too.

Occasionally, a track arrives that seem to perfectly fit both a summer day and a winter night. Usually, they sit in some deliciously rare grey area between being chillout and upbeat, and that’s a zone Odesza have almost perfected with this effort. The percussion really commands this song, keeping things at a deceptively high pace throughout, but disguising that by muting many of the percussive elements in the “verses” (do instrumentals technically adhere to the verse/hook structure?), and bringing the sharper pieces back in where required to boost the song once more. Underpinning that further is a bright, summery synth that bounces through the track with vivacity and combines well with the percussion, whilst the drifty vocal samples add both calm and atmosphere, holding up the pillars for the track’s more mellow aspects.

It’s really a sublime piece of production, and one that I don’t see leaving my playlists any time soon. You can get the entire Summer’s Gone album for free at Odesza’s site, along with some newer material.

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