Audio Push - Turn Down (Video)

Despite Come As You Are being a release I was looking forward to, listening to it seems to have inadvertently slipped down my queue, and hence it still remains untouched. One listen to this track, and the foolishness of my ignorance will impact you as much as it did me.

Who knew that the duo were capable of laidback, easygoing hip-hop of this ilk? They both surprise and impress with this effort: the mellow production is instantly captivating, with feathery guitar plucks accompanied by a combination of delicate synths for a smooth upper layer, and a strong (but thankfully, not dominating) percussion holding things together in the background.

It’s a fantastic production that many would associate with the likes of Wiz Khalifa’s weed raps, and credit goes to the pair for taking it far beyond that, with two verses geared around the relaxation of a female subject, or her “turning down”, whilst the third verse is a little smarter and reworks the turn down notion into one of people living beyond their means. It’s an enjoyable set of verses, backed up by a chilled out and catchy hook, and hence comes out as a strong all-rounder.

The video is a simple one, featuring the duo rapping behind grainy, retro filters, interspersed with story footage of the aforementioned female, capping off a great release from one of the best new duos in the hip-hop game today. Get the mixtape now.

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