Actress - Rap

There’s nothing worse than finding a good artist just as they’re beginning to wind down or pursue other endeavours. UK producer Actress falls firmly into that category: already four albums in, it seems there’s some disillusion with music in general, and hence his upcoming Ghettoville album is said to be the “black tinted conclusion of the Actress image.

For a new listener like myself, pressing play on a song called Rap from an album called Ghettoville comes with certain expectations. They couldn’t have been more off the mark, and I couldn’t be happier: this is a slow-winding, unhurried track that moves with a pace that belies it’s listed time of just under 3 minutes, and with no raps in sight. Instead, it’s an R&B-esque production, combining chunks of bass with gentle electronic touches and a dash of additional percussion into a style that lands somewhere between 90′s R&B and modern-day electro soul. Throw those distorted, groany vocals on top, and the song starts to ooze suffocating levels of sleaze, but given the short length of the piece, and that’s not a problem at all. In fact, the sheer thickness with which it’s all laid on combines into a pretty engaging few minutes, and most certainly a bedroom-ready bit of music.

Fans of XXYYXX, Ta-Ku and the like will definitely enjoy this. Be sure to support the Ghettoville album release tomorrow, and who knows- maybe we’ll get more of them.

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