Yuna-Someone Who Can

Yuna’s self-titled debut album was an excellent piece of music, combining laidback soul sounds with rousing pop numbers, all held together with her wonderful vocal set.

This effort is taken from her upcoming Nocturnal album, set for release on 29th October, and again demonstrates those addictive, near-hypnotising vocal qualities, with a gentle, mostly mellow performance that actually ends up softening some of the harsher, more rebellious elements of her lyrics. When read on paper, her writing is much more aggressive and ‘jilted’ than much of her back catalogue, making for a nice touch of progression and diversity, and it’s a credit to her inherently relaxing voice that those frustrations can easily go quite unnoticed on first listen.

The production is helmed by the masterful Chad Hugo, who serves up a production that straddles the line between uptempo and chillout very skilfully, pairing a warm, reflective melody (that’s very similar to the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind theme) with a high-speed yet light percussion line for a good blend of styles that comes off as nimble yet delicate. Worth a go, and look out for more from Yuna soon.

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