Quadron-Hey Love (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

In the weeks leading to Quadron’s Avalanche album release, I was certainly excited about it. However, I got somewhat distracted (probably a shiny light or ball of string) and have only got around to giving it a proper listen in the last few weeks. What it proved was that I’m self-sabotaging: it’s a superb LP that will improve anyone’s day/week/life/girlfriend.

Amongst its highlights was the first single, Hey Love, which has lost none of its addictiveness in the intervening months since its release, and here serial remixer Ryan Hemsworth gets his hands on it for a slightly darker twist. The funk is mostly pulled away from the body of this track, leaving a carcass of only Coco’s vocals, with Ryan substituting in a production built up of atmospheric synths, isolated clicks, and intermittent blasts of samples and effects for a more downbeat, but still wholly laidback effort. It’s a unique take on the track, and plays more on the bittersweet lyricism than the positive nature of the actual vocal delivery and original production, working to make this feel like an entirely new track rather than a rework- that’s definitely a compliment, as for better or worse, at least it shows a modicum of creativity and effort. Worth a go, and might appeal to those who found the original a little too upbeat.

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