As much as I like these guys, they seem to be in a small group of bands that I do really enjoy, but always forget to check out whatever their upcoming album is after its release. I’ll buy into the singles, get on board with the promo, but come crunch time, I’ve forgotten everything I knew. Nightmare customer.

So, let’s do the same dance again. Their newest LP, Rave Tapes, is on the horizon (21st January, for those who aren’t as forgetful as I am), and this single precedes that release in some style. It’s a very slow build, opening in a much less rock-oriented manner than some might expect, and instead relying heavily on dark synth lines, crisp yet light percussion, and a general sense of sombreness mixed with menace. That is, until the second half springs right into life: a bubbly electro melody enters the fray, alongside much more vibrant, lively percussion work, and eventually a hint of grungy guitar can be heard propping up the soundscape in the background. It’s a lovely build that ends up actually becoming quite the head-nodding affair, and as far as I’m aware, seems to be a change of direction for the band- it works for me, and it’s probably going to help me keep better pace with their upcoming album.

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