Louis M^ttrs-War With Heaven (Catching Flies Remix)

I’m not familiar with the original, but I’m not really sure that I need to be after this. It’s another great release from an OTU favourite in the past year or so, with upcoming producer Catching Flies dropping off one more strong addition to his growing and reputable back catalogue.

Opening in gentle, atmospheric fashion, the production grows along with the dissolution of the vocals, allowing them to shine unopposed in the introductory section, and replacing them with a funky percussion line, airy synths and a couple of short, snappy samples for a beat that lands somewhere in the hallowed middle ground between laidback and head-nodding. Catching Flies brings things back down to mellow levels around the centre point, again letting the vocal work carry the track along, before once again stepping back in with the aforementioned, livelier beat, but with what seems an even stronger emphasis on the bass- the latter gives this closing section much more impact, and sways it slightly more toward the upbeat side of things, though without losing the mellow sensibilities that make the track such an easy listen. Again, it’s one of those that hits the sweet spot between easygoing and lively, hence making for extremely versatile listening that should hang around your playlists for some time.

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