Childish Gambino-Yaphet Kotto (Freestyle)

It’s been a couple of years in the making now, but it looks like the follow-up to Camp could be on its way. Because the Internet (yep) is coming this ‘winter break’, which I believe loosely translates to the Christmas holidays for us folk, and assuming it’s an LP rather than a mixtape, it’ll make for very interesting listening given Gambino’s decision to scale back on acting and concentrate more on his music.

This track was originally released in a shortened form as part of the video trailer that accompanies this post, but was unveiled in its entireity around 30 minutes ago. It’s a very enjoyable piece, boasting a vintage-influenced production built on Hendrix-era guitar work, a mixture of synths and vocal samples, and a rolling percussion set that bundles through the track well, switching up and down dynamically through the track’s middle portion for a touch of unpredictability. Gambino’s output pretty much runs through his entire arsenal, opening with sharply delivered lyrics that pack a sense of frustration at being labelled a poor rapper, before moving down into a dulcet tone that offers a little reflectiveness, and heading back into a mixture of the opening third’s rap style and a touch of breathy singing. It’s a really likeable production, and an intense, dynamic performance from Gambino that makes the track seem far shorter than it is. Worth a go, and a good opening release ahead of that album run. Track download available below (or, at least it was when I posted this!).

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