Childish Gambino-3005

Assumedly, this is the latest release from his upcoming Because the Internet album, and it’s one longtime Gambino fans should quite enjoy.

The production has an interesting rawness to it- the melody for the first third is almost (this isn’t meant negatively) amateurish in nature, and creates a throwback vibe. The beat’s progression to a more lavish style for the hook ends up being a clever contrast (see, I went somewhere with the amateur thing), and makes Gambino’s vocals on that chorus far more impactful by completely filling out the soundscape with crisp percussion and airy synths.

The lyricism is introspective, as much of his more recent work has been, and has Gambino again demonstrating an in-depth self-awareness that often flirts with sadness and depression, and has a nice structuring: as the verses continue down a downbeat route, they pick up toward the end as he recalls the lady of his affections, seguing into the relationship-focused hook. It may seem like obvious structuring, but a quick listen to 90% of mainstream hip-hop tracks will reveal verses that have almost no tie-back to the hook that anchors them, and hence that lyrical juxtaposition is a subtle and welcomed touch. Throw that all in with Childish heading back to a sung hook, and it’s a good all-rounder that should keep fans satiated for the meantime.

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