Toro y Moi-Campo

Following his acclaimed full-length, Anything In Return, Chaz Bundick’s latest 2013 entry as Toro Y Moi is the “Campo” 7-inch, available exclusively on his fall North American tour.

Unfortunately, it’s not a dedicated to the bushy-haired footballer of Real Madrid and Bolton Wanderers fame. However, it is an easygoing, fun track that might perk up your day a little.

It’s far more funk driven than his work on Anything In Return, throwing out the heavy synth reliance and bringing in a much jazzier range of backing elements, from the immeasurably bouncy bass plucks through to the crisp, dynamic percussion. It’s a solid end result that retains Toro’s easygoing sound, but plies it with a hint of vintage rawness that demonstrates a good level of versatility, and ends up being a track that will slide into any chillout playlist with consumate ease. No word on availability for those not living in North America though, so good luck.

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