The Weeknd-Live For ft. Drake (Video)

The Weeknd’s Kiss Land album was officially released yesterday, and he looks to bump the buzz around that project with this video release. Viewed by many as a semi-reconciliation with Drake (despite the fact a problem probably never actually existed), it’ll get some buzz for that, but it’s also a strong choice based on their collective brand power, built on by their previous mainstream successes together (notably Crew Love).

My audio review was clear on the fact it didn’t quite sit alongside The Weeknd’s top tier work, but also praised this track’s individual merits. One factor that prevented full commitment to the song was its contrasting motivational and dark qualities, but this video does help with picking the element the track should have been highlighting, that being the darker, more atmospheric side. It’s a gritty, industrial clip that’s buried in a surly dimness, with many of the shots doused in a thick darkness, whilst the far-from-glamorous backdrops that both acts perform in front of adds a visceral, wintery vibe that definitely tucks the livelier side of the track away. In doing so, it definitely elevates the song quite considerably, giving it a much clearer direction and hence allowing for a strong audiovisual synergy.

If you weren’t into the audio on its own, give the video a go and it might just bring you around, if only a small amount. Kiss Land available everywhere now.

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