The Weeknd-Kiss Land (Full Album Stream)

This seemed to both leak and be available for stream almost simultaneously, so whether this week-early release was a statement of confidence or a response to its online ‘availability’ is unclear, but it’s certainly found a home in many lives since its ‘release’ a few days ago.

Reviews appear to be mixed too. Many are calling it a return to House of Balloons form, whilst others have criticised its heavy pop influence, and noted a reduction in the raw ingredients that made The Weeknd so popular on his emergence 2 years ago. For me, the early single releases were fairly positive, and having just turned the stream on, the opening couple of tracks seem to have potential. In truth though, Belong to the World aside, nothing I’ve heard from the album has instantaneously gripped me in the manner so many of his previous tracks have, so it’ll be interesting to see how this fares when given a more thorough listen (and on better headphones). Stream over at NPR below.

The Weeknd-Kiss Land (Stream)

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