The Internet-Partners In Crime Part Two

the internet
The duo have announced their Feel Good album will land on 24th September, and if it’s anywhere near as good as Purple Naked Ladies (and its bonus tracks EP), it’ll be a thoroughly excellent project. They’ve mentioned that the new album will be more representative of their live performances, and hence I’d expect it to be a little less synthy and atmospheric, and a touch sharper and more upbeat- not bad changes at all, and a sideways move that should still allow their inherent mellow qualities to shine through.

The original Partners In Crime remains one of my absolute favourites from their back catalogue, and its sequel is a clear representation of that stylistic switch. They’ve retained some small vocal portions from the original, creating a nice bridge between the two parts, whilst backing it with crisp, lively percussion and a jazzy set of melodies that both enhance the upbeat qualities and add in more relaxing elements. It’s a good backdrop, and one that both contrasts and works with Syd’s wonderfully smooth vocals to good effect. Truthfully, if you’re a fan of the original, it’ll take a lot of getting used to as all of the synth-driven night pop elements of the first part have been thrown out for this multi-instrument effort- if you can take it independently of part one though, it’s musically superb. Looking forward to more from the new LP.

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