Stalley-Blue Collar Gang/Sticks and Stones

stalley honest cowboy
Stalley’s Honest Cowboy mixtape has been very well recieved; so much so, that it’s headed to iTunes in EP format, and comes packed with the two tracks included here.

Both feature and are produced by his frequent collaborator Rashad, something longtime fans will be pleased with given their previous successful releases. Blue Collar Gang has a rather triumphant vibe to it, celebrating Stalley’s crew and current status with an uplifting production and “bottom-to-top” lyricism that provides a good motivational angle. It all combines into a consistent sound, and one that will not only motivate many, but do so whilst remaining true to Stalley’s natural penchant for realistic songwriting rather than overblown statements. Sticks and Stones has a similar style of lyricism, though the production throws out the ‘pop’ key change and brings in a head-nodding percussion line, adding an urgency to the verses that allows them to get spotlighted ahead of Rashad’s gentle hook.

Of the two, the latter is my preferred track of the two, though there’s probably more mileage in the first as far as mainstream exposure goes. Both are enjoyable though, and be sure to grab them on iTunes now.

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